Grey's Anatomy Review: Riding Solo

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Three hours into Season 8 and there is no doubt, Grey’s Anatomy is back.

The recipe is the same from the beginning: complicated relationships, great friendships, and heart-wrenching cases. This is exactly how I like my Thursdays, tied up in a perfectly wrapped Grey bow. Corny, I know, but I had to go there.

A Bright Shade of Grey

So let’s get to it. "Take the Lead” was exactly that. The fifth-year residents got their first solo surgeries and took steps to mend their relationships. Others let go of their lead and some were just MIA.

Have Fun Teaching Skills Labs, Goober. The cases were the best part about this episode, hands down. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, especially when it leads to Sloan calling Jackson a goober and Cristina and Teddy forgetting the basics. Avery was the loser by forfeit. Guess the Gunther thing only lasted a week.

Awaiting Instructions

Chief Dr. Webber. Well, that’s that. Webber stepped down in light of the Meredith situation and named Owen his replacement. Bailey = pissed. Not only is she angry about him taking the fall for Mer, but now he has someone else fill his shoes? I would have totally chosen Bailey. Just saying. The upside? Bossy Bailey Is Back. Webber does seem much happier though, doesn’t he?

How Do We Fix This? Relationships were on the mend tonight and it’s about time. After some awkward moments, Cristina and Owen shared food poisoning on the bathroom floor. Nothing like a bad spring roll to ease the pain. This scene was flawless.

Meredith and Derek was no McDreamy during surgery, leading to a big fight at home. To play devil's advocate, you can see where he is coming from. Maybe they can’t work together because the trust is gone, but I was glad to see Derek admit he won’t walk away from Mer. Now we wait on the news for Zola. Honestly, I won’t be devastated if she doesn’t return. Will you?

Jackie Picture
Other thoughts...
  • Where is Lexie? She made a brief appearance last week and wasn’t even mentioned tonight. What’s the deal Little Grey?
  • Minimal usage of Callie, Arizona, and Sloan. As much as I love me some McSteamy, I am really enjoying the focus on the original characters.
  • April are starting to grow on me.
  • Next week will be an episode form the boys’ point of view. Good idea or bad? I’m thinking AMAZING. Watch the promo HERE.
April K.
So another solid episode coming out of Seattle Grace. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you miss Lexie or not even notice she was gone? Is it time Derek stops being angry? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Take The Lead."


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I think Derek's being a jerk. I get that he's upset, but to say he can't trust her with anything at all because she messed up in a very specific circumstance is just childish. Grr. On the other hand, I'm sort of interested to see what Meredith's new specialty will be. All of the attendings are taken except Bailey and Callie. And Bailey's way too mad a Mer right now for that to go well, but I just can't see Meredith doing ortho. I guess now that the chief isn't the chief she could do general with him. He was mentoring before so I imagine she must have some good general surgery skills. Not to mention I think he's just about the only one who isn't mad at her... Cristina and Teddy were awesome in this ep. I really hope this means that Teddy is going to go back to being an awesome Cardio God for Cristina. I've been annoyed with the Cristina's-getting-shut-out-of-cardio plot line since 4th season. I'm kind of confused about why April gets a bigger office than Derek, and also why none of them knew it existed since they've had chief residents before. That being said, I like the new hang out room. This episode had my very favorite version of Owen.I love him when he is just being the nice guy, and being baffled by the women in his life. I think he does this a lot with Callie actually. The specific instance I am remembering is when she was first pregnant and going through caffeine withdrawal, but there have been several other times that he's been like that with pretty much everyone. There is a face Kevin McKidd makes in these moments that I just love; a sort of baffled, grasping-for-the-correct-response face. I wish he could stay like that more often. All in all, I thought this episode was very good, but I hope Derek gets better soon. Oh, and I'm pretty much positive that Zola will be back because Shonda adopted her son and this is a plot line that's very personal to her. I just bet their hearts are going to get ripped out along the way. I hope by the end of it I'm still rooting for them and not rolling my eyes like I've started to do at Derek's angry theatrics. I do wish there'd been at least a little more with Calzona/Mark and Sophia, but it looks like we'll see some of that next week so I'm good. :-)


@Kristen: It is Katie Herzig, "Lost and Found" I liked the song too, so I had to go back to find out what it was haha. Overall great episode, loved the humor and dramatic scenes. It definitely feels like the old days, just missing Izzie and George haha.


What s that song that played when Alex decided to close the body and he had to tell the son? It was something like "lost and found" - i've tried googling.. help!


I have a very different take on Derek and the post-it note. I think he's so vain and proud he can't recognize that he and Mer don't work any more. He's been dissing her ever since their first clinical trial when she got no credit for the study and he got a journal cover. But he's such a big man that he'll keep the letter of the post-it agreement even if he doesn't believe in it. He doesn't really support Mer in anything, so she hasn't had much opportunity to grow up. Maybe Shonda is planning to break them up. I was crazy about Derek but I'm kinda tired of his moods.


I didn't even notice Lexie wasn't until the episode was almost over. I'm really glad the focus isn't on Calzona/Mark anymore. Last season, at least the second half of it, felt like "Calzona's Anatomy" same as the end of season 5 when it was all about Izzie. They are all happy, finally. A lot of show don't tend to focus too heavily on couples when they are happy. Obviously, because it doesn't bring the drama. The last three seasons had MerDer, but they were rarely, if ever, the focus like they are now. I'm loving this season so much. I also love that this episode not only focused on MerDer, but the core 5 residents. I see they have a new hang out spot with April's office. Lol. Can't wait for next week!


i thought arizona was out of line; avery should have been able to do the surgery; it was his. people always seem to have a blind spot with meredith, but her actions caused: derek's clinic trial to fail, derek being black-listed, the chief being blacklisted, chief getting fired, zola being taken away. everything stems from her mistake. i like they're taking time to make it better; relationships aren't solved with sweeping gestures, you have to work at them. this is more realistic; Derek isn't just going to forigve her, but he's not going to leave either. owen and bailey are so funny together


In a way, these first episodes of season 8 has really gotten me back to my love for Grey's Anatomy. While the end of Season 7 was downright depressing, this is all different. And in a good way, I think. Meredith and Derek has always been my favorite couple. They have to stay together!! Not only are they meant for each other, if they don't get back in a happy place soon, I will tire of the on/off thing I thought was over forever. When their fight started back in season 7, I was angry - but now I am actually thrilled that they have an actual storyline; they haven't been very much in focus since season 4!
Honestly, not having Zola wouldn't mean that much to me, except for the fact that it might tear Meredith and Derek further apart. But am I completely foolish for still rooting for a Merder-baby?? (:
Derek pointing out the post-it, them actually having a talk, was the biggest part of this episode for me. And I will really, honestly miss them working together but hopefully they'll start to miss it and get back there... Christina and Owen; cuter than ever. I never really rooted for them but at the same time I am loving their dynamic and chemistry. Jackson? He started out badass when he first came to the show, a competition for Christina... now he's giving up surgeries, messing up etc.? Arg. April? Definitely growing on me, too. In season 8 premiere, she was obnoxious, here, she kind of got the hang of things. Lexie? Honestly didn't notice she was gone until you pointed it out. Yes, I like her, but I'm glad to see more of the original cast in focus. On the same note, happy that Callie/Arizona/Mark seems to be more of a small storyline this year. Alex; cute how he was nervous. Loved how April stood up for him without loosing credits. Loved the scene between Teddy and Christina; hilarious. Overall, this made me happy :)


I thought Derek was terrible, besides once when her eyes were messed up she has been the best resident in the OR.. think about it she has never messed up there. So Derek was way out of line with his work thing. Derek is a tool and she should just send him packing back to the boonies.




i rly missed lexi i hope she comes back and her and mark get back together... i'm rly glad to see mer and der tryin to work it out they r great together... i almost cried when he refered back to the post it note.. i dnt rly think they will get zola back but i do think something will happen and she will end up having a baby :) well at least i hope so.. i rly wished christina wud have kept her baby tht is the 2nd time shes been prego and either lost it or aborted it.. and poor mer she was prego and lost it and its hard for her to have kids :( any way can't wait to see what happens next thursday on grey's :)

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