Hawaii Five-O Season Premiere Review: "Ha'iole"

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Ha'iole: Unbreakable, inflexible, stubborn.

The second season premiere of Hawaii Five-O reminded us why Steve McGarrett and his team are truly "Ha'iole."

If May's first season finale - with Steve being arrested, Kono on suspension, and Chin Ho back with HPD - left you on the edge of your seat and made you think this episode was going to let you relax like I did... then we were both wrong!

So much happened in the first hour of this season. Let’s break down what we learned ...

Steve McGarrett in Prison

Five-0 is Reinstated: Thanks to the Lt. Governor (Richard T. Jones), Steve, Danny, and Chin Ho are back on the job, but with some restrictions. They don’t have the total immunity they had before. Personally, given some of the outlandish stuff last season, I’m okay with it being brought down a notch or two it was getting into the realm of not believable.

Kono is still Out: While most of Five-0 is back, Kono is still under investigation for the money that was taken. Personally, I found it poetic that in the same episode that Chin Ho was offered his job back, Kono went under the gun. And, given that she took the money, this one may not turn out as well, but only time will tell for sure. 

Max Bergman, PhD: If you didn’t catch the opening credits, Max Bergman (Masi Oka) was shown as a regular cast member. I love the injection of a “little geek” to the show by seeing his private life. I didn’t like Bergman when he was first added last year. After seeing his “Warp 9” license plate and Enterprise key chain, I fully approve!

RIP Victor Hesse: Victor turned out to be the definition of “my enemy's enemy is my friend” as he helped Steve out of prison and it cost him his life. I’m sad to see Victor is really dead this time, given how fun James Marsters has been. Ironic that Season 1 and Season 2 both opened with Steven and Victor fighting.
Terry O'Quinn on Hawaii Five-O

Hello Lt. Cmdr Joe White: I will freely admit I have had a man-crush on Terry O'Quinn since the first season of Lost. And Joe White is not any different. His confident swagger and mentoring father-like quality in this hour made me cross my fingers that he will be on the show for a while to come.

Danny/Rachel Breaking Up: I’m sad for Danny that the baby was not his and Rachel is going back to Stan. However, given that Claire van der Boom (who plays Rachel) is not listed for any episodes this season (yet), I suspected the writers were going to move away from that plot line. BOOO!!!

Jenna Kaye working for Wo Fat: In what had to be the biggest shocker in the last minute of a show, seeing Jenna behind the wheel of the car that picked up Wo Fat nearly put me on the floor! I loved her quirky-geek-girl persona and was really hoping we would see her as a full blown Five-0 team member. Now I just hope they discover her quickly!

It is going to be a long week until next Monday to see what happens next. I’m not sure how they are going to keep up this pace. However they do it, all I can say is: welcome back Five-O. We missed you.


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remember people, this is pure entertainment, pure lovely scenery. this show is not a continuation of the original 5-0. Jack Lord is not mcgarrette's father. relax, enjoy the scenery, and be entertained people. don't look for all the wrongs in this show. it's great for our economy here in hawaii. if you don't like the show, don't watch it. simple


@ TS - great observations. I also agree with you about all you said and about the ending. If she is working for WO Fat why would she give up the locker key...Lots of holes but sadly I still enjoyed the show.


artymaj, You have an excellent point... I will have to do some investigation and see if there are any answers to be had. Jim~


I'm a fan of the show. However, there's a huge continuity problem with the first show of the second season! Early in the first season it was established that Chin Ho was mentored by John McGarrett and that Chin Ho knew of Steve through John and the fact that Steve had broken virtually all of Chin Ho's football records at the local High School. They even commented on the fact that Steve wore number 50 on his jersey, a strange number for a Quarterback, Steve explained it away by saying his Dad always referred to them as "Five O". Kono suggested that the team should be called "Five O". Here's the question: How did Steve play H.S. football there in Hawaii if his Father "sent him away" after his Mother's death as stated last night? And, Steve said he really did not know his Father that well. ??????


The premiere was good, but I'm nervous about all the changes coming up so soon. We already have great characters, who deserve more time onscreen, and Terry O'Quinn promises to be great. Do we really need a 5th member, though? I can understand the reasoning for it, but is a 5th member really necessary? Jenna was not welcomed, and she wasn't even touted as a 5th member. What makes CBS think Lori Wilson/Weston will be? Especially since CBS pushed her on as a "potential love interest for Steve", a "female McGarrett", and published a horrible photo that made her look like a 16-year-old Laurie Partridge.


Okay, great open to the season. However, why do they keep on referring to (Jack Lord) old Steve McGarrett as John? In the original series wasn't it always Steve McGarrett? Also, wouldn't the Lt. Gov now be the Gov upon (Jean Smart) death?


Good show but lame finish... Sorry !


@Andy, i realize that Wo Fat is going to be an ongoing struggle through out, i just wish they would diversify the chase, so that it's not the same template each season.
and yes i might not have seen the original Five-o but this is not a copy, it's a remake and while all the key aspects must stay the same they can still shake it up a little, it is new times after all. i want to truly believe each time that they are getting close to him that this time they will get him and be surprised grind my teeth when he pulls sth out of a hat and escapes.


The title should have been "HOKEY" not "Ha'iole". Did anyone buy thet you can run, fight, leap from boat to boat (landing midtorso on the hand rail) with a freshly stitched (maybe maybe not) stab wound? The guy almost bleeds out early in the show and then isn't bothered by the wound through the rest of the show.
Kone gets put in the trunk with her hands tied in front of her and with her legs free? Everyone on the show lives in high style but the Doc has to live in Kalihi??? Wo Fat is turning into Family Guy and the Chicken.


Loved Hawaii Five-0 premiere, it was packed with action and great acting!! It felt like I was watching a movie!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny: So, what's up buddy? You've been ducking me for about a week.
Chin Ho: Been a little busy.
Danny: What are you doing? Putting more of your friends behind bars?

White: I'm Joe.
Kono: Kono.
White: Nice shooting Kono.