Family Guy Review: "Seahorse Seashell Party"

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Thanks to American Dad's triple cross-over with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for its hurricane-themed episode this week, I was excited to see what the former would do with "Seahorse Seashell Party."

Although I knew that the episode was going to be a normal installment, I still harbored some hope that other characters from the of Seth MacFarlane would make an appearance.  Alas, it was not to be, and the half hour felt quite disjointed as a result.

High Brian

With Quahog besieged by the hurricane, Brian ate some shrooms while Meg decided to finally stand up for herself. Brian’s storyline would have been far more interesting if Stewie had digested some shrooms, too. Instead, Brian’s disgusting trip down the drug-induced rabbit hole ended up with Stewie stitching his dog’s ears back up and soothing him as he came down from his high.

The second plotline involved Meg laying into her family about her constant mistreatment. Was it a long time coming? Heck, yes. Was it eloquent? Yes. Was it contrived and uninteresting? Yes. 

While Meg has always been an undeveloped character and the Griffin family’s punching bag, it made no sense for her to confront her family so suddenly. Her speech almost made too much sense to make an impact at all. 

Although it was gratifying to see the family collapse under her attacks, Meg’s “epiphany” that she was the lightning rod for negativity also felt contrived. Why should Meg go back to being exactly as she was? It would be far more interesting to see Family Guy deal with the consequences of their actions towards Meg and move forward. Status quo can be boring.

There was one shining fourth wall moment that made the sitcom priceless tonight, however, saving the show. "Stewie Just Said That" was trending on Twitter just as Stewie announced that it was trending on Twitter! You are a true Internet star, Stewie Griffin. And, with that, enjoy these Family Guy quotes from the episode!


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I am a long time Family Guy fan. and it ranked up there with Southpark and Futerama. However, this was an extremely disappointing family guy for me, perhaps a bit worse then other episodes out there as it was so obvious that very little effort went into making the show funny or interesting at all. It was almost insulting with how bad this episode was. It looked like they just slapped the hurricane bit in there on the side for the sake of it when they could have had interaction with characters from American Dad and The Cleveland show, whom were a part of the hurricane theme, which could have added innovation and would have been extremely entertaining. The show focus for this was on Meg. Meg is actually a character I’ve grown to somewhat like the past season or so because they have started to actually DO something with the character. Meg has always been the beat on character for family guy and it’s actually started to turn me against the family as a whole because it is growing to be a little –too- standard and predictable. Its turning from funny to just disgusting with exactly how brutal they are to a growingly likeable character. That they try to force the character to stay in norms just so they can have a beat stick seems not only tacky and lazy, but makes the show as a whole harder to watch. I think the blowup really was based on ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, where it was just one joke too many. Meg’s confrontation with the family was due to happen and they chose this show… though I also agree that they could have done it in a MUCH better setting with a far larger and more blatant disregard on Meg. Its not like there hasn’t been others. As for the ‘reset to norm’, it just did not work. This could have easily been a very good episode. The blowup with Meg and the family was due to happen, and was important character development for that character… then they strip it away with a lame excuse that truly did feel like a ‘reset to norm’ button with a contrived enlightenment. Brian calling it adult was just… a slapped on excuse. This could have very easily been a truly great episode with her development, and the family’s rejection and eventual acceptance. Another way I could have seen this going is after her blowup, and the family’s dysfunction, is that after Brian went to talk to her, she could have accepted her blowout and gone upstairs, and then faced the family a second time with maybe being gentler and calling him a good dad because he is trying but he is going to have to accept that he isn’t her punching bag. Then maybe hugging him and helping him ‘get out of the closet’ as it where. They could have used this as a shift in the family which would have opened doors for more development for the other characters as well. Their ‘back to norm’ shift was contrived, disappointing and a very sad turn as a whole for the episode that just left the viewer (Me as well as others from what I’ve read) feeling disjointed and disappointed as a whole, bringing the rest of the episode down with it. As for the side focus of Brian’s trip. Perhaps one of the better points of this episode was the drug trip. It was good animation which I think others may enjoy even though I found it difficult to watch. I could definitely see some of those images from the trip being stickers for book bags or something though I cant help but feel I’ve seen the whole trip or something similar from another show or movie before. Due to the huge disappointment from the main plot, this was cast into being the one thing that came close to being watchable. The ‘Stewie just said that’ went down the route of tacky like the ‘Woody Woodpecker’ thing they once tried to do with Quagmire, but with Quagmire they had a bit more success, and even that was bad. It jolted one out of the episode and in itself felt like a forced joke slapped in there, though it seems it was poking fun at itself with how people seem to like to quote Stewie constantly. So that bit could be forgiven if the rest of the episode was good… But it wasn’t. So it seems the ‘bad trip’ which wasn’t personally enjoyable was the only saving point of the entire episode due to the good animation. This is a pity because there are lots of ways that they could have made the episode work… but it felt like the effort just wasn’t done. Perhaps the producers were distracted and just felt like slapping something together. Family guy was good for it’s quirky story-lines, random slap-stick thrown in humor and pokes at pop culture and public figures. It has had character development for all characters through the seasons. I have some hope that proceeding episodes –will- get better due to the previews being shown… but if it turns out to be a disappointment with an obviously slapped together episode with little finesse or caring, then I’m going to have to bid Family Guy goodbye and go to shows where writers and producers put more care into their work.


Huge Family Guy fan here. I have enjoyed literally every episode until Season 8. The show took a major wrong turn. It was evident in the Empires Strikes Back parody- better graphics than Star Wars, but nowhere near as funny. This is a predictable result of many seasons of success in the show, and now the writers are trying to outdo themselves via more vulgarity (the unfunny kind), elevated themes, and making the characters 3-dimensional. Sorry, but the show is far funnier with 2-dimensional characters. Listening to Meg erupt about her feelings of neglect and mistreatment was BORING and stupid. This show has lost its one-liners & juvenile jokes, cut-aways, and simple stories which are easy and fun to watch. Simply put- it takes patient effort by the writers and effective oversight/editing to make the show funny. They have substituted that for newer, sharper animation (NOT NEEDED) and special effects. BAD MOVE. I don't even recognize the personalities of the characters anymore. Clearly, it's a lack of interest by the writers and creators. The Simpsons have the same...and Southpark looked like it was headed that way, but it seemed to have corrected itself- thank god. In my opinion, FG is past the point of no return. RIP Family Guy. Thank you for the first 7 seasons- priceless hilarity.


Wow , I feel the whole show had been written by one person , and they spent the budget on the new animation or more frames of it . It did not even have the feel of Family Guy , three stories in one ,and became to real or self conscious I guess. We saw a real and obvious moral stand on behalf of the character Meg , It actually turned me off the Family itself by stating the obvious the Family is messed up we know that ,the constant outside cut away scenes to show the house in a storm where total filler ,pretty obvious that the writers where drawing a blank with where to go with this , I would have taken the story a bit further maybe some background flash backs of each character to why they treat Meg like this if you where going to make it a show about how the Family treat Meg Like crap you had a great chance to show each members perspective to her.... there are your three story arcs right there!that's . The whole idea of the show is based on the Family being messed up, it something that the show has been getting away with until now ...right? Anyway's what done is done, will be still watching .


Wow...all I have to say is wow. I have never been so insulted by anything on television as much as I have been by Seth McFarlane and the producers on what was once a cutting edge comedic show. And also once my favorite show I might add. I'm not insulted by the crude humor or subject manor. I'm insulted as a viewer that Seth McFarlane thinks this passes as...well as anything. Was this past episode anything? Was there really anything remotely funny about it? Have we all just fallen into a void where if it's family guy it's funny regardless and laugh even though we know damn well it's not!? I guess it's McFarlane whos laughing who gets paid well for this. That even insults me more. Ive watched this show since the beginning and have loved it in the past but I'm actually sad to say I'm done with it. It's become a train wreck. Actually It's not even worthy of calling it a train wreck. it's become nothing. Just waiting for the day an episode airs thats just 22 minutes of Peter sitting in a chair breathing. Wouldn't even have to animate it.


And I bet the peter fans lois fans chris fans meg fans stewie fans and brian fans are pissed off about the character changes.Brian fans especially.And Im really hoping somebody gives Lois a massive beatdown.Shes such an asshole in the new family guy.ok and I know its a cartoon but I liked Lois better when she was caring.


And I bet the peter fans lois fans chris fans meg fans stewie fans and brian fans are pissed off about the character changes.Brian fans especially.And Im really hoping somebody gives Lois a massive beatdown.Shes such an asshole in the new family guy.ok and I know its a cartoon but I liked Lis better when she was caring.


That was just painful to watch. I find that the episodes that focus around drugs/booze just don't turn out very well, and this was certainly no exception. It seemed as if this episode went on forever, but never actually went anywhere. I can only give this episode a (very generous) 1 star.
I don't mind the characters changing, actually. Something tells me that if we watched the same Peter, Lois, Stewie, etc. as we did 10 years ago, we'd also be desperate for growth in the characters. Besides, the "new", gay Stewie has provided some of the funniest lines in this show the last few seasons, which overall have been very mediocre.


Thats right! MEG Had a right to lash out at her family for treating her like dirt! THEY DESERVED IT FOR what they put her through! And Brian was very supportive of her as well! Meg is a very popular character and you shouldn't bash her-SHe is a beautiful, mature, independent, lovely, and intelligent young lady and if you guys arent down with that I got two words for ya; SUCK IT!


People keep saying that the character changes are horrible.Peter went from a retard who had sense into a brain dead retard.Lois went from a caring mother into some mean careless bitch.And I know its just a cartoon.Chris went from teenage boy into a retard.Meg went from teenage girl into everyones bitch.Stewie went from an evil baby into a faggot.And Brian went from a smart-ass into a religion bashing atheist.Seth Macfarlane was a complete idiot for fucking up the characters and he needs to change them back.


It would have been great if Meg kept her mouth shut and went back to being a plain old teenage girl and no longer became the punching bag anymore and Lois went back to her carimg ways and peter went back to the retard who actually had sense and chris went back to a plain old teenage boy and not some retard.

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