The Secret Circle Round Table: "Bound"

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So there's a third generation of witches... and a very useful crystal... and Cassie and Adam might not be able to fight fate for much longer.

Those were just a few of the developments covered on The Secret Circle this week, as Matt Richenthal, Jim Garner and Eric Hochberger delve into episode number-two, "Bound," in the following Round Table discussion. Won't you join us?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Dawn taking down Henry. It answered any questions we might have about Dawn's dark side and, come on, who hasn't seen Species? Natasha Henstridge was born to play evil.

Jim: I'm a romantic sap, so I am going with Adam and Cassie demonstrating the spark they have for each other while Adam showed Cassie how to pass energy to the light bulb.

Eric: Cassie reading the note from her mom. I couldn't help but wonder: why warn your child about impending danger after the fact?!? Come on, Mrs. Blake, this is a chat you should have had years ago.

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Do you trust Diana?
Matt: No. I'll repeat what I wrote in my review: we'll soon learn that she's working with her father.

Jim: If I am on fire and I have to pick Diana, Faye, or Faye's mom Dawn to throw water on me, Diana is the only one I'd trust not to throw gasoline instead. But time will tell if she is her father's daughter or not. 

Eric: Yes. Didn't her conversation with Adam in the car prove that? She isn't about manipulation or game playing. She was concerned about Cassie and she came right out and asked. Mature move.

Should Cassie have agreed to bind the circle?
Matt: Yes. What was the alternative? Don't bind it and have her science experiments continually blow up in her face? She'd never get a passing grade that way.

Jim: Cassie made the best point possible: without the binding, they were hurting innocent people, so yes, she did the right thing.

Eric: Who says she agreed? Kevin Williamson has mentioned numerous times how this show is all about fate. Even if it were just sub-consciously, I don't think she had a choice.

Are Cassie and Adam meant to be?
Matt: Yes.. but that doesn't mean they will be. Adam's father was clearly meant to be with Amelia, too, and we know how that turned out.

Jim: Love is magical, so, Yes! they are meant to be together!

Eric: No. Cadam? Assie? No couple nickname works for them.

Hotter scene: Melissa in her underwear or the lab fire in class?
Matt: No comment.

Jim: No comment.

Eric: No comment.


Do you trust Diana?
On one hand she's very nice and smart but if a girl would try (even because of a magic) to steal my boyfriend I wouldn't be nice anymore. I know it's kind of different but I won't blame her to become bad (overall when you see her dad...) Should Cassie have agreed to bind the circle?
I don't know, we'll see in futur episodes because we only thing we know is that they can control their power. Are Cassie and Adam meant to be?
YES. And it's just an opinion but I find people very tough about the chemistry between actors and the love their characters share. They are meant to be but they can't be together for now and it's better this way because there is more tension and it's more interesting for the show. Of course, we already saw that, the forbidden love story but it's quite intense and very cut.


A couple of things:
- Why did Cassie's character look so slutty in this episode? In the premiere she wore normal clothes, and now its all REALLY short skirts, and showing off her stomach and cleavage...Stupid.
- Also, I get that apparently Cassie and Adam are "meant to be together", but the longing looks all the time, and the weird flirting, Is that really necessary? We get that they are drawn to each other. I don't think we need all the childish dramatics. Either they will end up together or not.
- Plus, what is up with Faye?? I mean, last episode, she started a crazy storm and Cassie stopped it, and Faye seemed really sorry that she had used her powers that way. But, then she keeps using her powers for stupid and dangerous things. It just seems like her character has no depth. She does something stupid with her powers, feels bad, apologizes. And repeat.

Anna maria

I think they should have cast a diferent guy, Adam's not ugly but he's not hot either and he looks like he's wearing makeup..definitely mascara..his dad's cute though

Anna maria

did the costume designer/stylist change? I loved ALL of Cassie's clothes in the pilot and I hated them this ep!


I dont trust Diane one inch. At times, this shade of chilling evil just flickers over her face. Or that could be her plastic surgery. Adam and Cassie are soulmates and meant to be, but soulmates dont always end up together, so thats going to create suspense. There needs to be lots of build up. Thomas has responsive, subtle deep expressions which work for this role. Cassie needs to show more sexual connection to him, Im not sure about their chemistry as actors yet. Faye is one-note and needs to be more complex. Who is nick. Or that other chick?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
sally coming back to life. Do you trust Diana?
No shes obviously got a hidden agenda. i mean all the other characters in the show are evil out and proud but shes clearly just got a dark side. Should Cassie have agreed to bind the circle?
well yeah to stop faye going off and cocking everything up Are Cassie and Adam meant to be?
YES. Hotter scene: Melissa in her underwear or the lab fire in class?
I'm straight and everything... but she has one of the best bodies iv ever seen.


1. For me it was when they got bound as a circle. Just because it was pretty moving to see all of them agree to do it despite their hesitations. And it's a good foundation for what the rest of the season will include. 2. Contrary to what the review said, I have all the reason to trust Diana right now. I think she was honest during her conversation with Adam in the car. She seemed to be completely vulnerable about the situation and finding comfort in the person that she loves to expose that vulnerability. I think that she isn't aware of her father's plans in anyway. She is probably the only one who has the book (with the exception of Cassie) because her father exposed it to her so that his plans can be met. I think it'll be more interesting to see them figuring out what dangers they are faced with and to later see her battle whether or not she is going to support and protect her father. More of a story there rather than her being a part of it this whole time. 3. Yes. For her sake, she needed to do it because the amount of power was overwhelming her. I think it scared her how uncontrollable they were and after what Faye did, she didn't want anyone else getting hurt. I think she did it more for herself rather than for the benefit of the circle as a whole. 4. There's definitely a lot of things that are suggesting that they are. I want to see these things continue to build up though. I don't want to see them together until at least half of the season is over. It's always better with a lot of build up and with Diana in the picture, stretching the story will be simpler and end up better. 5. No comment either. Don't care too much for the character although I'm satisfied with the amount of screen time that she was able to get. We were finally able to know a little more about her because this character as hardly tackled in the premiere.


@ Blu: U make a good point, I never thought of it in that way.
The casting of Sally wasn't important to me, so anyone could have been cast in that role. oh well...
@ ducdebrabant: The power of the crystal is probably used up cuz Dawn used it to save Sally and then kill her Father in law.


Gale on the first episode was the biggest, baddest, scariest, hottest man on TV, and on this episode he has to give up his powers? No more drowning spells, no more matches or bottles of water? I hardly think so, Kevin Williamson. You make Dawn give that crystal right back!


Am I the only one who thinks Cassie is a bit dull and whiny? I mean, who in the world upon hearing they have magical powers, pouts and runs away all damsel-in-distress-like. Yeah, in the beginning sure. It must be a shock but a rather good one, I would say. Personally? I'd love to feel as if I'm in a Harry Potter movie.

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Sally: We're talking, Faye.
Faye: And I'm interrupting, Sally.

Melissa: Don't go bragging.
Nick: I'm gonna brag about you??!?
Melissa: You're an ass.

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