NCIS Season 9 First Look: Tony and E.J.!

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Sarah Jane Morris returns to NCIS next week as E.J. Barrett. But in what capacity?

If you recall from the Season 8 finale, E.J. finagled a microchip from the arm of one of her dead team members, a shady maneuver that was neither noticed by our favorite agents or explained to viewers at all.

It makes you wonder ... as does the fact that as the season faded to black, Tony was assigned a classified file folder and tasked with taking down one of NCIS' own agents who is selling classified information. 

Check out this exclusive TV Line pic of the two in "Nature of the Beast" ...

E.J. and Tony

“E.J. taking the microchip significantly changed her relationship with Tony,” NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg says, noting that this development adds "all kinds of complexity to their interaction.”

Who did Tony see in the photo? Will he find out about the microchip? How will E.J.'s role evolve? Follow the link for more NCIS Season 9 spoilers, and leave a comment below with your thoughts ...

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nicksfriend I agree with your comment I think EJ will die shes either the mole hunt or shes has helping/helped the mole.
on another site I hear that Wendy the girl Tony was engaged too will be coming sometime this season so am looking forward to that it also says what every Tony talked about when a man walks into a bar will come to light, so am think it's the kid that he almost lost in Baltimore or something I don't know for sure. it looks like it going to be a good year for NCIS fans


thanks nicksfriend for your comment makes sense i feel the same as you that EJ will die.


It does appear that Tony is shot/hurt. EJ is either part of the mole hunt or she is part of the selling of secrets. I think she suspected Cade and Levin...that is why she was looking for the microchip in Levin's arm. The article in TV guide said people will die...I think this is what messes with Tony, why he needs to talk to Rachel Cranston, I believe EJ dies, and this makes Tony's mission more personal.So will he end up killing the mole out of revenge or out of duty??? I for one can't wait till next week!!!


I liked that Tony finally got to have a relationship where there was mutual enjoyment. I'm so sick of the team disrespecting and putting Tony down. It's like Junior High all over again. It's gotten so predictable and tiresome. I'll be sorry to see EJ go. It was nice to see Tony get some of his mojo back.


get rid of her once and for all. Can't stand that character. There was NO chemistry at all. Hope this is the last we see of her.


I hope she dies in the first episode. Can't stand the character, and can't trust her.


They have great chemistry!


You can tell how much Tony care for EJ just by the look in his eyes These two remind me so much of him and Kate from season one star cross lover as rossi put it

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