Grey's Anatomy Review: Riding Solo

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Three hours into Season 8 and there is no doubt, Grey’s Anatomy is back.

The recipe is the same from the beginning: complicated relationships, great friendships, and heart-wrenching cases. This is exactly how I like my Thursdays, tied up in a perfectly wrapped Grey bow. Corny, I know, but I had to go there.

A Bright Shade of Grey

So let’s get to it. "Take the Lead” was exactly that. The fifth-year residents got their first solo surgeries and took steps to mend their relationships. Others let go of their lead and some were just MIA.

Have Fun Teaching Skills Labs, Goober. The cases were the best part about this episode, hands down. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it leads to Sloan calling Jackson a goober and Cristina and Teddy forgetting the basics. Avery was the loser by forfeit. Guess the Gunther thing only lasted a week.

Awaiting Instructions

Chief Dr. Webber. Well, that’s that. Webber stepped down in light of the Meredith situation and named Owen his replacement. Bailey = pissed. Not only is she angry about him taking the fall for Mer, but now he has someone else fill his shoes? I would have totally chosen Bailey. Just saying. The upside? Bossy Bailey Is Back. Webber does seem much happier though, doesn’t he?

How Do We Fix This? Relationships were on the mend tonight and it’s about time. After some awkward moments, Cristina and Owen shared food poisoning on the bathroom floor. Nothing like a bad spring roll to ease the pain. This scene was flawless.

Meredith and Derek was no McDreamy during surgery, leading to a big fight at home. To play devil's advocate, you can see where he is coming from. Maybe they can’t work together because the trust is gone, but I was glad to see Derek admit he won’t walk away from Mer. Now we wait on the news for Zola. Honestly, I won’t be devastated if she doesn’t return. Will you?

Jackie Picture
Other thoughts...
  • Where is Lexie? She made a brief appearance last week and wasn’t even mentioned tonight. What’s the deal Little Grey?
  • Minimal usage of Callie, Arizona, and Sloan. As much as I love me some McSteamy, I am really enjoying the focus on the original characters.
  • April are starting to grow on me.
  • Next week will be an episode form the boys’ point of view. Good idea or bad? I’m thinking AMAZING. Watch the promo HERE.
April K.
So another solid episode coming out of Seattle Grace. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Lexie or not even notice she was gone? Is it time Derek stops being angry? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Take The Lead."


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It actually seemed like the old Grey's Anatomy, that I have grown to love over the years, except of course last year. Honestly who ever you are that said the it would not be dissopointing about zola not to come back I Love You, I just don't think that it is important. I just don't agree that it is the true and only story for Meredith and Derek, to have a child, Sorry Guys. It was never important in the beginning for them, I just don't think that should be there only story, that is to have a child, realistically them as doctors, that work 80 plus hours a week should really think about it, and when did the show become most of them wanting or having children. I also loved the fight between them in the end, it had to happen, so maybe they can move on from that. I am so happy to see Richard so happy, but Bailey is being a little bit much, still love her though. Christina and Owen I actually liked them together last night, never been a big fan of Owens, but what he did for her I liked, it showed he really loves her. Didn't even notice Lexie gone either.




andy wrote
"I have a very different take on Derek and the post-it note. I think he's so vain and proud he can't recognize that he and Mer don't work any more. He's been dissing her ever since their first clinical trial when she got no credit for the study and he got a journal cover. But he's such a big man that he'll keep the letter of the post-it agreement even if he doesn't believe in it. He doesn't really support Mer in anything, so she hasn't had much opportunity to grow up. Maybe Shonda is planning to break them up. I was crazy about Derek but I'm kinda tired of his moods." You are right... I've got the same feelings... I'm really pissed off with his behavior: you're in or you're out... And he talk about the post-it: please, Derek, shut up ;) !?!?


this epi was the first great episode from start to finish since the season 6 finale. I couldnt be happier


i miss lexie too
why was kepner not assigned a surgery of her own?
i also did not understand how not working together will solve the problem for derek and meredith?


I asked the minute it was over "where's lexie??" Great episode! I liked the focus on the originals.....andthe cheif did bailey dirty that job should have went to her.


You know what I'm missing this season so far? What continues to distinguish it from seasons 1-3??? S-E-X!!! I know everybody's mad at everybody else (except for Calzona), but c'mon, writers! This is Grey's Anatomy! Yeah, I guess we had the throwaway scene with Lexie and Jackson last week. But what about Mark back on the prowl at the nurses' station? Or Bailey and Eli? Or even the newlywed Calzona sneaking some action at work???? I hope somebody gets some soon...


Definitely time Derek got over it.
Missed Lexie, too. BUT she is not a 5th year. Owen being the chief. His level of experience from the Army way overshadows Bailey. Bailey is right where she belongs, an attending being bossy. She could just not be the chief.


It was an okay episode. Too bad the writers forgot they already wrote the solo surgeries storyline...

Mumbles cit

Mer could be with shadow Shepherd and still be working with brains

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