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Yay, HIMYM is back and it's on fire. Great comedy and chess moves from Barney. Worthy of the Grand Masters and Jedi Archives.


after this third awesome episode in a row, there's just no doubt that marshall is right:
"Guys, it's gonna be a good year!"


One of the best episodes EVER. I really loved the episode


Without a doubt, this is joining the list of my favorite HIMYM episodes of all time. The episode began so strong with Barney's mockery of Twitter hashtags and it was nice to see its continuity throughout the episode. The bet and everything to do with it was just perfect. The pacing of each change in the bet's terms was great and it was just hilarious the whole time.

The transitions to Ted's encounter with Victoria was also really good because it just made the story better. It was fun seeing Robin diverting back into that story and Ted's enthusiasm to tell it. The scenes between Ted and Victoria in the kitchen were precious but I think the one at the bus stop was far better. I think Ted's "What If" speech really showed more about this character and Victoria telling him straight out what the problem was is such a game changer. This piece of information gets even better when you think about the irony that it was Robin who kept diverting back into the story. Obviously Victoria's return wasn't meant to be a return of a past love for a second chance but it was to open a new story that will greatly affect the dynamics between Ted and Robin. I'm really interested to see that.

Once again, a really great episode!


the producer promised a strong episode an we got one of the best! It had everything funny scenes, emotional scenes and game-changers!
the whole ducky tie story was hilarious! I laughed like crazy! But one funny part was Robin pushing the Victoria story constantly in the middle of the fight ! And than U . . . and I am curious to see how long will Barny wear the tie!

The Ted/Victoria kitchen scene amazing! I really felt them connect and disconnect!

And Than the game-changer Robin is the one who prevented U from finding a Wife! what a nice twist! And that's one more sign that Robin must be taken( married) so Ted could find THE ONE.


Great episode. Robin feeding the Ducky Tie. Barney deriding the Ducky Tie and later sullenly wearing it. If Barney. Ted and Robin don't all hang out together anymore in the future so no more scenes with all 3 anymore!


I am very anxious to see hwo the storyline with the trio plays out

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