Criminal Minds Review: The Eyes Have It

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Let's just say if you have a thing about eyes being pinned open, Criminal Minds was right up your alley this week. Ewww.

On a scale of 1 to skin-crawlingly uncomfortable, this particular Un-Sub had a calling card that was off the charts creepy. I'm still a bit traumatized, I can't lie. Andy Milder guest starred in "Proof," and pretty much scared the be-jesus out of me and anyone with an eye phobia. Or a tongue one, for that matter. I know this show is about people being capable of the worst atrocities, but sometimes I wish those atrocities came with a little less creative license.

A Victim on Criminal Minds

Apart from Milder's depiction of mentally-challenged suspect Cy - which, let's be honest, was acting at its not-so-finestĀ  - this episode was decent. But not amazing. Cy's speech issues were forced at best and at times it was really unsettling to watch him mimic the developmentally disabled. Sorry if that sounds harsh. I wanted him to be more convincing, I really did.

But what was convincing this week was Reid's open hostility towards J.J. for her and Prentiss' death deception. When he called her "Jennifer" and told Hotch he couldn't be mad at him because he hadn't been at Hotch's house crying for the past 10 weeks, I winced. Poor Reid. And poor J.J., too.

It's nice to see them sussing the issue of Prentiss' return out a bit further, because honestly it would feel inauthentic if everyone just went back to their jobs like nothing happened. I mean, they took her damn memorial portrait down off the wall!

I don't buy Rossi having "an inkling" that Prentiss was still alive, but I did find myself warming up to his character this week. His Mario Batali moment at the end was kind of adorable, but it was also kind of sappy and over done. So, what, now that Reid showed up everyone's one big family again? Something tells me we haven't seen the last of the Prentiss aftermath, especially since, as she pointed out, they carried her coffin for crying out loud. Not an easy thing to come back from, no pun intended.

Lastly, it's nice to see J.J. wearing the profiler hat and have Garcia presenting the cases from now on. Both seem like a pretty natural fit - maybe because we've seen them in these types of roles before - and as long as we see more of Morgan and his tight-fitting shirts, you'll hear no complaints out of me.

Conspicuously absent this week was Strauss, as well as J.J.'s husband, Will. I'm curious to see what they do with the Will story line, as well as that of Reid's mom. It would be nice to see Jane Lynch back, even though I'll be half-expecting her to be wearing a track suit this time.


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What happened at the end where they showed unsub's brother screaming? Did Cy rape her some time before and she never spoke of it?


I loved it! It thought it was excellent. I think there have been plenty of ''creepier'' episodes; this did not stick out in my mind as horrendous in any way. Loved Reid in this one, as usual!


I must have a high tolerance because I didn't think that this episode was as creepy/disgusting as the review and other people have said. Mind you, it WAS creepy, but not so creepy that I had to change the channel. I liked the episode even though I prefer the premiere. I think I was more interested in Reid/JJ than the UnSub though. MGG & AJ Cook are such great actors, I found them to be very believable. The one thing that did make me wince was the whole, "I cried for 10 weeks" thing. A little to dramatic for my tastes. The one thing that really annoyed me in this episode was the lack of Morgan's anger/upset. I would think that he'd be more angry than "How can I be? You're back." That doesn't make any sense to me. I think he SHOULD be the angriest. Season 7 is shaping out pretty well so far, besides a tiny bit of character flaws.


I don't understand why people here are complaining about the "violence" and how they felt uncomfortable watching it. I didn't actually think much of the level of violence unti I saw some of these comments. What was there that was actually shown to make you feel like that? A girl with her eyes taped open and a bottle of acid. That's it. Seriously,to some people here,grow a pair...


I hated this episode, I hated the onscreen torture, I hated the UNSUB's close ups. This went too far for me and I 'am' a fan of thrillers and crime shows. The happy cooking at the end was ridiculous and in my opinion, a sop by the writers who knew this episode went too far into gore. The only other episode that came close to this level of onscreen degrading, exploitative violence was "Daylight" from a few season's ago, which was a "SAW" type ripoff. I think I may have to give up on a favorite show that I have watched since the first episode.


i have to agree about Elle....even my mom can't stand STILL amazes me, that IA cleared of the shooting without a visit to a shrink....she hadn't been right, since getting shot during that 1 case. emily comes across kinda "stuck up" imo...the only time is give her a "thumps up" is when she was gonna QUIT over strauss trying to use her to get rid of hotch. i feel things could have been handled ALOT better, where hiding emily is concerned...your team mates need to be able to TRUST YOU....and what hotch & jj did to the team, is BREAK that trust....i see NO reason why the others could NOT have been told AFTER the fact...i.e. the funeral.....i don't want to see this DROPPED to quickly. i for one would LOVE to see MORE of the team together AWAY from work.....i'd also like to know MORE about rossi, morgan and jj....and garcia . * QUESTION: did or does anyone get the feeling, that emily has some sort of "romantic" feelings towards hotch?....i got the feeling, that she felt more for him, then just as a friend or employee type of thing. * alisa


I for one loved the episode. I understand that people were disgusted by the violence portrayed in it, but this is what happens. Dahmer drilled wholes into his victims' skulls and poured acid in them because he wanted to make zombies. It wouldn't be Criminal Minds if they didn't sometimes go into hardcore stuff. I loved the scene at the end, but I didn't get the feeling that Reid has forgiven them yet. I think he has decided to try to forgive, I also got the feeling that Morgan is better at hiding his hurt than Reid is. I don't believe that he has forgiven yet either.


People Criminal Mind is a show about serial killers we all knew about these when we first watch it SO CHILL also How does the cooking at Rossi House fit in on Food Network when Food Network is NOT! Food anymore come on people use your brain. Art Hotch smiling and cracking a Joke is not new also The only thing bad about season six was the season finale the rest was good


I am sorry but I am one of those that loves the program but I do NOT like that kind of violence. It scared me to death to stay to the end and I was shaking so bad I almost turned it off. I love how they ended up in the kitchen and you saw a new side to their family and not just the stern faces all the time. Loved when Hotch smiled! Although I don't expect that will be a regular to his character, it was refreshing for the circumstances of the gathering. All in all, I not into the creepy stuff of torture so please omit that from us. We know it exist, we do not have a need to watch it.


I am addicted to CM, but couldn't watch this episode. Too much horror.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Agent Hotchner: He's escalating.
Agent Rossi: So blinding isn't his only signature.
Hotchner: No, he's trying to take away their senses.

Dr. Reid: So Beth got off the bus here and headed northwest towards class.
J.J.: It's amazing no one witnessed her abduction.
Reid: Emily was buried six feet under and wound up in Paris, so I guess anything's possible, right?