NCIS Season 9 First Look: Tony and E.J.!

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Sarah Jane Morris returns to NCIS next week as E.J. Barrett. But in what capacity?

If you recall from the Season 8 finale, E.J. finagled a microchip from the arm of one of her dead team members, a shady maneuver that was neither noticed by our favorite agents or explained to viewers at all.

It makes you wonder ... as does the fact that as the season faded to black, Tony was assigned a classified file folder and tasked with taking down one of NCIS' own agents who is selling classified information. 

Check out this exclusive TV Line pic of the two in "Nature of the Beast" ...

E.J. and Tony

“E.J. taking the microchip significantly changed her relationship with Tony,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg says, noting that this development adds "all kinds of complexity to their interaction.”

Who did Tony see in the photo? Will he find out about the microchip? How will E.J.'s role evolve? Follow the link for more NCIS Season 9 spoilers, and leave a comment below with your thoughts ...

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Who is Rachel?


Really wish they would hurry up and air it here in the UK :( i'm dying here waiting for it


when is the new seasson being shown in the uk


Hi Janet thanks, just glad I didn't miss it I liked the episode I felt bad for Tony but very glad Rachel helped him and of course Gibbs. I was wrong about EJ so far I don't think she dead tho but I don't want her back either.


it was shown in canada on monday


ok everyone, who is Rachel?


So what if EJ and her Uncle are wanted by these people and are the arm scan going to be replacing the eyes


Why can't there be an ongoing onscreen relationship between the main characters ans SOMEBODY! Everytime one of the team does find someone it always ends violently or just plain bad. Would be nice to see them behave like regular people instead of bad asses all the time.


ok how did everyone see it b4 it aired in the us did I miss it I thought it starts tonight


I have a feeling that EJ is the one that Tony saw in the picture, so when he kills her, Rachel will be there to counsel him through the whole situation

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Vance: Just how long has NSA had you on him?
Bishop: Six years, director.
Gibbs: Excuse me?

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