Family Guy Review: The Story of Brenda Q

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Family Guy was very strange was awfully strange this week. Not strange in the incoherent sense that Family Guy often tends to be, strange in that "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q" felt like it was trying to tell a morality tale in a twisted fashion.

That isn't the craven Family Guy most of us know and love, is it?

Quagmire, Peter and Joe

"Screams of Silence" mainly centered on the return of Quagmire’s sister, Brenda, who is still with her abusive boyfriend, Jeff. With the episode focused on such a dark, tragic theme - with moments of harrowing beating in between, no less - I was afraid that Family Guy would go too far with its jokes. Fortunately, it didn’t. At least not to me. But it did take the alternate route of simply not being very funny.

They could have made such a smart, satirical episode that seriously addressed the issue of domestic abuse. Was that too much to expect from a sitcom like Family Guy?  Perhaps. But then what’s the point in creating an episode revolving entirely around that topic? Without the irony, without the light-heartedness, it just became a depressing half hour that put me on edge.

It was nice to see some resolution with Brenda’s storyline, and refreshing to witness Quagmire take a protective attitude towards his beloved sister. While it was kind of awesome that he ended up killing Jeff, the last scene with Jeff’s “farewell letter” left a bitter taste in my mouth. Must Family Guy resort to poor jokes just to conclude the episode on a lighter note?

I appreciated the effort, but the writers failed to master the balance of real issues with real humor this week. What did you think? Browse through the few winning Family Guy quotes of the night now.


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i think this new season of Family Guy is becoming to serious and a lot of bad jokes, i mean this episode is more drama and less fun, but a crapy drama, and what was that "joke" about the portugueses?? that wasn't funny, was comedy bullshit, but whatever.. I love this show, but i'm getting a little disappointed. I don´t know what Seth is trying to do, but he needs to change the "idea" for the next episodes or Family Guy will be ruined.


Jared? That episode seahorse seashell party sucked HUGE BALLS.Dont you agree with me that that episode was SHIT?


I thought that it was really good. Peter was obviously there for comedic relief when parts got too suspenseful, or too depressing. You also have to think about the relation to the whole season in general. This season in particular has been so far very, very serious. I mean last episode talked about how Meg was constantly ganged up on by her family, and Brian's bad trip. I feel that it's a reflection on the implications that the show's audience is predominantly young people (some very impressionable and young as middle schoolers) could be influenced by the show's lack of sympathy toward bad things (ie. drug use, emotional, physical, abuse.) Possibly this episode and last episode are used to highlight those issues. It's easy to criticize. But maybe this episode is good because it highlights the douchebags who may watch the program. I think that it's good that their utilizing their program to get to people who would otherwise not understand/receive this type of Public Service Announcement to get it.


I hate to say it but here's where the Family Guy Griffin family members are currently each at in their lives:
Peter - lottery-hungry MORON
Lois - MAN-HUNGRY housewife
Meg - fed-up punching bag
Chris - emotionally repressed teenage dude
Stewie - emotionally losing his edge
Brian - emotionally losing his wit/charm that made him/kept him SO VERY REAL
Agree with me or disagree with me. But, I have to call 'em like I see 'em. Peace-Out.


Does anybody think they should bring back the older characters from seasons one and two? Peter-retarded but at least had a little common sense and actually cared about his family and friends as well as a good dad. Lois-caring kind and generous as well as a good mom. Chris-average teenage boy Meg-average teenage girl Stewie-evil baby who wanted to kill his mother and take over the world all the time. Brian-smartass dog who would always have smart things to say when stupid things would happen.


I can understand if the writers wanted to get a message across about domestic violence. However, in the realm of family guy, the subtle jokes along with the graphic detail made more more uncomfortable and offended rather than entertained. There was no positive resolution to this episode and it had me wonder how sick and twisted were the writers for ending the episode in such a nonchalant fashion. In terms of addressing social problems; if you want to be serious then be serious, you can't just kill people to take care of the problem at large. What kind of message is that?


Long story short: The media and even Congress, are TERRIBLE judges of what comic sattires may or may not be construed as being "inappropriate". ***I will concede the point this auther made here, concerning the mixture of humor and story. It is Family Guy's business to ensure that the humor is first. Though at times some of us will watch the show to actually hear a message ............ by and large we all want the laugh more!! So to the writers I'll gladly join in and say: "Tsk Tsk!" But that's where my criticism ends. Love the show. Still do! Doubt that will change! I hope for the rest of it's fans this sentiment is shared (at least in part)!!


I think the media makes too much of this simply for ratings. Criticism of comic sattire is baseless really except in rare instances (like when Margeret Cho made a remark about the scents of certain body areas on Pres. Bush's daughter and wife). Rated R and even PG13 movies depict FAR worse than this, unfortunately. And, although, I do agree with anyone who thinks Family Guy and other shows on TV should be required to tone it down (A LOT), I must defend Family Guy for their portrayal of this, because there are MANY American citizens who look at women in our lives, who happen to be in bad relationships and criticize them. I know a wonderful woman who is in a extremely terrible relationship with an abusive man, who beats her and their son, but my bestfriend and I are certain she's going to stay with them. Nothing we say or do influences her decision, so all we can do is respect her decision ............ Even though we both agree it's the STUPIDEST thing she could do. Because her son is learning his ways (ie. the last time I saw them he had him try to steal money out of my clothes while I was in the swimming pool ... luckily I saw it coming and had the money in my swim trunks). Is it sad? Yes. But it's also stupid, because of the lives that will be affected by this man, and possibly this child when he grows up, should he decide to be more like his father than his kind, loving mother and grandmother! (even this man's family don't understand how he's still in their lives)


To begin with...Allen, dude, I also was very offended by the recent 10/30/2011 episode of Family Guy. Also, I am NOT that easily offended. Furthermore, it takes A LOT to offend me. Allen, Seth MacFarlane should know better!!!!! What in the HELL was Seth thinking????? Usually, Seth splits up the characters in pairs and puts them each in different storyline arcs or whatever (episode-wise). This time around, Seth (and the writers) went about it all WRONG!!!!! Seth, however, has done (on occasion) an episode focusing on 1 storyline that actually WORKS. Remember the episode Brian and Stewie? That was the one where Brian and Stewie were accidentally locked in that bank vault overnight. To me, that episode WORKED because it was honest, poignant, and (most of all) REAL!!!!! And, at the end of that episode, Brian and Stewie truly bonded and became closer. Seth, the 10/30/2011 episode was NOT one of your better episodes. Do better next time. That's all I ask. Thank you. Peace-Out. P.S.-I hope that everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!



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