Glee Review: Who is the Unicorn?

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Let me start by saying: EWWWW. Throwing ketchup-covered tampons at a marching band, or anyone at all, is an absolutely disgusting prank. Well played, I guess, Skanks.

There are plenty of props to be handed out from "I Am Unicorn," though," and none of the others will make me gag. Glee delivered another strong episode this week, as it continues to rebound from season two by focusing on character development and realistic dilemmas that will hopefully continue to play out all winter long. To wit:

Making Like a Unicorn

Brittany for President! What a perfect platform for this cheerleader, who was on ignorant, adorable fire throughout the episode (she might be a "bi-corn," she created a number of bulging pink fun sacks for Kurt, she believes "O" is the capital of Ohio). Brittany's initial speech to Kurt was spot-on, followed by a reasonable evolution into Santana convincing her occasional lover to go for the position herself.

There's endless potential here. Can you imagine a Brittany vs. Kurt debate? Campaign videos? Slogans? Send me a button, Britt.

The acceptance of Kurt. Last season, Kurt battled (and battled... and battled...) to be accepted by others, most notable Karofsky. Many viewers agreed that the focus on this eccentric student grew tiresome. But the storyline is flipped around now. Everyone does accept who Kurt is - and that's the problem. It's an understandable issue, too, as this is someone who truly wants to be a star. But of course he'd be pigeon-holed based on his personality and demeanor. That's the case with any actor.

Sometimes you've gotta excite Beiste's lady parts to land a role, and Kurt just isn't the man for that job. My favorite aspect of season three so far is its concentration on the seniors and the topic of how they'll succeed after high school. Kurt always just assumed he'd go on to big things, but the (admirable) fact that he is so open about who he is will actually get in the way of those dreams. Fascinating.

You've also just gotta love any storyline that allows Burt Hummel to utter the following line, and have it actually come across as loving:

You're gay. You're not like Rock Hudson gay. You're really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a Magic Chocolate Factory. | permalink
Duet on Somewhere

The return of Shelby. A bit hard to believe? Yes. Sugar is a fun new character, and I'm glad the school can now replenish its toilet paper supply (wipe away, everyone)... but Shelby will really be in charge of a second choir?!? When a major challenge for just one choir has been recruiting new members? Feels like a contrived way to bring Idina Menzel back.

But once we accept she is back, the return of Shelby opens up a number of interesting doors. She has seriously intense connections to so many characters, already allowing us to see a new, fatherly side to Puck and to be scared by Quinn's intentions. Full custody?!? I had the same reaction as Puck when she uttered those words. Yikes! Still, nice to see the show is taking its time here and that Quinn didn't go from outcast to enthusiastic singer in under two episodes.

Then, of course, there's the simple matter of Menzel's voice. Wowza! Shelby's duet on "Somewhere" with Rachel was as powerful as any I can recall.

The will of Will. Grow up, Quinn! Whoever performed the spinal surgery on Mr. Schuester in the offseason, thank you.

We were also treated to Finn pondering his post-graduation occupation, as well as many shots of Mike Chang's biceps. With only three songs, all of which were incorporated perfectly into ongoing storylines, "I Am Unicorn" was another example of Glee remaining true to its summer promises: the stunts are gone, the seniors are taking center stage and Becky is sending hilarious texts chock full of auto-corrects. I'm loving it.

What did everyone else think? Submit your best campaign slogans for Brittany or Kurt, check out the promo for "Asian F" and sound off now.


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Go Mr. Schue! I LOVE QUINN, I do, but Mr. Schue's balls finally dropped.


@MJ Cole you are absolutely right, Blaine was amazing, he will be a great Tony. but the spoilers said that Finn will be auditioning too, i wander how he does, he definitely looks the part but this is a dancing role, can he sing and dance good enough at the same time to be Tony? for now i am just going to say that Darren has tremendous potential and if Kurt does support his partner i will not forgive him.
this is like a remake of when Rachel didn't want Finn to be on the football team in the beginning of season 2. it seems that with everything that happened last year, Rachel grew up where as Kurt didn't.


true. Quinn AND Kurt need to grow up, I'm more than tired of their whining. I mean, they are not the less fortunate character (supporting families, amazing accepting friends,...) and in almost each episode, they are pulling people away and trying to appear like a victim. I'm sorry but a victim of what? choosing to stay with the Skanks and not talking to the Glee members anymore? Choosing to sing a Streisand song for an audition of a viril part? They are supposed to be in high school, not preschool


Great review, but no mention of that AMAZING song by Blaine/Darren? That song KNOCKED. MY. SOCKS. OFF. Boy is talented.
Other highlights: love me some Bieste. Honestly, I'm so weary of Sue Sylvester. And glad we're going to get more into the kids lives, 'cause I love every one of those kids.


I loved this episode cause I've been looking forward to Idina Menzel's return for so long! I think the only thing that went wrong with her return was the reason given. I think it would've made more sense if she was asked to become the musical's director because another show choir is a really lame excuse. But aside from that, I loved what her return did in this episode. As said in the review, she is connected to so many characters in a way that changes so many things. With her relationship with Rachel, I'm looking forward to how the two of them work throughout their dynamics with the remainder of this character's recurrence. Obviously, it's hard for Rachel to have her around because she hits a sensitive spot but I think Shelby's return will bring a lot of good from Rachel. Plus, we'll be treated with eargasmic duets from the two. I loved the scene between Shelby and Puck in her apartment. For one, I appreciated how authentic Menzel was in her adoration for the child. It became even better when we saw how Puck was towards Beth. It was obvious how he truly cared for Beth and just wanted a chance to be in her life. On the other hand, Quinn makes me want to scream. I'm so glad Will told her off because she needed that. But obviously, she's far from growing up. I think it was important for Shelby to be the one to showcase what Quinn was going through in order for us to really understand the foundation of both these characters. I was shocked to see Quinn go back to New Directions so quickly but I never would've assumed that her intentions were to get custody of Beth. I want to slap her for that for so many reasons. I wish this character would just grow up. I was so frustrated with her last season and for a minute I thought Will and Beth go through to her. She's got a long way to go. I just hope the writers don't actually give her full custody or it will ruin the good streak of tapping into reality that they've been having.


I think there are cases where birth mothers have gotten their kids back after giving them up. My step-sister is a lawyer. She told me once when we were talking about some case in the news that a lawyer can study a particular law and all its nuances, precedents, whatever ... and walk into court and the judge does whatever the hell they want. I think that no matter what the law might say (and every state has their own laws) Shelby should want to keep it from ever getting to court and Quinn should want to make her case to a judge. I'm hoping that Quinn has a change of heart somewhere along the way.


@sez, no, he said he asked someone to the sadie hawkins dance. that's not for seniors


I actually (amazingly cos I'm on the knife edge of quitting this show) enjoyed this episode. I did splutter a laugh at Blaine saying he was a junior though. Admittedly I have no idea how American school systems work but last season he'd already gone to his prom and it was clearly implied (might have even been said but I don't recall) he was older than Kurt and now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe he is a whole year younger?!! Pah!


I enjoyed this episode and I'm glad that so far this seaspn seems to be more focused...with less songs and more acting.
I was happy with what they did to Kurt in this ep with them not thinking he was right for the part of Tony...last season's Kurt would've bitched and moaned about the fact that he wasn't right for the part but instead he actually tried to do something about it (even if he did fail) I just hope that he's supportive of Blaine if he does take the part of Tony. Also, his conversation with his Dad hit home epecially in light of Sean Maher coming out and his touching story.
Also, I'm intrigued to see where the Quinn story goes but can she get full custody? I don;t know the law but wouldn't she have to show Shelby was a bad mother? I want to see how this plays out I just hope that Quinn can still be redeemed in the end.
Also, Racheal and Shelby duet....amazing!!


O know that Kurt is self centric, and you don't like him in this episode but on the other hand I feel like everything he tries (and he really tries hard and with all his heart) to achive he fail. He was always loosing against Rachel,he was always told he is strange because he is gay (all second season) he wants to go to NYADA...he needs credits(a main role in a paly-he can't get it because he is to girly, he run for a class president or wathever and he tottaly caunts on vots from friends from glee and now Britanny run for elections too...I mean I don't know how would I handle that...if my drems will start to fall apart...and on the top of that I feel bad for him when Emma, Artie and couch laugh at him...and Rachel-she is suppos to be his best friend-I don't know---this kind of suck for kurt right now----and if he will get into fight with blaine the only bright spot right now---not good at all
sorry for bad english

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A unicorn is someone who knows he's popular, but isn't afraid to show it.


Out of all the kids in this school, I think you are the biggest unicorn.