Castle Review: Welcome Back, 3XK

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At last! Even if Jerry Tyson did not make an appearance in "Kick the Ballistics," the 3XK case has returned and I could not be more excited. So sit down, grab a cup to toast Ryan and let’s get to it. Time to discuss the most recent installment of Castle.

Now into the fourth season, the 3XK case still remains my favorite topic on this series - and this episode was a set up for what is sure to be an amazing outing later this year.

Coffee at the Crime Scene

The Case. Once again, Castle proved why he is not only an asset to the precinct, but has a necessary one at that. Rick put on his game face, settled in with boxes of records and discovered the link between Tyson and the Lees. Even if Castle usually comes up with crazy theories, it feels so good when he has the right answers first.

Who else instantly felt creeped out when Mr. Lee was first shown? I for one, was having flashbacks to the old Dharma videos from Lost. Marvin Candle Mr. Lee definitely knows how to make an impression.

3XK. So we know that Jerry Tyson is out there, still making moves and basically being a huge scumbag. Would you trust the information Philip Lee was offering? Castle’s right, I wouldn’t believe it, either. When will he show up? Will he come back to New York or will there be another travel episode? It doesn’t matter because I'm sure the moment Tyson returns will make for one of the stand out episodes of the season. 

Kudos to Seamus Dever for an outstanding portrayal here. He delivered a performance worthy of being front and center and was very enjoyable in his role. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: the extra screen time given to Ryan and Esposito this season is so worth it. Hopefully sometime soon he will get his happy ending. What could be more fun than a Castle wedding?

Some other thoughts...

  • Castle asked Beckett if she has remembered anything from the shooting. Her response? No. His face? He clearly doesn’t believe her.
  • If I can find a way to get over Gates constantly being called “sir,” I might be able to admit she is growing on me. I actually enjoyed the scene of her scolding the four of them. Providing a backstory on the new Captain could definitely ease the waters on the fan hatred toward her.
  • So Alexis is joining more things in school to pump up her applications for when she re-applies to Stanford or an other school. Looks like she will be sticking around for some time.
  • Stana Katic has been beautiful since the beginning of the series, but this season, girl looks flawless. Keep it up.
Although the episode wasn’t the best yet, it was a perfect setup for what is sure to come later. The return of 3XK will be amazing and hopefully Castle will be the one to take him down. A solid case, a solid episode. Looks like season four is shaping up to be pretty stellar.
So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Kick the Ballistics” what you expected or were you let down? Are you excited for the return of 3XK? What about Castle kissing another woman on next week's installment?!? Sound off below and don’t forget to check back later for the Castle Round Table. Until next time.


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I really loved this acting and Seamus' acting is always great. More screen time for Ryan and Esposito is always a great thing. I'm glad there was a set-up episode to the 3xK. Even knowing just how awesome Castle writers are I'm glad they didn't jump into this story arc. Its going to be a great story arc. Speaking of which does anyone else think that the 3xK's type is a lot like Ryan's soon to be wife? I was wondering if anyone else thinks that the writers are going to do something involving Jenny and the 3xK?


i don't mind that castle gets clues from talking with his family..makes him more human, makes it seem like castle has a real life. we never see him with other (not police) friends, even though i can't believe a charming man like castle didn't had friends, before he worked with the police. And we never see ryan with his future bride.
i know thats not what the show is about, it just makes the characters seem more like real persons and makes you care about them more => makes you love the show more.


Yes I agree with Peg. Beckett shows so much respect for Castle and seeks him out for advice. He sure is growing up. But the next episode should cancel that! I cant wait to see how Castle will explain kissing that girl . The shock on Esposito and Beckett face was hysterical! I think Beckett better see her shrink again,maybe he can get her on track about relationships. She need to let Castle in and knock that wall down.


I have to say that I am glad that Seamus Deaver was let go from General Hospital a few years back. He was too good for the poor writing his character had been given by former head writer Robert Guza, and if his character hadn't been killed for shooting a mob boss's son in the head, we probably wouldn't be able to watch him on Castle. He was great in Monday's episode, and it is great to see a show that is worthy of him--unlike GH, which at the moment is unworthy of even the worst actor in Hollywood.


Best Scene...
Phillip and Ben. The music. The acting. Amazing!


amazing episode. Seamus nailed his role, from the most subtle expression to the deliverance of his lines. the episode was very good too. the plot wasn't THAT hard to figure, but it was good. but the acting made up for any flaws. it was good to see the growth of Ryan. even though I am all love for Castle and Beckett, it is good to see more screen time of the other amazing actors from this show. ps. tv gods, please give Tamala more time on castle.


Yeah I was kinda proud of Castle myself when he would not bargain with Lee at the end. Now Castle is getting good character development.
When Castle said "your a better cop Kevin", I was like who is Kevin???? ohhhhh Ryan is Kevin lol derrrrrr silly me.
For the Enterprise comment your quite right, Enterprise was based upon the Navy and you call all ranks in the navy Sir be it M/F.
However for a female Police Captain to come into a new posting and demand her officers call her Sir indicates something else..We'll see, it's not like I'm going to stop watching Castle because of it.


love this show they all work so well together can't wait for mondays


I was exploring a central theme for Kick the Ballistics and thought I might be able to share it here. This episode was a very strong one with powerful acting by all, especially by Devers. Hopefully the secondary characters will have more air time, and it seems to be the case. This is a great ensemble team. Also, probably naively, on my part, I like how Castle gets inspiration from home. It is all about partners. In a moment of truth, Rick reveals to his mother Martha his lack of belonging, as a real cop, in his confessing: “I’m not a cop. I like to pretend I’m Beckett’s partner like I’m one of them. I realize I’ve just been play acting.� Then Martha gently utters the motherly words, central to “Kick the Ballistics’� theme: “Be there for your friends. Stand beside them. Work together. That’s plenty useful.� It is all about “bravery and commitment, love and sacrifice,� as Kevin Ryan says at the end. It is about partnership. Kate exhibits support and camaraderie with Ryan when he needs it most. As part of a team effort, Castle doesn’t mind wading, alone, through four years of prison records. The team, all four of them, stands with Ryan when the Captain reams Ryan out. Risking the Captain’s usual, personal put- downs, Castle speaks up for Ryan. Then Kate simply slams the door in protest, as the team, the partners, leave in solidarity with Ryan. Additionally, Esposito risks a serious reprimand in order to stand up with his partner, as they defy orders and proceed in an undercover maneuver to talk with young Ben Lee. It is about partners and trust. At the end of the 4x01 episode, “Rise,� I was happy to hear Castle take a new direction with Kate when he tells her, “That’s what partners are for,� rather than saying “always� when she thanks him for having her back. They are treading on more equal, new territory in their relationship, and this new-found equally plays out in so many ways in the following episodes. In an ultimate show of respect, in the final scene, Kate seeks Castle who is sitting alone on the staircase. Indeed, they are partners, more so than he realized earlier. Partner to partner, Kate explains the deal she is considering, regarding Phillip Lee's information which might lead to 3xk’s capture. Strongly, an equal, Rick says, “No.…Jane deserves justice.� Rising, Rick continues, “We’ll get 3xk and we’ll do it right.� I am reminded of other times when Rick would say something similar to who cares about evidence…it’s a great story. ( the Castle of earlier seasons...on a sugar rush.) Kate then gives Rick the highest compliment she can: “Damn, Castle. Look at you thinking like a real cop.� Proud of him, Kate smiles. Smiling, Castle looks extremely proud, too. While attempting to bolster his fellow partner, Castle, using Ryan's first name to make it personal, reminds Ryan: “You are a better cop, Kevin. “You are a better man because you didn’t send him in there alone. Finally, Castle orchestrates a toast and Esposito dedicates it to his partner, Kevin Ryan. True partnership is summed up by Kevin Ryan when he makes a toast “to bravery and commitment, to love and sacrifice,� a partnership, perhaps of a higher and different order, and dedicates it “to Jane�… who loved.


I really do love the show, the writing and most of the character development, so I feel like I have a right to register a complaint. Most great shows, when they get to this point in their run, tend to either lose some or all of their great initial writers and creators or they get lazy or complacent, taking short cuts in the emotional arcs of the characters or adding new characters or elements without the previous level of care and attention. The new captain is an example of this! The writers either need to spend time and effort to reveal her as more than a one note harpie or they need to write her out! They are also getting lazy about the constant "will they or won't they" with Castle and Beckett - it is starting to get cliched and annoying rather than touching and poignant, which takes more work! I'm in the camp of "it doesn't need to kill the show should they become involved romantically" because it could provide additional tension, comedy and tenderness for the two actors to play!!

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To bravery, to commitment, to love, to sacrifice.