Glee Review: Who is the Unicorn?

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Let me start by saying: EWWWW. Throwing ketchup-covered tampons at a marching band, or anyone at all, is an absolutely disgusting prank. Well played, I guess, Skanks.

There are plenty of props to be handed out from "I Am Unicorn," though," and none of the others will make me gag. Glee delivered another strong episode this week, as it continues to rebound from season two by focusing on character development and realistic dilemmas that will hopefully continue to play out all winter long. To wit:

Making Like a Unicorn

Brittany for President! What a perfect platform for this cheerleader, who was on ignorant, adorable fire throughout the episode (she might be a "bi-corn," she created a number of bulging pink fun sacks for Kurt, she believes "O" is the capital of Ohio). Brittany's initial speech to Kurt was spot-on, followed by a reasonable evolution into Santana convincing her occasional lover to go for the position herself.

There's endless potential here. Can you imagine a Brittany vs. Kurt debate? Campaign videos? Slogans? Send me a button, Britt.

The acceptance of Kurt. Last season, Kurt battled (and battled... and battled...) to be accepted by others, most notable Karofsky. Many viewers agreed that the focus on this eccentric student grew tiresome. But the storyline is flipped around now. Everyone does accept who Kurt is - and that's the problem. It's an understandable issue, too, as this is someone who truly wants to be a star. But of course he'd be pigeon-holed based on his personality and demeanor. That's the case with any actor.

Sometimes you've gotta excite Beiste's lady parts to land a role, and Kurt just isn't the man for that job. My favorite aspect of season three so far is its concentration on the seniors and the topic of how they'll succeed after high school. Kurt always just assumed he'd go on to big things, but the (admirable) fact that he is so open about who he is will actually get in the way of those dreams. Fascinating.

You've also just gotta love any storyline that allows Burt Hummel to utter the following line, and have it actually come across as loving:

You're gay. You're not like Rock Hudson gay. You're really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a Magic Chocolate Factory. | permalink
Duet on Somewhere

The return of Shelby. A bit hard to believe? Yes. Sugar is a fun new character, and I'm glad the school can now replenish its toilet paper supply (wipe away, everyone)... but Shelby will really be in charge of a second choir?!? When a major challenge for just one choir has been recruiting new members? Feels like a contrived way to bring Idina Menzel back.

But once we accept she is back, the return of Shelby opens up a number of interesting doors. She has seriously intense connections to so many characters, already allowing us to see a new, fatherly side to Puck and to be scared by Quinn's intentions. Full custody?!? I had the same reaction as Puck when she uttered those words. Yikes! Still, nice to see the show is taking its time here and that Quinn didn't go from outcast to enthusiastic singer in under two episodes.

Then, of course, there's the simple matter of Menzel's voice. Wowza! Shelby's duet on "Somewhere" with Rachel was as powerful as any I can recall.

The will of Will. Grow up, Quinn! Whoever performed the spinal surgery on Mr. Schuester in the offseason, thank you.

We were also treated to Finn pondering his post-graduation occupation, as well as many shots of Mike Chang's biceps. With only three songs, all of which were incorporated perfectly into ongoing storylines, "I Am Unicorn" was another example of Glee remaining true to its summer promises: the stunts are gone, the seniors are taking center stage and Becky is sending hilarious texts chock full of auto-corrects. I'm loving it.

What did everyone else think? Submit your best campaign slogans for Brittany or Kurt, check out the promo for "Asian F" and sound off now.


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@Keith Vlasak thanks for the explanation, it's a lot to take in ;)
Regardless though, Ryan Murphy said Blaine was a year older than Kurt and I've seen interviews and quotes of him saying so when Darren first joined the show. They're twisting what happened last season, fair play to them I suppose as otherwise they'd be losing almost the whole cast but I wish they'd just fail students or make them stay for acceptable reasons instead of now changing their ages and making themselves look stupid and inconsistent, they keep going on about being realistic and waffling on and yet it's fine to switch ages etc., it's daft.


My favorite part of the episode was Rachel and Shelby singing somewhere their is a place for us it gave me chill and the song went perfect with their storylines at this point can't wait to she more duets between Idina and Lea they ate amazing. And can't wait to see what is the future of Rachel and her mom, hopefully they become a family and Rachel gets In at college and move to New York with her mom and Finn follows her to New York too. Love the show this season because of Idina Menzel can't wait till next week.


it was clearly implied (might have even been said but I don't recall) he was older than Kurt and now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe he is a whole year younger?!! Pah! I recalled the same. I thought he was one year OLDER than Kurt and I actually think to remember that this was said in the first episode where Blaine appeared in. So I don't get why he should be YOUNGER now. I do get that they don#t want all people to graduate at once but this is just ridiculous.


@sez -- "a junior member" does not mean a junior, meaning 11th grade. A junior member in the context used to the warblers implies he's an underclassmen (meaning 9th or 10th grade, or even 8th grade, which rarely but sometimes is in the high school building in America). "Seniors Rule!" is a very popular rallying cry in U.S. high schools too -- meaning it is quite normal for an underclassman to apologize ahead of time for even expressing an opinion in the presence of an upperclassman. In theory high school is supposed to be kinder than that ... but it's not, not usually. All that said, I'm sure you're also pretty much correct that they don't want to graduate everyone at once and are making decisions on the fly, which happens to annoy me, too (like when Vocal Adrenaline 1st performed they were introduced as last year's regional champions ... and then later on they were going for their 4th straight national championship, which I don't think was even necessary). So, yeah -- they're making it up as they go along.


@Maddie I have no idea what a 'Sadie Hawkins dance' is, as a Brit this stuff tends to go over my head. We've heard him mention being a junior last year though (as @Lea pointed out when he addressed himself as one to the Warblers as a junior) and Ryan Murphy even said he was a year older than Kurt when he joined last year. I think they just want to hold on to Darren (a lot of the decisions behind making some juniors and some seniors is purely cos they don't want to graduate everyone, even though it was implied a lot the majority are all the same age at various times in seasons 1 & 2).
Hearing Finn might get the role of Tony is infuriating. Blaine is so perfect for the role (and is more realistically suited as I'm sure he is considering a future in the arts). Finn enjoys singing and playing his drums in NDs but he is NOT a born performer, it is a hobby for him and I don't believe he has any interest in acting or being a star later on. Rachel (and the writers) need to not push him towards have a career in the arts (which hopefully won't happen as was implied by him saying he was happy at the garage), him getting the role would be annoying in the extreme. I do not believe realistically he would follow Rachel to NY and I really don't want to see her give up her Broadway dreams to stay with him in Lima. If either happens it'll just be so saccharine and sappy.
It'd be far more realistic (as the writers claim they want so bleedin' much) for a few NDs to give it all up when they graduate and not miss it as Mr Schue does/did. Artie (as a director or something behind the scenes), Rachel, Kurt and Blaine (and maybe Mike and Brittany if they are actively doing dance classes in addition to Glee, we don't know what they do in their time away from school) are the only ones I see pursuing careers in the arts after school and pushing anyone else into it would come across as fake IMHO.


In episode 16 of season 2, Blaine says "I am incredibly grateful for the belief you have all give me as a junior member (...)" Does that mean he was a junior at Dalton and still is a junior at McKinley?


I'm really glad that Shelby is back and we FINALLY get to meet Beth, who could actually pass as Diana's kid she's so cute. I'm really proud of Puck but COME ON QUINN, she wants to go to full custody which means taking Beth away from Shelby but its highly likely she won't win and will potentionally risk her chances of Shelby ever letting her see Beth!!! I thought Quinn would make a turn around until she said "She wants full custody" because she might lose and get no custody and Shelby has been nothing but nice! So I hope Quinn does grow up so she can be apart of her daughter's life! Diana did an amazing job when she saw the photo and got upset, it was really sad.


Hate the songs. Only love Rachel's one.
Storyline is awesome. I love how Brittany is running.
I start hating Kurt again. -_-. Just because he's too selfish. Blaine deserves to audition for Tony. And I find Kurt's performance offensive.
Also, I love how Quinn-Puck-Beth's story so far. I just don't understand the term 'full custody'?
And Sugar Motta is hilarious! Sorry, not Asperger's!


i like PUCK in this ep.. He is so SWEET..


I agree with Will telling Quinn how it is with her turning back to her friends, because, someone had to. she really needed that because she is acting more than just crazy lately. But some of those comments here really pissed me off.
quote: "
Quinn AND Kurt need to grow up, I mean, they are not the less fortunate character (supporting families, amazing accepting friends,...) and in almost each episode, they are pulling people away and trying to appear like a victim" supporting families? am i the only one who remembers how her parents kicked her out of the house when they find out that she is with child? how Sue kicked her out of cherios? AND HOW SHE GAVE UP HER BABY FOR ADOPTION? giving up your kid is a big deal, even for those girls who don't care about them. but Quinn did. you don't have to be a pro to see that. and now, she is acting weird and she is just spoiled and immature? who had worst life in that show than her? okey, she made a mistace but she payed for it hard. she went throw a lot so please, stop talking about how she considers herself a victim, but even so, if there is someone who can act like a victim - thats her!

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