TV Ratings Report: Series High for Two and a Half Men

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Viewers across the country tuned in to meet Walden Schmidt last night.

Two and a Half Men premiered to record ratings, as Ashton Kutcher's debut nabbed an incredible 28 million viewers for the CBS sitcom. That's more than twice the number that tuned in for last year's opener.

Following such a dismal episode, though, how many of these folks will stick around?

Meeting Walden

Elsewhere on the dial:

  • The How I Met Your Mother premiere was up 34 percent from 2010.
  • 2 Broke Girls took full advantage of its huge lead-in and debuted 19.2 million viewers.
  • Dancing with the Stars drew 18.72 million viewers in its second hour.
  • Castle and Hawaii Five-O kicked off new seasons with strong numbers: 14.35 million and 12.57 million, respectively.
  • The Playboy Club opened its doors to a paltry 5.05 million people, two million fewer than watched Chase last year... which got canceled after a handful of episodes.

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OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


We watched the first two or three episodes of the new 2.5 men with ashton. I did not like it at all. Never laughed once as I thought it was a "cheap-shot" and vicious attack at the funeral. Really? No one was upset at all for losing a brother, uncle or son. Ashton is an idiot and the show won't last without Charlie. I will watch re-runs with Charlie in them but will not tune in to the new show ever again!


This show just has to go over played. Same old same old




People are being so over dramatic, it's a tv show not real life. They were allowed to take Charlie off any way they wanted. It's as simple as this "if you don't like it, don't watch it". I for one think the new season is off to a great start, Ashton is funny enough to make people still want to watch, At first I was worried they couldnt pull it off, I think the show will make it.


Watc.hed the first show with a open mind but hated it watched the second show to give it a fair shake thought it was even not think the new guy is a actor did his lady love get him the job maybe>I agree with others, have cryer wake-up and it was all a bad dream and charlie didnt go anywere. we3ll there is still the old reruns never get tired of them.


I hate that the Barney Fife look alike John Cryer was not man enough to stand up for Charlie .he is in true life Allen I understand you have to make a living for your family but all the people that act or have ever acted in Two and Half men should have turned down this ugly ruthless attack on Charlie Sheen ! How ugly !!! Charlie made each one on that new season show a lot if money and created them a job a way of life .even the unforgiving chuck loree made millions and the writers of this first season show he gave you the literal bread over the past years and you should feel very proud to make this man that made your car payments, house payments ,food for your families and clothes on your backs. This is all you could write, Trash that did not go with what you wrote in the past .Oh how good all of you must feel ..but wait unto others as you would have done to you . Right .. I hope someone does not ever repay this ugly thing to each of you .. and if they do I am sure Charlie Sheen will forgive you .cause he will have know how it feels ,To be wrote off so viciously .


I think it was dirty the way all the women that co- stared over the years and made a living with Charlie's help trashed the very man that they cried over and wanted his money his house his way of life his sex ,his bad boy image.he was always good enough for a good roll in the sack a diamond bracelet .to marry .to get 50 K from ..or to milk the life out of .but all the girl acted just like trolls after all they took from Charlie on the show and as actors they could have turned down those cruel lines . Cause who wants to see them again I don't and as for the barney fire look alike john cryed what a real life Allen the mooch till the end


I did not like the funeral, it was mean-spirited and Alan Jake Evelyn and Berta seemed oddly unaffected by Charlie's death. However, after that wasn't bad; I liked how Ashton was introduced by appearing at the door through the ashes. I found myself laughing several times. No, it will never be the show it was, but I got enough enjoyment to keep watching; it may improve once it finds its footing.


CBS Must HATE Charlie So much CBS kill him and made sure that Charlie will never return!!!!!!! Well I Feel and many others (FANS) of Two & half men... This new Show will last only 1 season....

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