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1. Caleb's burn was, of course, the best scene in my opinion.
2. If Spencer and Toby break up it will kill both of them. Wren is cute...ish but his personality is so annoying and wrong! He goes away for twenty eps and then suddenly comes back? No. Not a chance. I hope be goes back to FarAwayville.
3. Haha, yeah right. Too many clues lead to her death. They outweigh clues that lead to her still being alive. Besides, that'd be too scifi.
4. No, because it wasn't in Aria's nature to do things like that, but obviously Jackie deserved it.
5. It deserves an A-. There were those cliché moments that made me want to gag and then there were those Oh-my-gosh-this-is-effing-crazy moments. The A storyline is getting a little boring but that. Is. The. Entire. Point. Of. The. Show. End of story.


just dont believe the relationship between ezra and aria its so un realistic im sorry but we just dont get young fit teachers like that its for shock values reli jason all the way and i want spencer with wren and we need to know who A is its been dragged on way to long


1. Best scene has to be the dolls. That was creepy, especially when it started given the tasks to do. I'd probably break down in tears if I had one of those things, but that's probably my phobia of them.

2. No, it's the end for Spoby and I'm not just saying that because I love them. They just have a connection and the fact that she broke up with him because it was for his own good and that A made her just shows that it is not over. Besides, I can't stand Wren, he's a bit too perfect for me and I just don't like the guy. Also no matter the case, he was still Melissa's fiance and that's still weird. I would never do that to my sister, not matter if he had a British accent lol. Spoby is going to get back together, it's just a matter of time.

3. No. An autopsy was done and you don't just do an autopsy on the doll, people aren't that stupid. Alison is dead.

4. I would have threaten Jackie just because I don't like her but Aria thought someone's life was at stake if she didn't do it, how could she ahve not threatend her?

5. I give it a B+. It was enjoying to watch and the relationships other than whatever the hell is going on with Melissa was enjoying to watch. Though,I don't want to flat out know who A is, I want a big enough clue that us watchers will be able to know who is A and not just 'pretty eyes' and then once we know than have the liars figure it out. And Alison's death, Jenna and Garret weren't the only ones involved and I just want to get that story.




I completely agree about wrapping up the A storyline. It's getting annoying. I also agree with Teresa about Spencer and Wren - they seem way more interesting than Toby and Spencer. I just get annoyed with the guy's acting and the way he talks. Plus, he's kinda boring. With Wren they at least have the family complication aspect - way more drama. As far as Emily's vision of Ali - I just hope it's not the book's version!


1.Best scene: caleb and Kate! Great scene! But the best scene was the Emily in the car scene, with a messed navy!
2.STobi: I love them but this stupid cheating storyline and I wanna protect U will just drag along! I hope they get back together they are great!
3.Alison! I think she is dead! But maybe she has a lot of scars from the encounter with Jenna and Garret!
4.Aria! They played Arias story right, she isn't a bad person! And we all know she coulnd't pull it off!
5.Season 2 part1: an overall good season really nice! But the answers are missing! And if they want reveal A till the end of the season I stop watching it!


I'm done with the Ezra/Aria thing. I keep feeling the hair on my arms stand up, every time there's danger of the adults finding out.

It doesn't help that Aria looks like one of those toddlers dressed up for a pageant, either. It's not that I don't 'believe' the feelings of love between them are genuine; it only feels right when the two of them are alone. Once anyone else is in the scene, it starts to feel weird to me.

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