Rescue Me Series Finale Preview: The Epic Conclusion

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Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Rescue Me fans are still buzzing over the final 10 minutes of last night's emotional, suspenseful, hilarious penultimate episode.

Seriously, is champagne considered alcohol?

Looking ahead, the FX drama bows out next Wednesday night with "Ashes." It will focus on the men of the 62 Truck dealing with this week's fire, while a new batch of graduates from the Academy receive a speech about what's ahead. View the official trailer now:

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I did not know that Rescue Me was going to run over an hour. I taped for only 60 min. So I missed the last 15 minutes or so. Can someone tell me what happened? or where I can go to watch the last one?


Meh. I thought they were really going to push the envelope in the finale, but they played it safe. Killing off Lou was the easiest out. As his letter stated, he was going to die soon anyway and was already living on borrowed time. The final scene with his ghost appearing to Tommy was an eye-roller...Tommy isn't supposed to see ghosts when he's sober, so major plot hole, too. Also feel a bit cheated that the ominous promo they ran all week was nothing but yet another dream sequence from Tommy, which I should have known all along. The shot of Janet crying wasn't even in the final episode. Overall, 5/10 on the finale. Will miss the show, but it had run its course. It never reached the level it attained the first couple seasons, but then again, what show ever does?


The finale was great. The writing and acting were great. I really touched every emotion. I'm going to miss "those guys" and all of the actors.


dang. this is the only show i actually try to get home for. as weird as it is, i will honestly miss these people. i've grown connected. leary is so smart. this show was able to pull off harsh reality with intelligence, wit and sentiment. it was a good time.
barbara in chicago


Yes, all great things must come to an end but Rescue Me shutting down forever hurts a little more. It was a one of kind show that could not be copied due to the talent and the writting. So long friend, you will never be forgotten and always be missed.


@Budgie...couldn't agree more. And it looks like some folks have hit the ground running with new shows. Callie Thorne (Sheila) already has a new show on USA Network (Unnecessary Roughness). I read somewhere that Steven Pasquale (Garrity) is joining the cast of a new show. And Denis Leary and Peter Tolan are trying to pitch another show for TV.


It's a shame to see such an interesting & thought provoking series go off the air. The actors were true to their charactors & after watching all of the shows you could see everyone developing to their fullest potential. This series is right up there with the best of them & will not be forgotten by it's fans. Good luck to the cast & crew, may they all find equally challenging roles elsewhere. Thanks for the memories.


Since the first episode, it's been the best show on TV.
It will live long in our memories...
PS: Always thought Tommy got raw deal from everybody!


Regarding the caskets - but remember, this is a show that we never quite know what's real and what's going on in Tommy's head. It could be a dream...


there are atleast 2 caskets. one is probably for Nells (the guy on the roof) and the other is probably for Franko, because he was such a dick this season

Rescue Me Quotes

They wanted me in that bulls*** physical therapy.


I can smell trouble coming at a great distance.

Chief Reilly