Morena Baccarin Books Return to The Mentalist

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Morena Baccarin can next be seen in a regular basis on Showtime's Homeland, which premieres Sunday, October 2 (and is terrific).

But the former V star will also appear again on The Mentalist, TV Line confirms, as she'll reprise the role of Erica Flynn, a professional matchmaker who we last saw on her way to jail for her role in a murder.

Morena Baccarin on The Mentalist

Executive producer Bruno Heller is mostly mum on the reason for the return, but is excited because Erica is one of "the few people who can mess with Jane’s mind.”

The Mentalist airs a new episode this Thursday and you can check out the official promo for "Little Red Book" HERE.


Sorry but I hate her and I don't want her to come back. I know I can't change anything to the script but well...

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Can't wait! Jane and erica's mind games were one of my favorite episodes. They have insane chemistry and she is truly a worthy rival to him. Also he is a murderer now. Wondering on if hse will call him out on that.


can't wait to see those two battling it out again, last time it was mezmarizing in a very dark and twisted way. Yay!!! this is going to be amazing!


Jane and Erica have something in common now.


She got caught, but she told Jane that she is smart enough to manipulate the jury into letting her go, or letting her off easy, in not quite those terms.

Uncle jackass

Yay! But didn't she get caught? Or did she get away with it?



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