Glee Review: Who is the Unicorn?

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Let me start by saying: EWWWW. Throwing ketchup-covered tampons at a marching band, or anyone at all, is an absolutely disgusting prank. Well played, I guess, Skanks.

There are plenty of props to be handed out from "I Am Unicorn," though," and none of the others will make me gag. Glee delivered another strong episode this week, as it continues to rebound from season two by focusing on character development and realistic dilemmas that will hopefully continue to play out all winter long. To wit:

Making Like a Unicorn

Brittany for President! What a perfect platform for this cheerleader, who was on ignorant, adorable fire throughout the episode (she might be a "bi-corn," she created a number of bulging pink fun sacks for Kurt, she believes "O" is the capital of Ohio). Brittany's initial speech to Kurt was spot-on, followed by a reasonable evolution into Santana convincing her occasional lover to go for the position herself.

There's endless potential here. Can you imagine a Brittany vs. Kurt debate? Campaign videos? Slogans? Send me a button, Britt.

The acceptance of Kurt. Last season, Kurt battled (and battled... and battled...) to be accepted by others, most notable Karofsky. Many viewers agreed that the focus on this eccentric student grew tiresome. But the storyline is flipped around now. Everyone does accept who Kurt is - and that's the problem. It's an understandable issue, too, as this is someone who truly wants to be a star. But of course he'd be pigeon-holed based on his personality and demeanor. That's the case with any actor.

Sometimes you've gotta excite Beiste's lady parts to land a role, and Kurt just isn't the man for that job. My favorite aspect of season three so far is its concentration on the seniors and the topic of how they'll succeed after high school. Kurt always just assumed he'd go on to big things, but the (admirable) fact that he is so open about who he is will actually get in the way of those dreams. Fascinating.

You've also just gotta love any storyline that allows Burt Hummel to utter the following line, and have it actually come across as loving:

You're gay. You're not like Rock Hudson gay. You're really gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a Magic Chocolate Factory. | permalink
Duet on Somewhere

The return of Shelby. A bit hard to believe? Yes. Sugar is a fun new character, and I'm glad the school can now replenish its toilet paper supply (wipe away, everyone)... but Shelby will really be in charge of a second choir?!? When a major challenge for just one choir has been recruiting new members? Feels like a contrived way to bring Idina Menzel back.

But once we accept she is back, the return of Shelby opens up a number of interesting doors. She has seriously intense connections to so many characters, already allowing us to see a new, fatherly side to Puck and to be scared by Quinn's intentions. Full custody?!? I had the same reaction as Puck when she uttered those words. Yikes! Still, nice to see the show is taking its time here and that Quinn didn't go from outcast to enthusiastic singer in under two episodes.

Then, of course, there's the simple matter of Menzel's voice. Wowza! Shelby's duet on "Somewhere" with Rachel was as powerful as any I can recall.

The will of Will. Grow up, Quinn! Whoever performed the spinal surgery on Mr. Schuester in the offseason, thank you.

We were also treated to Finn pondering his post-graduation occupation, as well as many shots of Mike Chang's biceps. With only three songs, all of which were incorporated perfectly into ongoing storylines, "I Am Unicorn" was another example of Glee remaining true to its summer promises: the stunts are gone, the seniors are taking center stage and Becky is sending hilarious texts chock full of auto-corrects. I'm loving it.

What did everyone else think? Submit your best campaign slogans for Brittany or Kurt, check out the promo for "Asian F" and sound off now.


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loved the ep, though i was a little disappointed with Kurt. after he embraced being a unicorn and understood that he won't be Tony in the west side story, he didn't speak up from that balcony telling the them that Blaine will be happy to read for Tony. he acted very badly to the guy who loves him, supported him and changed schools for him leaving his set place as the lead singer in the process. if i was Rachel i would give him a piece of my mind, even though Rachel is self-centered and all, we saw her give up stuff time and again (with Mercedes when they were choosing a ballad for sectionals in season 1, and season's 2 night of neglect, and in duets she wanted to make sure that Sam and Quinn won, these are just a few examples). Blaine won't say anything because he is in love so Rachel has to do it.
Britt vs. Kurt for president? ought to be hilarious and fun to watch, Britt is so sincere and open and simple that i am afraid that she will actually win. which to my shame i find more appealing than Kurt winning and i don't know why, i mean i love Kurt!
Rachel being supportive of Finn was sweet and even though she just wants him to go to NY with her, still i can't help but feel that she isn't as selfish as she thinks she is. i mean would a truly selfish person worn sb that she was going to be even more self-centered for a while, would she even admit to being selfish?
Quinn was creepy, flushing that poor girl in the toilet? that mean, it was mean than anything i saw on this show in the past seasons.
Schue is right, Quinn needs to grow up! even her decision to fight for her daughter is childish and egotistical, she is the true egoist in this group, not Rachel. i am afraid that Shelby's good intentions will bring her lots of trouble. well what is that proverb? the road to hell is paved with good intentions? i think that's it, and Shelby unfortunately could be on her way.
Sue is as evil as ever, love it, and Becky is turning into a Satan's spawn, it's scary, but again i love it.
Shue having a backbones? i say, ABOUT TIME!!keep that up!
love how this season is going, thx god they listened and gone back to what they were in the first season only better.
as for the music? it was fantastic, love Broadway and they kept the music from interfering with the plot-good job!


I agree, NOT enough Santana!!!! I really missed her! I mean, a couple of seconds in a 45-minute episode?!?! What the hell? I want her to sing!!! And Kurt is such an ass! I bet he's gonna be really mad at Blaine and Brit next week, and he doesn't have the right!


i liked that schuester finally grew a spine; i'm sick of quinn acting the victim. also, she can't sue for legal custody: that's what giving your baby up for adoption means. after the time where the mother can change her mind, you're done. the baby is legally shelby's child and quinn can't do anything. so if the show 'grants' her custody, it will be the most unrealistic thing ever. also, romeo and juliet rocks.


Oh my goodness so glad Chris colfer finally whipped out those sai swords I have been waiting for that! Felt so bad when Kurt got laughed at :( but props to Will thank for giving Quinn some tough love he knew her and knew that's what she needed!! Puck was so cute! And there were so many great lines in this one! So glad they are giving the funny ones to Becky she is hilarious and always nails them! Songs were awesome and booty camp was great! Yaay can't wait for more!


I thought the episode was great, but Schu's reaction to Quinn should not be congratulated. Screaming at a severely depressed teen and trotting out all her faults is the quickest recipe for suicide. Not that Quinn ever would, but a teacher should never presume. Especially when it was so avoidable! Just calmly state that they did everything that they could for her and that he's sorry she feels that way.


What a great episode! Glee made me excited to be a fan tonight. Blaine deserves the role of Tony. He's just better suited. Kurt should get over it...although I doubt that he will, and I'm pretty sure this will be the first hoop they have to jump through as a couple. And Quinn has some balls, thinking that she can take care of a baby. Utterly ridiculous. Shout out to Mr. Shue for having a spine, though! That's probably the best scene he's had in the entire series.


I really enjoyed tonight's episode...specifically Will's reaction to Quinn. I love Quinn (she's one of the most complex characters, in my opinion,) but someone needed to snap some sense into her. I'm annoyed, however, about the whole diva-off between Mercedes and Rachel. We all know they both can sing amazingly, why do they always need to compete? Besides, Maria is not the only female powerhouse role in West Side Story. Some fantastic actresses have portrayed Anita.


I thought the episode was definitely as described. It brought me back to the old Glee, for which I am grateful. I mean after Season 2 I just didn't care. You can only do but so much of variety hour and keep some level of continuity, but this episode made me actually excited to see what happens. I know that it will most likely be exactly what I predict it to be, but in first season fashion there's just enough ambiguity to want to see how it plays out. I also highly approved of the audition set up. It allowed for, as you put it, "realistic" deployment of songs that added to the overall character development and brought back themes that were lost in transition in the glitz, glamour, and product placement of Season 2. I also thought that the Shelby tie in would be a prop of needlessly ineffective proportions. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a centering influence and useful to the overall story. It really did bring a seriousness to, an admittedly, frivolous show. I also was glad that Kurt's character had an opportunity to broaden a bit. I’m glad they acknowledged the obviously campy aspects of a campy yet empowering character and bothered to give him some depth other than just "In need a boyfriend" and "I'm proud and loud" because the experience is much more multifaceted than that. That Kurt had to come to terms with such pigeonholed stereotypes and reclaim them shows the low level social commentary that I expect out of Glee, and puts it back in the realm of useful conversation, rather than MTV and Viacom sell-out fluff. I will admit. Blaine at the end got me, but he always does. I also liked the hard cut off. At the time it irked me, but in hindsight I see it as an excellent tension builder. It shows an editorial staff that bothered to think about the tension for the next episode.


I'm still freaking out over the preview for next episode. THEY ARE COVERING COLDPLAY'S FIX YOU!


love the review. i am totally loving this new scary quinn. i hope she doesnt go back to her old self just yet. when she said she wanted full custody i was like wtf crazy bitch alert. lmao
btw not enough SANTANNA in this episode wth

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