The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation"

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While I usually find The Big Bang Theory hilarious, this week's "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation" was a bit of a letdown.

Sheldon was basically alone with his toy train for most of the episode. His scenes are often the highlight of the show, but this was just dull. He's funniest when we are laughing at his interactions with others.

The Pulled Groin Extrapolation Scene

Another miss of the episode was Amy. Why did she stay with Leonard all night while Sheldon was out? I know she is quirky, but that was just weird and not funny. Well... the overstaying her welcome gynecologist joke was pretty good, but the rest was a snooze. That is the theme for the episode, unfortunately. I almost slept through it.

Even worse, Amy invited Leonard to accompany her to a wedding and he went. Really?!? That makes no sense at all. The only somewhat funny part of this excursion was the chicken dance... a chicken dance! The writers couldn't come up with something more original? The worst part of this experience was that Amy thought Leonard was falling for her in the end. Please, let that never come up again. The show will often drop stories after an episode and I hope this is one of those times. I don't want to see anymore Amy and Leonard stuff.

Did you notice though that Sheldon hit Leonard over Amy? Perhaps this wedding "date" will help Sheldon solidify his feelings for Amy and move their relationship forward.

The episode wasn't an entire loss, though, because Howard and Bernadette provided quite a few chuckles.

After Howard and Bernadette broke up and got engaged, I would have thought they discussed Howard and his unique relationship with his mother. It doesn't appear that ever happened. After all they went through that Howard thought Bernadette would move into his mother's house was very "Howard."

Everything seemed like it was going wrong for Bernadette during her trial stay at the Wolowitz home, but then... Bernadette turned into Howard's mother! What in the world was going on? I almost hope they do move into there because that would be an absolutely hilarious situation.

These Big Bang Theory quotes also saved the half hour was being a total downer. Browse and enjoy!


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I enjoyed Amy-Leonard interactions. Of course, Amy's belief that Leonard fell in love with her was stupid, but it was totally complement with a character - Amy was always kind of irritating. But that's not bad.


WHAT?! i love the bernadette/mother/howard storyline... it's hilarious and i love how bernadette sounds just like her when she's angry... wonder if we'll ever see howard's mother... also so cute to see raj get together with penny's friend and then cry on penny's shoulder and sheldon telling leonard to back off from amy... this season is so great.. i also enjoy the girls on the show, amy, bernadette and penny... i adore raj!! hope he finds someone soon. is pria coming back? leonard's moping is annoying.. will there be more penny/sheldon scenes?? amy/leonard were enjoyable to watch too


I thought the mother storyline was creepy, sad, disgusting, unhealthy, deviant, gross....I DID NOT find anything about it funny. I can't see why a vivacious woman like Bernadette would be still thinking about marrying Howard. He's a funny guy. He's smart. But that relationship is wrong. I had to skip the parts with that storyline because I actually found it disturbing.
The Amy Leonard thing was okay, and it seemed to be a trial balloon to see if the fans would entertain a connection there. I think it was pretty much a no on that front.
The train thing was dumb. Misfire.


I don't find the leonard/mother story line funny at all.


Bernadette-Howard last scene was HILARIOUS! i can't stop laughing


But what is certain is that I grow fonder and fonder about Amy. I really had my doubts at the very beggining but she's just awesome!
One great moment of the episode, a very important one, was Sheldon kicking Leonard! How great was that?!! In his own way, Sheldon express his jalousy. But I agree with a previous comment, Sheldon could NEVER have a "real/normal" relationship with Amy, it would be totally out of character. But I do enjoy a lot the very strange one he's got with Amy!


The episode brought some laughs, everyone has a bad day. But I laughed so hard at the end with Bernadette yelling like Mrs. Wolowitz that my sleeping dog woke up and looked at me. Like most comedies it's going to have good moments and bad moments. I think some of you are analyzing the show too much.


I agree, it was strange. Not bad exactly...I did actually enjoy Amy's scenes tonight. However I STRONGLY disagree with the reviewer's desire to have Sheldon move into a "more normal" relationship with Amy--I really hope that never happens. Would have liked to see more of Penny. The stuff with Howard and Bernadette just creeped me out, honestly.


We've seen Bernadette do the "Howard's Mom" voice once before. It was as hilarious then as it was this time. More, please.


While I'll never totally understand Amy Farrah Fowler (and love Mayiam Bialik for it), I decided she was pushing the envelope to get Sheldon's jealousy juices going...and it worked. The Leonard bit not so much...but then it's Amy, who believes she is the perfect woman, remember? As for Bernadette? She's pushing some buttons of her own. Howard loves his mom. We get that...he's also attracted to Bernie because she is the total opposite of his mom...get that too. So, Bernadette doesn't want to live with Mama Wolowitz...and Mama Wolowitz would probably love to get Howard out of the house...and her plan is to give Howard a taste of what could happen. Remember, Howard is a bit dim when it comes to relationships (like his clothing, he's stuck in the psychodelic seventies). Bernadette's simply trying to shine a light or two. Remember, she did NOT cut his toast :o)

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