Castle Round Table: "Kick the Ballistics"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Castle Round Table!

This week, panelists Jim Garner, Courtney Morrison, Chandel Charles and Carissa Pavlica gather to dissect "Kick the Ballistics," an episode that returned focus to the 3XK case and had our contingent of fans wondering about the following topics...


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Ben's death scene. I totally bought it, when he walked in without a scratch I literally when WHAAAA??? before they clued me in that it had been faked to get him out of the family.

Courntey: I have to go with Ryan and Esposito going into the library to talk to Ben Lee. Esposito was priceless. A short and funny scene that lifted a little bit of the weight you felt Ryan carrying. I also loved the group making a toast and hiding it from the Captain. These four are not just co-workers, they are friends.

Chandel: Any scene where Ryan was emotionally raw and assertive. I think this was Seamus Dever's best episode in this series. He really took on and conquered the challenge of being a lead in a character-centric episode and it felt genuine. I really salute him for it. I have a much deeper appreciation for Det. Ryan as a cop and a human being.

Carissa: I never really have favorite scenes. Maybe it was Castle going through old records to try to prove his worth. He really wants to be an asset to the department.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Castle says this case made him realize he's just been "play acting" in his role as a cop and Beckett's partner. Do you think that's true?
Jim: He may have started play acting, but he is not anymore. Look at his thinking at the end when Beckett asked his advice on the deal. When he explained the deal was no good, she went with it.. Besides, if you can get an honorary doctorate, Castle should be able to get an Honorary Detective title.

Courtney: Technically, it's true. But realistically, Castle's crazy theories end up solving or help solving half of the cases. Such as his role in this case. He knew Jerry Tyson wouldn't give that gun to a friend. Castle is always either on the same page or a step ahead of the rest of the detectives. And badge or not; that man is most definitely Beckett's partner.

Chandel: I think he probably felt a little out of his element when Ryan snapped at him. I don't think he's been play acting this whole time. He has perhaps been challenged by trying to keep up with them over the seasons, but I think Castle has been a real asset to them, and has really been adopted into their cop family, especially after the season three finale.

Carissa: No, I think he's confused. All you really need to be a good cop is desire and skills. He has them, but he likes to write, too. He seems to feel that being a writer is not as important as being a cop, like he needs to make up for things. I'd guess the new captain's attitude isn't helping.

What did you think of Beckett and Ryan being paired up for so much of this episode?
Jim: I liked it, it showed that Castle was in it for the case not just to be Beckett's sidekick and it gave us time to see the hurt and fragile Ryan.

Courtney: I enjoyed the pairing; it was a nice change of pace. Beckett and Castle are fun together because you're rooting for them to be something more, especially when they have their banter back and forth. But pairing Beckett & Ryan put them both on a more serious and focused note. There was nothing getting in the way, just a plan to find the killer who used Ryan's gun. They had a partner vibe, made me long for the days of Stabler and Benson.

Chandel: Having Beckett and Ryan paired up really gave the audience a look into what their dynamics are as a pair, which we really haven't seen, but which I really liked. It's always good to mix things up every once in a while and it not just be the Castle and Beckett show with no variation. So I really appreciated it and hope they mix it up similarly in the future!

Carissa: I liked it. Beckett has to pair up with others to leave room for her and Castle to have a relationship some day. If they are always together, it will never happen.

Does Castle suspect that Beckett remembers what he said to her after she was shot?
Jim: Absolutely. Look at his face after she so quickly denies remembering.. He totally knows she is lying.

Courtney: Absolutely! I have said it before, Nathan Fillion is a genius at acting with facial expressions. Honestly, I would watch an entire 42 minutes of him making faces as other people talked, he is that good.The face he made when she said again she doesn't remember said it all. He knows something is up and it is only a matter of time before he gets it out of her.

Chandel: Yes, I know he does - at least he's suspicious she remembers something. In fact, I would be willing to say that he's probably suspected since just after the shooting. He's very perceptive when it comes to Kate, and I think he knows there's something she's trying to hide, the "I love you" included.

Carissa: I don't think so. She's doing a pretty good job of hiding it, and he's concerned with being a part of the team. One slip on her part though, and he will suspect.

What did you think of Esposito channelling his inner Fresh Prince?
Jim: I almost had my own personal "spit take" at home I laughed so hard. I completely did not see that coming at all! Well done!

Courtney: LOVED IT! Like I said above, it was priceless! This was the first time we really got to see Esposito act goofy and it was awesome. These are the moments that make up the backbone of an episode. I would be totally cool with it if he wanted to be the Fresh Prince every episode. The outfit, the talking - nailed it!

Chandel: Epic. Can they have him assume the persona of more undercover characters soon? Fun addition to the episode given the drama.

Carissa: Fun scene. I like when they shake things up and give actors a chance to get out of their regular roles. They've been doing it a lot with Ryan and Esposito this season, and it's a welcome change.


-My favorite scene was every scene with Ryan. I was thoroughly impressed with Seamus Dever. From the moment Ryan found out the fun was his until the end, I thought he did a phenomenal job. -Yes and no. He's never had the training and he doesn't have the responsibility but he's learned to think like a cop and he's frequently in as much danger as they are. -I didn't realize they'd never been paired together until I saw them onscreen. It had a great brother / sister vibe. I hope we get to see more of it. -He questions it. Her response was too quick. It gave away that she's hiding something and Castle is too perceptive when it comes to Kate to have missed it. -I almost didn't recognize him he looked so goofy but it was a nice moment to lighten the scene.


Castle is being a little hard on himself when he says he is playacting. It's true, he isn't a sworn officer, but he has done some pretty amazing things that demonstrate more than just cleverness in theory building and out of the box thinking. He's done some things that demonstrate remarkable physical courage as well. Some examples: Going in the bar to play poker with the Russian Mafia. Facing an armed 3XK while tied to a chair and asking him questions. Saving NY city as Martha pointed out (and both his and Becketts lives - and Gates life probably if she only knew). Jumping bare handed on a trained assassin armed with a semi-auto rifle and taking him down to save Beckett. Heck, he went into that situation unarmed near as I can tell - Beckett apparently didn't have her Glock 26 backup gun to loan him like she has on a couple of previous occasions. Going in the line of fire to distract the guy so she could make her last two rounds count in a season 1 episode when they were pinned down behind a kitchen island (His request of Beckett for saving her life: "Never, ever, call me kitten." - loved that moment and Beckett's reaction). There were more but my teflon coated 7 decade old memory doesn't recall them at the moment. But even with just those, that's some pretty amazing stuff. Sooner or later somebody will put together a resume on him compared and contrasted with Gates accomplishments and shove it in her face. No doubt who comes out on top! I can't resist the thought that that's going to happen one of these days ... can't wait. He won't ever be the tip of the spear on purpose in combat, but he holds up his end when he has to. We have seen him shoot at suspects in defense of Beckett at least twice. We know from season 1 he's a good shot (3 shots rapid fire into the X ring). I wouldn't be surprised to learn he's taken a combat pistol course or two as research for one of his books and could humiliate Gates (and maybe everybody else with a handgun but not Esposito with a rifle) on the shooting range. Gates has them all go through qualifying for some reason or other, and happens to be there with Castle, so they end up in a contest and she gets bested by a mile. Wouldn't that be fun?


1. Fave scene- Any scene with Ryan. He stole the episode and made it his own. Kudos to Seamus for doing a standup job. I'm so beyond thrilled that they are really using and showing Esposito and RYan more, fleshing them out as characters. I loved seeing that other side of Ryan. He usually seems so...innocent and happy go lucky for lack of better words. 2.I think he started out play acting. Before he was just having fun with it. Now though, he's been through too much with these peope to be considered play acting. He's nearly died a few times. He's watched his friends nearly die a few times. He's been privy to information that most civilians and the public aren't privy to. It isn't an act anymore, it isn't merely research for his stories anymore, and it isn't even about Kate entirely, he's slowly become a detective in his own right.He sees it as his job and he's just as passionate and invested in it as any actual cop. Castle now bleeds blue, so he isn't play acting anymore. 3. I loved the break from the norm and them mixing things up a bit. It was a serious case that involved that level of seriousness and structure and Beckett had to keep an eye on Ryan. I loved it. I LOVE Caskett but they don't have to share the screen all the time. It's nice seeing them break things up a bit. 4.Castle definitely knows. He can be goofy, and child like, and the class clown but beneath that he's a very, very intuitive, very perceptive man. He picks up on more than anyone ever gives him credit for. That facial expression alone spoke volumes. In true Castle fashion he probably won't bring it up anytime soon, but he knows. (just like his observations of Kate's obsession with her mother's case, and his mini-profile of her romantic relationships...) He reads people quite well, and he practically sees through Kate half the time at this point. he definitely knows. 5.I was in hysterics. I love Esposito. You can tell he is a bit of a goof and has a great sense of humor, when they choose to let it out some. So I loved that scene. Seriously should have them all do a bit more undercover work more often. It's always entertaining when they do.


Wow! I reread Bobbie's comments, especially number four and the proverbial light-bulb went off. He is aware of her lie, but Bobbie nailed it as to why or what at least leads him to this conclusion. Her attitude has changed. She is confident in his love and not befuddled or off kilter. She wants to kiss him after observing the elevator scene. At first I thought Rick was running a bit scared after that scene...but it was his new insight...She is up to something. Yeah, Bobbie. And then, after all of his talk about the heart, magic, fate and the universe over three years, she agrees with him. She hopes they make it. Anything is possible, No cynicism. You really believe that? And the great love stories? What a moment for Castle. She is opening up to him. Why so? Of course she heard him. And then her cracks about the implants, her comic book favorites, or even muses and her advice to Detective Hastings. She heard him and he knows it. She can relax with him knowing he loves her. Great light-bulb moment for me. Thanks Bobbie.


All of Seamus Devers' scenes were fantastic; that's a unanimous bravo. I look forward to more, important scenes with him. Also, Esposito was too funny this week. The leads only look better with a strong supporting cast, and we needed a change up. Nathan and Stana will burn out, and rightly so, if they assume the entire load each week. I like the growing Castle/ Ryan partnership and the commitment all four of them, a team, exhibit, standing up for each other. Castle became a true partner this week. I loved the toast scene which showed their commitment to each other...all four of them. Castle supported Ryan, calling him by his first name and telling him he was a better cop...a better man. Kate really noticed and she was proud. And I'd like to think that some of Ryan's words about love, commitment, bravery and sacrifice are defining all of them and especially Kate and Rick as they take a different journey this year, hopefully leading to the ultimate partnership. Kate seems more in control of herself, less obsessive and more supportive of others which is healthy. And she notices Castle as always, a changing man, always there, always capable and yet serious...surely enough. Rick took a back seat and did the grunt work, a committed team player. He followed Martha's advice: "Be there for your friends. Stand beside them. Work together. That's plenty useful." That was another great Martha moment. Bring her on, even more. Rick and Kate are becoming true equals. Partner to partner she went to him at the end. And Kate paid him the highest compliment of all, especially in light of Rick's moment of insecurity when he told his mother that he was just pretending he was Kate's partner. Castle,too, with all of his confidence, needs affirmation. He isn't always what he seems to be or would like to project. Kate told Rick he belonged. "Damn Castle. Look at you thinking like a real cop." This was special; this was a whole new level of acceptance and awareness. Oh, next week it's going to hit the fan. Some people seem afraid to watch the episode. But I trust A.M. I hope a little jealousy turns Kate around and makes her fight for Rick's attention and love. Ah, yes, Rick knows. She can't even look him in the eye when she tells him she remembers nothing. I hope he realizes she is afraid of losing her best friend and her love if it all gets screwed up and star-crossed, which always seems to happen to them. I can't wait to see how it unfolds next week.


1 - I had two favorite scenes. The first was when Ryan went into the holding area and told the old boyfriend he was going to set him free. He brought the guy to tears. Seamus Dever was incredible in that scene. My other favorite was at the end when Kate asked Castle for advice and complimented him. That was a wonderful Caskett moment!
2 - What seemed to trigger that feeling in Castle was when Kate said, "It's a cop thing," and she was referring to Ryan's sense of responsibility for his gun. As much as Castle loves the job and is good at it, I don't think he feels quite the same sense of responsibility as the others. He can go home if Alexis needs him or call it a night when he's tired. The one exception to this is 3XK. I think he feels a sense of responsibility there.
3 - I liked seeing Kate and Ryan working together and Castle choosing to hang back. I think it allowed for a lot of character growth for both Ryan and Castle.
4 - The look on Castle's face made it obvious that he suspects something. He was surprised at Kate's reaction to the couple kissing in the elevator in ep. 2 and he was surprised at her comments about believing lovers could overcome the odds at the end of ep. 3. I think he's putting it all together and starting to see what's causing the change.
5 - If you follow Jon Huertas on twitter or read his interviews, you know that he's definitely got a lot of Fresh Prince in him! They couldn't have chosen a better persona for him :) I absolutely love the way the writers can bring in such fantastic humor, even in a very dramatic episode.


Favorite scene...I really liked Ryan going off on the guy in interrogation and Beckett sending him to cool off, then the scene between the two of them after. It was interesting because Beckett has done something similar, and it was the captain that spoke to her about it. Now she's the mentor to Ryan. A close second was that Beckett door slam leaving Gates office. That was awesome! In the beginning (season 1) it probably was a bit of play-acting and a way to get closer to Beckett, but that quickly changed for him, and has been changing him. In terms of Castle saying he's playacting...that seems to be a theme. Alexis said that to him in Rise, and it doesn't surprise me that he's questioning what the heck he's doing. I think the new captain may have him feeling insecure as well. I thought his decision to hang back and do the paperwork was great, as was the ending! I really like that he has these moments of seriousness and responsibility that aren't so directly Caskett. Like, we know about the 9 year old sugar-rush Rick, but it's good seeing how he's changed over 3 years and what's been added to that. I liked this opportunity to see Beckett in this mentor role with Ryan. Usually, she's teasing him or ordering him about. It was nice to see the level of respect she has for him - and why she does, via learning more about Ryan's past as a cop, etc. Does he ever! Yeah, Castle isn't buying the she remembers nothing bit. Perhaps some of the changes in her we've noticed he's been noticing too! Honestly, I didn't really register Esposito as doing anything but being a distraction. A GOOD distraction, but it didn't really pull me out of the show


Yay Round table.... 1. Favourite scene - toss up between Ryan at the whiteboard explaining his blame to Castle, and the interview scene where Ryan gets all up in the guys face. Brilliant. 2.It's a little true. Castle doesn't have a badge or the training - he's just so genre-savvy, charming and useful that everyone forgets. He totally gets to play cop. The remarkable thing is that he's been playing cop for so long now that he's actually REALLY good at it. 3. Loved Beckett + Ryan paired up. Totally worked. 4. TOTALLY. He read that poker face.
And to whomever said " Nathan Fillion is a genius with the facial expressions " - YES!! I sometimes rewind scenes just to look at the subtlety with which his face changes with emotion. Even back in the days of Firefly. 5. HAHAHAHA...that was a great scene. And Castle taking a picture? Typical. Loved it.


-I thought it was great that they finally brought up something about Beckett having been shot. Just her having a twinge from the scar pulling and Castle noticing was enough to make me smile for the rest of the night. -He may never be a real cop but he's always Kate's partner and he's saved her life multiple times. Then like Martha said, he also saved the city so I think he's earned his place on the team. -The coffee scene was great. It's great to see them share their moment. -Oh, he knows. That expression said it all. -It was my favorite scene. I didn't even recognize Esposito at the start of it.


1. I loved the shots of Ryan right after he finds out about the gun being his. The editing of that scene and Seamus Dever's performance did a great job of portraying how this was effecting him. 2. I think play acting may be a little harsh. He's frequently right in the thick of things with him and he's definitely acted as Beckett's partner. But on the flip side he may never have the same sense of responsibility that a real cop has and there are parts of the job that he can choose not to do. 3. Loved it. It brought out a totally different dynamic between the foursome and I think it made Beckett and Ryan closer and both colleagues and friends. 4. Yeah, that look on his face said it all. He certainly suspects she's not being completely honest with him. It will be interesting to see if he starts to push her on it. 5. In nearly fell out of my chair. Very funny. I'd love to see both he and Ryan get to do more fun types of undercover work.

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