Desperate Housewives Review: Where's the Body?

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Was "Witch's Lament" a trick or treat?

For me, it fell somewhere in between. While I had hoped that every episode in this final season would be epic, this installment was a reminder that Desperate Housewives just needs to go out in style. I’ll admit that I’ll miss the residents of Wisteria Lane terribly, but it’s just time for the end of this iconic show.

Don’t get me wrong. There were several funny moments and I appreciated the Halloween theme, but I still feel like the main storyline has been dragged out far too long. Things finally changed slightly tonight, though, when Alejandro’s dead body was.... MISSING!

Return to the Scene of the Crime

Let’s hope that the storyline continues to move forward, and we aren’t given only slight teasers like in the previous five episodes. Who do you think was chasing the girls? And where the heck is Alejandro’s body?!?

(On another note: With flashlights and shovels in hand, the ladies being chased by a mysterious man on Halloween night felt a little too familiar and reminded me of Pretty Little Liars.)

Meanwhile, Susan’s internship experience turned out to be more like a babysitting gig. I’ve got to say I really liked her storyline with Andre. Although Andre is a total jerk, there’s just something intriguing about him. By the way, I loved Susan's Glinda the Good Witch costume and seeing MJ again. How cute was their mother-son robot conversation? Susan's always been such a great parent. 

It was certainly nice to see Renee finally getting a story arc of her own with Ben. The effects of her “woman love fluid” was totally freaky, though, and I completely understood why those trick-or-treaters were scared.

Not to be outdone by Tom’s new girlfriend, Lynette slightly over exaggerated her sewing skills and ended up having to order Penny’s kitten costume. Unfortunately, it was a bit disastrous and definitely inappropriate for Penny’s age. The looks on Jane’s, Tom’s and even Lynette’s face were absolutely hilarious.

I’m biting the bullet and admitting that I kind of like Jane. I do still hope that Tom and Lynette eventually find their way back together by the series end, but Jane doesn’t seem all too bad... yet. I mean, she did cover up for Lynette and even tried to be cordial. Then again, I do understand why Lynette asked her to back off in pursuing Tom. What would you like to see happen?  

My favorite scene and probably the funniest was when Bree and Gaby were frog hunting. Like Gaby, I definitely would have had trouble staying calm throughout the whole gross frog ordeal. Honestly, I am deathly afraid of bugs, too, so I know I would have been screaming just like her. Also, how is it that Gaby always looks so fabulous? It really doesn’t matter if she’s in the woods or in a swamp. The girl always looks seamlessly perfect.

Carlos continued to slip and sought alcohol for comfort after seeing Alejandro at his doorstep. Creepy! I hope that he decides to return to AA, or at least talks to Gaby about what’s going on with him. His downward spiral is beginning to look tragic.

"Witch's Lament" was hilarious at times, a fun and spooky Halloween-themed hour. I’m so ready, however, to find out where Alejandro’s body is and what’s going to happen next. Let's move on.


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I love Desperate Housewives! It's one of my favorite shows! It will be sad to see the final episode! I love the women on the show! They are so funny and make me laugh! I can relate to all of them!


I think I am Team Jane here :) I love Andrea Parker!


I agree with c...the only exciting part of this episode was when Carlos saw Alejandro's ghost. I jumped out of my seat literally. Those are the scenes I miss from this series. And the Jane and Tom thing..I understand why Tom wants to move on but I'll be really disappointed if Tom and Lynnette don't reconcile by the end of the season.

Andy caldas

Great as always!


I think.. Carlos dug the body :C remembered... He can't remembered if he was drunk! :C


Penny's costume scene was hilarious. I want Tom with Jane. The kids being sacred of Renee's bulbous face was funny. Susan versus Andre is Cynicism vs Idealism. PLL does running through woods at night better.


i think Renee was my favorite in this episode! She deserves storylines like these!! i was laughing my ass off when the kids were screaming at Renee's face.
i actually liked all of them in this epi, even Susan.


I know I liek fairy tale endings
I actually like Tom's new JANE>>> Miss Lynette always has seen a bit too bossy ane put Lynette first.. just like my cousin also named Miss Lynette...
never cared for Miss Susan /Terri HAtcher in my opinion overrated along with Dana Delaney and Julia Roberts.. respect my opinions I do yours... I've enjoyed the guest stars on DHW,, like Misses Polly Bergen Dixie Carter Lesley Anne Warren Lupe Ontiveros Laurie Metcalf Shirley Knight etc.
Bree is okay and so is GABE>>> but what gives with go Miss Cecilia
enough said... ILike the guys on the show better than thee women maybewe can have a spinoff of the guys with their love interests ?? HAUNTIN HALLOWEEN everybody


Renee was adorable and her story line lol funny. Susan and MJ scene was genuinely happy. Maybe mike moved the body is a good thought...he was out of the picture last night. I vote no tragic end for Carlos. Like a kid, I'm happy when mom and dad are happy. The plots have always been soap operaish and satiracle and a great vehicle for Mary Alice's pearls of wisdom and mirth about life love and relationships. Think these ladies are all skilled, excellent actors and I will mss their characters.


I am willing to bet it was Mike that moved the body. Remember he was approached by Ben to take part in the project so I am thinking he knew where the development was going to be built and although they didn't show Susan and Carlos telling Mike exactly where the body was burried I am sure he asked or they told him.

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