Rescue Me Review: A Wedding To Remember

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What happens when you mix an ex-priest, flowing amounts of alcohol, some inappropriate jokes about Mexicans, a drunken former lover, and a firefighting father trying (and failing) to avoid a scene?

A Gavin wedding, of course!

A Rescue Me Wedding

Where so many other television shows tend to romanticize nuptials, "Vows" found a fresh and highly entertaining way to experience a bride and groom coming together. In fact, longing gazes and background pop songs were nowhere to be found. It was all about awkward moments and the many possible ways a wedding can go anything but smoothly.

Tommy managed to take part in a majority of the hilariously uncomfortable scenes. From forcing his way into walking his daughter down the aisle to discussing the Black Rainbow with Black Shawn's parents, Tommy was left uneasy, rambling, and without success. Being on your best behavior is a lot harder than it looks.

Sheila knocking over a woman and shouting, "I paid for this bouquet, bitches!" had me laughing. She was the perfect person to play the drunken Chatty Cathy, even though her intoxicated speech felt a little too drawn out. And was it just me, or was that not a very flattering outfit? C'mon, wardrobe people.

I continue to enjoy Sean and Mike dialogue because it's hard to not laugh at their lack of logic and reasoning. Sean's complete ignoring of advice was classic. These two play off each other so well even when it's a short amount of screen time.

I did feel that asking Emily to marry him was forced, though. Then again, I guess sometimes when you find love, you find love. No matter how atrocious it smells.

But clearly love (or convenience) was in the air because Tommy and Janet renewed their vows. It was funny when everyone raised their hand after Mickey asked if anyone thought they shouldn't be married. I'm sure many viewers would agree and often it's hard to see them together with their long history, but Tommy wants it to work and that's what matters. He's stepping up.

Granted, I'm still not a fan of Janet strong-arming Tommy into retiring. I think an ultimatum like that is a cheap, even if her intentions are to keep Tommy alive and involved with the family. I'd rather he make the decision on his own, if that were his choice. After all, why would he get rid of the one thing that truly allows him to shine?

Yet, even with all of the festivities, the episode went one step further and included a firefighting sequence that not only contrasted with the first half, but also marvelously transitioned the moment and reminded viewers the true dangers of being a firefighter.

The entire time I kept waiting for something bad to happen to one of the crew. With this being the final season, no one is guaranteed to survive. It's as great as it is frustrating knowing something could happen, especially to one of your favorite characters. Watching everyone's grim looks and frustration at being trapped left me with a sinking feeling. Those final moments were reminiscent of the movie Ladder 49, but let's hope the outcome doesn't involve the same fatal tragedy.

And with that cliffhanger explosion and close up exchange between Tommy and Lou, I couldn't help but be on the edge of my seat. Once again, Rescue Me had me laughing one second and nail biting at the next. There's a reason this show has been critically acclaimed.

But how will it all end? Will it go out in a blaze of glory or a puff of forgetful smoke?


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That was the worst Finale i have ever seen. I've been watching this show since season 1 seen every episode multiple time & is a Chicago FF. It really disappoints me. The last episode should of been them marching up one of the towers on 9/11 now that would of been a hell of an ending if they didnt base the show on 9/11. Shitty ending of a great tv show


I think the entire crew dies ala "Worchester 6". The fire that killed 6 firefighters including Denis Leary's cousin and childhood friend. If that does not happen I think either Lou & Tommy (Franco becomes the new Lt.) or Lou & Black Sean dies. Lou dying would hit the crew/Tommy the hardest. You could end it with Tommy reading Lou's letter to himself.


In response to an earlier post, no one was "trapped" per say. They were saying that there was no means of egress, (escape.) Tommy and Lou were on the other side of the door to the bulkhead stairs that they were trying to seal. My thinking is that either Tommy and/or Lou will be spared our the protection of the door will spare everyone else. We shall find out soon enough.


Dennis Leary just said on jimmy Fallon that the last scene is the funeral and Tommy isn't in the scene


The funeral scenes could very well be flashbacks to the funerals after 9/11. They surely did group funerals then due to the number of firefighters who died.


I'm sure most people know that Denis Leary had a cousin and childhood friend that were firemen and killed in the line of duty. If you look up the 1999 warehouse fire in MA where they were killed, you will see similarities in the fire on last week's show (abandoned warehouse, rumor of homeless people in the building, etc). I wonder if the entire crew is killed in the finale, just like the 1999 fire where 6 firefighters were killed. I can see that happening as a tribute to those 6 firemen that were killed and to all firemen that lose their lives in the line of duty. It will make us (the audience) understand how their lives hang in a balance everytime they go into a burning building. I hope that isn't the case, it would be very sad, but I can see that happening.


My tape ran out during the fire so I didn't see the end or the promo for next show. Where can I go to see the show that I missed???? Please help.


would you believe that I taped the show and tape ran out during the fire? I have no idea how it ended. I tried to watch the show but can't seem to find it. Can anyone help? Can't stand the thought that the show is coming to an end. It's the only good show on Wed nights.


Does anyone here ever read interviews or things like that? Leary and his co-creator were interviewed recently and both said that Tommy deserves happiness in his life after all he has gone through. They said killing off Tommy would not be the right thing to do. He won't die. They aren't going to kill off a guy we've watched suffer for seven seasons. I know we all like to think they love to play mind games with viewers, but Leary has said repeatedly he doesn't like the idea of Tommy dying. That it would make the series a waste. That Tommy was always supposed to learn to live his life, not die because he can't. That's been the theme the entire series. Tommy dying only makes everything he has learned over the years to be pointless. Secondly, he's most certainly not going to be doing the "It was all a dream" or "He was dead in 9/11 all along thing" because Leary has also stated in interviews that he hates that sort of thing and that it, too, would belittle the message of the entire series. The series is about more than 9/11 and Leary isn't a fan of "gotcha" finales. Besides, the show is more clever than that. Only a 12 year-old would be impressed with the "He was dead all along" plot at this point. Especially after "LOST" essentially did something akin to that (more or less, kinda/sorta) a year ago. Hell, the movie "Jacob's Ladder" did that in 1990. I'd like to think Leary and Co are more clever than that. Odds are good there will be some tragedy but, in the end, Tommy will survive. Mostly, I'm just going on the fact that Leary said the finale would be uplifting, not a complete downer. Of course, since they've made his entire family a bunch of annoying, unlikeable characters, maybe living with them is worse than death for Tommy.


think about it dennis leary was all about 9/11 that place was a trap somebody rigged it to blow and how mysteriouse that the exit was sealed off with brick good show and dennis leary is the man

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Franco: What the hell is up with that jacket dude? Looks like you just joined a boy band, Kato.
Needles: Proves my theory that you know absolutely no nothing about style. This is the latest thing, my friend. It's hip. It's trendy.
Lou: Does it come with a gay Asian lover or do you have to provide that yourself?

Why can't a Mexican become a firefighter? Because they can't tell the difference between Jose and Hose B.