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Community always serves up great holiday episodes, so it came as no surprise that I loved "Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps." Although I will say that Jeff's story was lacking. Was his idea of spooking everyone to wear a hideous Fast and the Furious jacket? I kid, I kid.

Before I go on, a question: who did everyone think would have the only sane psychology test result?

Pulling Their Glocks

I have to say that I missed Chang this week. Well, I missed the old Chang, not that crazy character who was mumbling gibberish from a few weeks ago. His cameo was totally underused. The dean, on the other hand, was awesome in his role as the devil. Will I ever get sick of seeing him in costumes?

Nope. Just like I will never get sick of the bromance between Troy and Abed and their sewn together awesomeness. Knocking out Pierce and making a ham sandwich? Their amazing chemistry as a duo took center stage in more than one of the horror stories.

Even in Pierce's porno-infused dream, Troy and Abed got their gangster on with a nod to Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. I know some people find Pierce to be a crazy, abrasive old man, which sometimes he is, but his story got the biggest laugh out of me. Of course, it included a younger version of himself swilling brandy and getting it on with all the ladies.

I'm surprised Jeff's story didn't include something like that. I'm also surprised that it was Annie's story that had Jeff feeding on a useless Britta and calling her a wench. The love triangle continues to get a little more intense every week. Even with subtle nods, it's obvious Jeff still has the hots for both, and both the girls not only know that but are basically cool with it. You know, until they get into an oily wrestling match again.

I wish we got to see them leave for the party in their individual costumes. I love to see how this group expresses themselves every Halloween. But I guess their horror stories addressed that whole fantasy aspect.

So tell me, were you all surprised that Abed was the only sane one? I'm not. This crew is crazy! How do you think this Halloween edition compared to the past two seasons?

Hit the comments and don't Britta this simple task: check out the best quotes from this spooktacular installment!


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Does anyone know what the song that plays at the end of the episode (horror fiction in seven spooky steps) when they are looking at all the personality tests cleanly layed out on the table. Its directly after the "One hour later." message on the screen. Thanks!


Could somebody please tell me whats the song that plays on the radio during Abed's story? It sounds really awesome!


I thought 'Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps' was the funniest episode so far this season! The stories were great: Britta - uncreative bore-fest Abed - over-explaining and needlessly-technical Annie - seemingly simplistic that becomes twisted grotesque Troy - boyishly silly nonsense Pierce - sexist, racist, and filled with stereotypes Shirley - self-riotous and religiously infused Jeff - coming in at the end to bring everyone back together by putting everything onto Chang My favorite bits: - The reference to last year's 'taco meat'
- Troy loving the imaginary radio music from Abed's story - Vampire Jeff asking Annie to teach him how to read and then going from basic words to Shakespeare's 'King Lear' in no time - The entire Troy story - Gangster Troy looking down at Magnum Pierce and yelling 'Oh My God' before being knocked out by Magnum's unleashed...ummm...'weapon' - Troy's pencil claws - Annie's 'Stay back, psychos. I'll slit your throats and bathe in your blood.' - Annie's scream during Jeff's story - 'Jinx. Double-jinx. Triple-jinx. Ha-ha. Troy and Abed sewn together!' One thing, though. As much as I enjoyed the Dean's various incarnations, the writers/producers really need to give him more to do especially since he's a series regular with main titles cred now. The episode wasn't as perfect as last year's 'Epidemiology,' but at least the characters weren't insanely over-the-top and it had me laughing out loud...a lot.


It was a fun episode. It was what people were clamouring for, a group together. It featured the old school "Jeff Speech" The Dean was used properly. Chang was used properly. There were funny asides and there was great stuff in the Walla. I thought it was okay.
So far, there's really no path to the season. Isolated stand alone episodes. There doesn't have to be a point, but now they all don't seem to be doing ANYTHING but hanging out together. The whole premise, where they're at school, has fallen away. Still, nice to see them all together. NIce to see a piece for everyone. At the end of the day, I liked it.


Good though I also agree that the story structure was very similar to the Remedial Chaos Theory ep. Nice callbacks and continuity. Annie's story was a good parody. Troy and Abed as gangsters, Troy and Abed using telekinesis to cut and eat a sandwhich were hilarious.


It was a good episode but I didn't like the way it all tied up neatly in the end. I LOVED Annie's story because it was the most character driven; she's quickly becoming my favourite. Alison Brie can do anything that the shows asks of her. I could have done with a little less Britta (and Jeff/Britta making out just bores me) because she's a bit OTT at times. Troy & Abed are getting a little boring together so I'm looking forward to when Annie moves in and shakes things up a bit. Shirley needs something other than religion in her life and Pierce is, well, crazy. Some fun stuff and enjoyable but not the best I've seen.


It's no surprise that Abed was the most sane of them all. He's the only one who has insight into own behaviour as well everyone else's. It's unfortunate that the episodes were aired out of order and this was so close to the timeline episode - the structure was a little too similar. BUT it was still an enjoyable episode, even though nowhere up to par with the last two seasons' Halloween episodes. Hard to top the zombies and Abed as Batman. As for the stories - surprise surprise, Pierce's was the most hilarious! Abed's was so practical it was sooo funny. "Why are you singing the whole song? " HAHAHAHA I actually like what they're doing with Britta's character. I actually find Shirley's character more disappointing - they're making her very one-dimensional, which is unfortunate. She has so much more potential.


I loved that Troy wanted to go to the Halloween party because he heard there was going to be taco meat from the army there and also, there was another mention of the fact that Britta lived in New York. They were nice callbacks.


seemed a little too familiar to the alternate timelines ep but pierce and shirleys stories had me in fucking stiches.


I thought it was just okay. I didn’t find much to be that funny, enjoyable, or entertaining. Given the similar premise I wished they didn’t air this and chaos so close together The only things I found funny were Pierce’s story and Abed Story, everything else was just meh…at best
[I know I’ve said it before but I have to say it again] I HATE the character britta has become, its just WAY TOO over the top. I saw the whole “britta could the homicidal one� and the “britta messed up the tests� coming from a mile away
And I think they should have just left the whole “who is crazy and who is not� open, they shouIdnt have told us abed is the sane one.
[And with the whole Britta pulled a “britta,� im not saying they stole it but HIMYM did it before and imo did it better]
Overall 3.5/5

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Britta: I'm turned on by how logical you are.
Abed: I'm comforted by your shiny hair and facial symmetry.

Jeff, one of our friends is deeply disturbed.