Family Guy Review: The Story of Brenda Q

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Family Guy was very strange was awfully strange this week. Not strange in the incoherent sense that Family Guy often tends to be, strange in that "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q" felt like it was trying to tell a morality tale in a twisted fashion.

That isn't the craven Family Guy most of us know and love, is it?

Quagmire, Peter and Joe

"Screams of Silence" mainly centered on the return of Quagmire’s sister, Brenda, who is still with her abusive boyfriend, Jeff. With the episode focused on such a dark, tragic theme - with moments of harrowing beating in between, no less - I was afraid that Family Guy would go too far with its jokes. Fortunately, it didn’t. At least not to me. But it did take the alternate route of simply not being very funny.

They could have made such a smart, satirical episode that seriously addressed the issue of domestic abuse. Was that too much to expect from a sitcom like Family Guy?  Perhaps. But then what’s the point in creating an episode revolving entirely around that topic? Without the irony, without the light-heartedness, it just became a depressing half hour that put me on edge.

It was nice to see some resolution with Brenda’s storyline, and refreshing to witness Quagmire take a protective attitude towards his beloved sister. While it was kind of awesome that he ended up killing Jeff, the last scene with Jeff’s “farewell letter” left a bitter taste in my mouth. Must Family Guy resort to poor jokes just to conclude the episode on a lighter note?

I appreciated the effort, but the writers failed to master the balance of real issues with real humor this week. What did you think? Browse through the few winning Family Guy quotes of the night now.


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Thank you for ltietng me share my story Brenda!! I truly appreciate the awareness you want to bring to Teen Domestic Violence!!!!


The resolution was the best part of this episode you have to admit! Killing someon will fix everythin! And will set a good example for those who dare to even try touching their wifes! Yes, why do we have prisons in the first place?? Everyone who is doing evil, bad stuff against the LAW should be shoot right away - PROBLEMS solved. It is only natural too kill disfuntional members of society and keeping those dangerous elements around, alive or even with the possibility to get back to the normal life of us folks is just sick and bound to be a disaster in the making! KILLING WIFE BEATERS IS THE ONLY WAY! Family Guy is on the right track there. Such monsters shouldn't life, they lost their right to breath the moment they start beating women! Everyone who says otherwise may be a potential wife beater, too. So look out for them! (Shooting them would be a heros act!) BEST EPISODE IN A LONG TIME! So long, peace!!!


I liked it and I didn't like it... I liked that it adressed an important issue but I didn't expect it form family guy... I wonder if something behind the sceens happen that had them start making such dark episodes


I was TOTALLY disgusted with this episode...there have been some seriously questionable moments, every rape joke, the Down Syndrome song, the episodes about Meg and her varying eating disorders/self abuse issues, and I still watched (because it can be genuinely funny, I admit). This, however, was horrendous, not entertaining or enlightening (as has been suggested.) It spends a half hour blaming the victim for her predicament and then goes on to suggest she's 'garbage'. Are you kidding me, Family Guy?


I personally liked this episode, I'm sure it wasn't meant to be offensive at all. It made me have a new respect for Quagmire.


This is probably the most morbid episode of Family Guy that I've ever seen. That ending just before the letter actually caused a chill to go down my spine because the light-hearted family guy that I'm fairly sure most of us have come to love actually murdered someone in one of the most obscene, destructive, visually vivid way.
I'm kind of in the air about this episode, but I most certainly agree with Jared that this episode was a great Public Service Announcement and brings to light an issue that doesn't normally come up, not even in a more "trust worthy" setting like discussions with someone that a person could trust. What a dark episode this was...


Honestly, I appreciate this episode mainly for Quagmire's speech during the intervention. Throughout the years, Quagmire has had this reputation of being a character based on using women for sex and creating dark humor around it. This one, although less funny, tackled the issue of domestic violence and made Quagmire more likable. At least this episode took a stance on an issue, unlike the previous episode....I'm not exactly sure why the previous episode even happened.


Only people who do not anyone who is in a abusive relationship would get offended by this episode! Seth should apologize for trying to make Family Guy reflect what domestic violence really is. PLAIN STUPID. When Peter asked for the name of the baby and suggested slappy that was the highlight. If your man can beat you, your man can beat surely beat your baby! Your man can surely teach your baby how to beat his own mother too and eventually his own wife! Domestic Violence isn't a joke. And there is no way to make it funny. This episode beat the hell out of every mindless stupid American who was eager waiting for another mindless episode of Family Guy.


yes...iraq lobster was epic. made it totally worth it! "death to america....and butter sauce...dont boil me....Im still alive...iraq lobster....IRAK LOBSTA!!!!


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Lois:Oh my god, not that guy. Isn't he the one that beats her?
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