Grey's Anatomy Review: Riding Solo

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Three hours into Season 8 and there is no doubt, Grey’s Anatomy is back.

The recipe is the same from the beginning: complicated relationships, great friendships, and heart-wrenching cases. This is exactly how I like my Thursdays, tied up in a perfectly wrapped Grey bow. Corny, I know, but I had to go there.

A Bright Shade of Grey

So let’s get to it. "Take the Lead” was exactly that. The fifth-year residents got their first solo surgeries and took steps to mend their relationships. Others let go of their lead and some were just MIA.

Have Fun Teaching Skills Labs, Goober. The cases were the best part about this episode, hands down. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it leads to Sloan calling Jackson a goober and Cristina and Teddy forgetting the basics. Avery was the loser by forfeit. Guess the Gunther thing only lasted a week.

Awaiting Instructions

Chief Dr. Webber. Well, that’s that. Webber stepped down in light of the Meredith situation and named Owen his replacement. Bailey = pissed. Not only is she angry about him taking the fall for Mer, but now he has someone else fill his shoes? I would have totally chosen Bailey. Just saying. The upside? Bossy Bailey Is Back. Webber does seem much happier though, doesn’t he?

How Do We Fix This? Relationships were on the mend tonight and it’s about time. After some awkward moments, Cristina and Owen shared food poisoning on the bathroom floor. Nothing like a bad spring roll to ease the pain. This scene was flawless.

Meredith and Derek was no McDreamy during surgery, leading to a big fight at home. To play devil's advocate, you can see where he is coming from. Maybe they can’t work together because the trust is gone, but I was glad to see Derek admit he won’t walk away from Mer. Now we wait on the news for Zola. Honestly, I won’t be devastated if she doesn’t return. Will you?

Jackie Picture
Other thoughts...
  • Where is Lexie? She made a brief appearance last week and wasn’t even mentioned tonight. What’s the deal Little Grey?
  • Minimal usage of Callie, Arizona, and Sloan. As much as I love me some McSteamy, I am really enjoying the focus on the original characters.
  • April are starting to grow on me.
  • Next week will be an episode form the boys’ point of view. Good idea or bad? I’m thinking AMAZING. Watch the promo HERE.
April K.
So another solid episode coming out of Seattle Grace. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Lexie or not even notice she was gone? Is it time Derek stops being angry? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Take The Lead."


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Mumbles cit

kactuskat, yes on abc but watch before thursday and it is last one on the list


@Penelopy Amen to that! though Alex and Mer be a little weird, i see them more like brother and sister rather than anything else but Derek has to be out of her life, he really does not deserve her.


CBC has put a winner A Gifted Man. A little bit of Magic. This is what the world needs right now.we do not need someone like Shonda Rhimes who squashes every hope of people we like in Grey's Anatomy. Do not blame Derek for not smiling first a neurosurgeon is usually always preoccupied with his cases.and whenever he wants a little bit of happiness Shonda Bulldozer runs to drown his hopes.She thinks her star will always be rising.what goes around comes around.


i used to like Bailey but now she has shown her true colors... She is a mean old cow the way she is treating poor Meredith. I never expected it from Bailey. Derek has proved that he is not worth the time of day. He should get over it already it is not as if Meredith killed a patient like he did last season. She was always very supportive of him no matter what he done but he is being a real ass about everything he does not deserve Meredith, she belongs with Alex I would love to see them together.


it's very funny that Derek's wives cant get pregnant :)) addison on private practice and mer here is he has some kinda disease jk :)))


Great Episode! I appreciate the focus on the original characters. I had no problem with last season and how it focused on Mark-Callie-Arizona, but it's nice to see the originals taking center-stage. BUT WHERE IS LEXIE? I hope that she gets a lot more focus this season. She's such a great character and deserves her turn in the spotlight. I mean her drama with Mark is really the only story she's had. I would love to see them introduce a new character for her to fall for, and not someone who could be her father! I still don't like her with Jackson. I love Bailey and can't wait to see her as chief SOMEDAY, but let's remember that she's only been an attending for 2 years now? I don't work in the medical field, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like for her to go from Residency to being named Chief of Surgery in just two years is not even remotely likely! Especially when almost every other attending has been an attending for at least 5 that we know of and likely more. April is a great character! I love watching characters develop when handed positions of leadership. Callie was sort of a let down when she chief resident, but hopefully April will have a better resolution! She's also one who I would like to see get a "real" romance, and again, not with someone who could be her father! I hope they're setting Alex up for a really good storyline this season. He's been really closed up even more than usual, which tells me that he's probably got something weighing on his mind. I can't wait to find out what it is! I just really hope that he gets something stable in his life. He really is all alone.


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I loved the focus on the originals. I can't stand Mark or Callie, and didn't miss Lexi at all. I love when the show focuses on the Fifth year residents becoming surgeons, and not on the idiotic antics of the useless Attendings. Cristina's story was hilarious, and I loved the Alex/April interaction, which is strange since I usually just want to strangle April. She's much easier to take when Lexi's absent, since they're basically the same character, IMO. I enjoyed the end scene in April's office, too, and I loved Bailey sassing Owen. She needs to be the next Chief. I'm fine with the Mer/Der drama, but I have no idea why Cristina/Owen are even together. This is the first episode in ages that I've watched without having to skip over endless CAM crap, etc. Such a welcome change from the utter dreck that was last season. It's nice to see that Grey's can still be Grey's when it focuses on the right characters.


I would love to see Meredith see Derek for what he is, an unsupportive, self-centered child. She has grown past him and maybe it's just the writer's writing him out(e.g., he's not returning), but I for one, an totally tired of his childish behavior.
Meredith might be better off with an adult!


I don't think BAiley will be very happy to find that Mer will be 'on her service', but hopefully Webber will take Mer under his wing. I don't think Mer will esily get a Fellowship either, cos all the attendings seem to know she did swap the files. But I'm glad she rocked her surgery, even if Der didn't appear pleased for her. Even if Mer had stayed on Der's service, they wouldn't have worked together that much cos Mer is on the final part of her residency. I will be sick if we see Krapner on Der's service. Funny how Mer's idea to have the competition was deemed a sucess by Torres. Mer would/ should have got that c.r. job. But I hope that's not the end of the SL with Kepner suddenly becoming Bailey mark 2

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