Royal Pains Summer Finale Review: Dangerous Divya

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Royal Pains delivered a solid summer finale in which Divya balanced her double life and Hank treated two patients, including Paige's mom. Let's go over "A Little Art, A Little Science," shall we?

Hank v. Evan

For starters: Who expected that ending? Not this vieweer. Wow.

It never occurred to me that Divya wasn't only endangering herself by pulling double duty, but also her patients. No doubt if Divya wasn't sleep deprived she wouldn't have prescribed steroids to Eric.

Divya said early on in this episode that secrets were sometimes necessary. But when it comes to a decision that not only affects her, but also their clients, Divya's double life shouldn't have been the secret kept. She should have told Hank from the very beginning, as this isn't the first time Divya has attempted to play a clever balancing act.

She's certainly doing a great job in her quest to be independent and pay back Raj's family, but the costs of that endeavor are higher than she could have realized. One thing is for certain: this incident will have repercussions. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until this winter to learn them.

On different front, Hank procured another treatment option for Paige's mom. This one appeared to have a positive affect. Heck, even her apprehensive husband finally came around.

What frustrates me about the situation is that Paige's dad was more worried about his campaign than his wife's health. It affected my depression level watching them struggle to find a solution.

I have really enjoyed getting to witness more interaction between the Lawsons and the Collins this summer. Brooke D'Orsay's Paige is moving closer and closer to becoming a series regular. Besides, the Collins add another dimension to the show, just as the Eddie R. storyline did earlier on this season.

Wish we would have gotten to meet who Jill considered her replacement, who was mentioned briefly during the episode. Which reminds me: What is Jill still doing hanging around?!?

This was one of the plot points buried in this earlier part of the season, so far down that I almost forgot it was taking place. I hoped that she would decide she had a reason to stay early on, whether because of Hank, or her passion for Hampton's Heritage. Unfortunately, neither one of these reasons has been cited by Jill herself as a reason to stay.

Lucky for us, Royal Pains resumes making house calls this winter, and we may finally get our answers to these burning questions and more.

What did you think of the finaleĀ  What consequences lie ahead for Divya? Will General Collins finally accept that his wife is suffering?


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Crystal s eaton

I find it odd that was intuitive Hank is to his patients and just about anyone else around him that he didn't see that Divya was hiding something and was running herself down. I mean if I saw one of my friends in the state Divya was in I would be worried and press alot harder to get answers than Hank did. I also think Jill should have said something (anything) to Hank to get him to notice what's going on with Divya. I had hoped more would have been said about Boris too. Maybe this Winter. I didn't even know it was the Summer Final. LOL. I wonder if she will step up and admit to what she has done once Hank accuses the doctor of screwing up. I can see Eric being in a coma or something, and all they have to go on is the name on the bottle of steroids.


I agree with an earlier poster: How could they leave the boris stuff hanging? Normally I find cliffhanger finales to be a little forced, but there was almost no cliffhanger this episode. They seemed to ignore Jill's interaction Boris and it really just felt like "another episode". It's my favorite series, but this episode seemed hastily put-together. I'm partial to the boris episodes, though. Also, Hank should have found out about Divya in this episode. They set it up perfectly when she tried to tell him the truth. As stated, they had opportunities to put a solid finale together and it felt like the episode ended too early.


I can't believe they left the Boris/Dieter thing hanging they way they did. And did anyone beside me expect to see Adam this season now that Divya is free? And where the heck was Tucker all season? This is my favorite show, but somehow I felt a little cheated with the whole summer season. Of course, I'll be watching in the winter but I expect more than I got so far this year.


I did see the Divya thing coming. She's been yawning, tired, working two jobs, and upset about her family stuff for episodes now. That leads to sleep deprivation and errors and, in her field, errors are really bad stuff. Really bad stuff = conflict, the lifeblood of television shows. I feel bad for her. She's had a really rough time and this won't help. I think she'll take it even harder since she's always so fastidious and it's not like her to make mistakes. What I didn't see coming was the General seeing and appreciating how capable Evan can be or that shock therapy no longer resembled One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


It was a mellow finale but important as the relationship between these brothers can make or break Hank Med. I hope Paige can talk some sense into Evan and help him to grow up. There are just some rules you cannot break, family or not. I feel for Hank!


This finale didn't feel like a "Finale" at all. It felt more like I ate a Subway sandwich, and left waiting for a real solid dinner later on. Sure some of the episode was done quite well, and it looked expensive (filming at the Intrepid Sea museum, and the special effects with the painting), but everyone was scattered. The show works best now when all 4 cast members are involved like at the Hamptons art show. I wanted to see Hank, Jill, Divya and Evan in a scene having a conversation all together at the HankMed table meeting talking about well... anything such as broken car window, Evan's immaturity ...something to bring things back to core of the show. Paige's mother, and the General despite being good actors aren't what everyone has been tuning into see every summer. It's all about Hank, Evan, Divya and Jill - and the only other side characters that people cared about are Libby, Tucker, Boris and Marissa. This episode seemed more like a 3rd or 4th episode in the season. LOL. And yeah, I was rather bummed that Awesome Jill could only appear in a little Toyota commercial and another minute more with Divya during this entire 43 minute summer finale.! She really deserves more face time.

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