The Secret Circle Round Table: Series Premiere

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The series premiere of The Secret Circle is in the books. What did everyone think?

TV Fanatic is officially on board, so much so that we'll be publishing Round Table discussions in honor of the new CW drama. Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is joined by colleagues Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger for a breakdown...


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Matt: The discussion between Cassie's grandmother and Dawn. It revealed so much about the older generation and opened the door to a number of possibilities regarding their history together. Plus, I'm a sucker for Natasha Henstridge.

Steve: Call me cheesy, but Cassie and Adam in the forest, as he helped her tap into her powers. A show like this needs to establish a pairing for the audience to root for and this scene accomplished that goal.

Eric: Everything with Gale Harold as Charles. What a creepy, perfect villain.

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Who is your favorite character so far?
Matt: Faye. Phoebe Tonkin just looks like she's having a blast in that role and there's so much potential to be mined considering the role of her mother.

Steve: Cassie. It's the simple answer, I know. But she's strong-willed and hesitant, but not timid. She has viewers on her side instantly due to the death of her mother and, come on, Britt Robertson? Always fantastic.

Eric: Sorry to be repetitive, but... Gale Harold as Charles. As an insightful critic once said, what a creepy, perfect villain.

Who is coming for Cassie?
Matt: How could I possibly know that?!? If the answer was obvious, it would be a pretty lame story.

Steve: More witches from the older coven, clearly. What do they want? What is their backstory? How does it involve? Cassie. Heck if I know, it's been one episode! But I'll be tuning in to find out more.

Eric: Klaus. Seriously, girl, RUN!

Give the premiere a grade.
Matt: A-. Just so it has room to improve. I actually thought it was the ideal opener, in terms of establishing a protagonist, setting up a rich setting, throwing in a few mysterious and even sparking a romantic flame. If you like The Vampire Diaries, how can you not have enjoyed this pilot?

Steve: A. Matt pretty much said it all. I'm a little afraid of the witches gaining too much power and spells being cast left and right, but why speculate? So far, so very good.

Eric: B. I'm not as generous as my colleagues and I can't help but compare it to its lead-in. There's no breakout, Damon-like character. Not yet, at least.


Any chance will get a Ringer round table?


1. Favorite scene was the end just because it showed Cassie adapting to her powers more and the revelation of her mother's letter was endearing while consequently setting up the framework for an upcoming plot. 2. Either Cassie or Diana. We've seen so many different aspects of Cassie and were given those 41 minutes to see this new world from her point of view that it's hard not to love her. As for Diana, you can just tell that this girl has so much potential as a character. Especially with the fact that her father is the most prominent antagonist. You just know something serious will eventually happen there. 3. The best guess I've got is Charles. He's just too creepy not to suspect. 4. A! I think it was a really good series premiere. They hit all the right notes that audiences, such as myself, will be looking forward to the answers of the questions posed in the premiere. It was steady paced and didn't include too many dramatic moments. I liked how it was really amount discovering the things that will ground the plot for the rest of the show.


Gale Harold ( Charles Meade ) is the only reason I kept The Secret Circle on my t.v. screen. The leading actress/character isn't strong enough or appealing and the resident bad girl/actress is played so over-the-top its campy and the story right now is a great BIG YAWN. Mr. Harold's appeal, charisma and of course being such a versatile and terrifc actor he just steals every scene he's in. He should have his own series.


@Beth Richards I think the same about Diana, things are doing to happen and everyone well think it was Fay but then we well discover that it was Diana and we well know some Diana back-round and get it and as for Fay we well see her and Cassie as friends


@Renee it had to be cheesy they had 5 members and they also said it, that they could not do much whit there powers until they do the ceremony. But well for the future when they have there full powers he have to expect more from the show a little more Charmed and Buffy and a little less bewitched


@Micaela his Father said we ware met to be together as you (Cassie) and Adam... so that says it all about you're Question. He says that when Cassie goes and talks to him after running from the old house and when he is about to tell her more comes Charles and then Adam and after that she runs out.


Nick and Faye was my favorite!!!!
S many potentials with these two(not together but as characters !!)


hey , one question... in one scene adam's father said: we were meant to be together...right? so adam and cassie are meant to be together too... ?


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?
Call me hopeless romantic, but the scene in the forest? Nothing can top that. Who is your favorite character so far?
Definitely Diana. She can control herself. And she's like this illustrious leader of the circle and she is just so pretty. Adam comes in second. Oh my God, his eyes are so piercing. Who is coming for Cassie?
Me. Yeah. Shocking right? Give the premiere a grade.
B+. It feels more like a teenager show. But I will give it a chance.


I'm loving James and Cassie already I was so ready for that kiss. Love it already can't wait for more

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.