Glee Round Table: "I Am Unicorn"

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Gather around, Gleeks, it's time for another edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table!

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by senior staff members Steve "Vote for Brittany!" Marsi and Eric "Kurt Rules!" Hochberger as they dissect "I Am Unicorn," the second consecutive strong installment of season number-three. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
Matt: Will standing up to Quinn. A teacher should be more understanding when a student is going through such a tough time, some might argue, but could you have imagined the Mr. Schuester from last season making this kind of statement? Tough love is sometimes necessary and I applaud the writers to giving Will a spine this fall.

Steve: All of the reactions and commentary from the school play directors. Coach Beiste, Emma and Artie. Who knew there was some comedic material to be mined from this trio?!?

Eric: I'm a sucker for the Pucker... man. Any one whose eyes didn't well up when Noah held his daughter might want to get his or her tear ducts examined.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt: "Somewhere," no doubt. Given the talent of Lea Michele and Idina Menzel, along with the background between their character, this has already jumped into my top five all-time covers on Glee.

Steve: Darn you, Matt. That was my answer! I don't see how anyone could choose anything else, for the two reasons you just said. What incredible, emotional voices.

Eric: I'll tell you how someone could choose something else, Steve. Two words: Darren Criss. He killed "Something's Coming," as evidenced by the fact that it may land him the West Side Story lead.

Would you vote for Kurt or Brittany?
Matt: Kurt. I adore Brittany and pretty much every word out of her mouth. But I fear that she'd be forced to educate herself if she landed such an important position and we just can't have that. What fun is a Brittany who knows that her nipples aren't pepperonis?

Steve: I would also vote for Kurt, but for a different reason: Santana. Just like how some people worried about Bill Clinton's influence if Hillary were elected, I wouldn't feel calm knowing how close my president is to someone known for scheming and manipulating.

Eric: Are you guys insane?!? If Brittany were elected, there would probably be dessert in the cafeteria for breakfast and the school mascot would be a unicorn. It would be awesome!

Are you glad Shelby is back?
Matt: Yes. I don't exactly buy the premise of a second choir, but I can look past that contrived basis for her return and focus on the rich storyline avenues the show can now take between Shelby, Rachel, Puck and Quinn.

Steve: Yes, even though it's seriously confusing. Menzel looks JUST like Berry! It's perfect casting, but it's almost eerie. Can we meet her dads next? I really hope so.

Eric: Would rather see April, but I'll take what I can get.


@Joyce Do you mean is Idina Lea's real life mother or is Shelby Rachel's biological mother. If it's the latter the yes she is (was a major plot point in season 1 and also why she had such a moving scene with her this season), if you mean Idina and Lea, then no, they are just ridiculously talented artists who look a bit similar.


What was your favorite scene in the episode? Definitely when Puck went to see Shelby and Beth. I love seeing the softer side of him. What was your favorite song from the episode? Something's Coming. I can't stand West Side Story, but that was really good. Close second: Somewhere. I just love Idina Menzel, and she and Lea Michele's voices sound so good together. That was some great casting. Would you vote for Kurt or Brittany? Who else is running? I don't think I would vote for either of them. Like someone else said, Kurt is really self-centered and even a little immature. Brittany is just a little too slow to be class president (although, i do think she's smarter than the last president we had). Are you glad Shelby is back? Yes. When she left in the first season, it felt like a lot was left unsaid. I like the idea of Puck being in Beth's life--I'm not so keen on Quinn's involvement. Everything is all about her not about Beth. If she really wanted to do something good for Beth than she wouldn't want to take her away from the only mother she has ever known. She is being very selfish, and I am interested in seeing if Puck will try to talk her out of it. I am also looking forward to the development of a relationship between Rachel and Shelby. There are a lot of hurt feelings there. Rachel needs to deal with her abandonment issues, and I think the only one who can help her is Shelby. Read more:


Such a great episode for character development!


Yes I am glad to see Shelby back. I LOVED the song they did together. Has it ever been confirmed that Shelby is Rachel's real life Mom?


Fave Scene: I agree with Mr.Shue finally showing that he's grown a pair. I practically gave him a standing ovation when he put Quinn in her place. Finally they are giving him something other than writing on the chalkboard. Any scene with the Beast is a close second because I love how she and Schue have a nice friendship going. Fave Song: Uhhh, can't say that I really had one. For the most part I'm not big on the Broadway, even though I look forward to glee doing West Side Story. Vote: Umm Definitely Kurt. He's quite the comeback kid. I like Britt but I fear the state of an educational environment with her in charge of anything and Santana as Satan in a red dress whispering in her ear. Shelby: INdifferent. I agree that she and Berry look like they could really be related it's freaky! I just think there are too many holes in her coming back but I'll go with it.


What was your favorite scene in the episode? What was your favorite song from the episode? Somewhere: just wonderful. Lea Michele and Idina Menzel were perfect. Would you vote for Kurt or Brittany? Brittany: she's not the smartest girl on earth but at least she is nice, friendly and honest. Kurt is really too self-centered (and he doesn't even acknowledge it) Are you glad Shelby is back? Yes yes yes. I really want to see her and Rachel to learn to know each other. As Will said Shelby on season 1, Rachel is not as strong as people think, and I think her insecurities are coming, at least partly, from the rejection from her mother

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Glee Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

A unicorn is someone who knows he's popular, but isn't afraid to show it.


Out of all the kids in this school, I think you are the biggest unicorn.