Grey's Anatomy Review: Love, Loss, Legacy, Penis Transplants

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A crazy surgery? Check. Extended family showing up? Check. Emotional stress? Check.

It's pretty clear that Grey’s Anatomy has stepped its game back up and is on a roll with Season 8. From Zola being admitted to the penis transplant, "Love, Loss and Legacy” brought the show's A game. So sit back and relax; time to dig in.

Mark Speaks Up

Catherine Jackson. Well, well. It is nice to meet the lady who produced the man with the gorgeous eyes. Debbie Allen stepped in front of the camera to guest star as Jackson’s mother. The sometimes GA director made quite the appearance, bringing with her a penis transplant and her meddling ways. Jackson was sweet to send Lexie away while his mother came to town (of course we know this is because Chyler Leigh is taking some time off) but how great would it have been to see Momma Avery go toe to toe with Little Grey? Lexie’s blink and you miss it appearance had me so blindsided I almost missed the few lines she said. Although, I was able to admire her hot haircut. Seriously, girl is rocking those bangs.

Baby Girl Zola. MerDer’s daughter Zola was admitted for a bowel obstruction and stirred up plenty of feelings for the docs. Alex did the right thing by his friend by telling Meredith and Derek that their girl was in the building. Great performance by Ellen Pompeo with her emotional breakdown. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the show's golden couple having the baby, this episode may have changed my mind. Here is hoping that things can be worked out for the family.

Who else noticed Owen’s reaction watching Cristina with Zola? She was great with her, but this is just a reminder to Owen that this is not in their future. Will he be able to stick around for the long haul?

Kep and Karev

McDreamy? More like McJerk. TV Fanatics have been coming out in force that Derek is no longer the guy we all fell in love with and Meredith should leave him. I have been hoping he would come around, but even I have to admit, his attitude is getting old. Derek admitted to not being able to forgive Meredith to Owen. He needs to get it together before us viewers are unable to forgive him. First step forward? Singing to Zola over the phone. Loved it.

Relationship Drama. So Jackson admits (sort of) that he is love with Lexie. Within one visit, Catherine was able to pick up on Sloan’s feelings... so is Jackson oblivious or just pretending to be? Bailey broke up with Nurse Eli and Ben is still waiting for her. What’s a girl to do??

Owen, Callie
Side Notes...
  • Sloan has really come around for Jackson. Icing on the cake? Slapping him on the butt when sending him into competition.
  • Who else predicted the winner of the competition to scrub in? Meredith is a natural and Jackson is the Gunther.
  • Bailey - time to forgive Meredith. Or at least let her in on your trial so we can enjoy some funny scenes between the two of you.
  • Anyone else feel that Callie is being underused these season so far?
Really loved the nods to the old Grey’s Anatomy. We had the boys talking in the staircase (Hello! Haven’t seen this part of the hospital since Burke was around!) Meredith and Derek had an elevator scene (instantly “How To Save A Life” played in my head) - and people went back to Joe’s Bar!! The locale has definitely been missed and needs to come back in a big way.
Cal-zona Image
Overall, a pretty solid episode. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Is Derek’s ways getting old? Do you want to see more of Catherine? How about that penis transplant? Sound off below and let us know what you thought of “Love, Loss, & Legacy.” And remember to see what next week's installment is all about and then check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Until next week...


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You know if You dont like the show dont watch it.write your own.all you people do is whin.And bitch all the time.Time have changed people have also.No matter who she brings on or what she writes none of you whiney babies going to like it.So the best thing for the ones who dont like the show dont watch it.There are plenty of other shows on. Just grow up.I have watched this show form the being and still is watching it. I might not like every ep but i still watch it and dont sit back and write in and complain about it.I can always watch something else.I chose not to.Some of you people need to get a life its just tv.

Jesse james

Loved this episode and the show.
I miss Lexie though, deff wanna see more of her.
Maybe some Meredith and Lexie bonding?
When will Alex find someone? He looks so sad all the time.
Christina & Owen are always amazing.
I wish Derek would stop being a douche...but I get that you cant just get over something when you're upset, it takes time....I so hope they get Zola back, that way we can Meredith being a Momma and hopefully a better one than hers was.
Any crossovers this season?


hi, what's the name of the song which we can hear at the moment when Bailey talks to dr Warren?
thank u for ur help!
greetings from Poland :)


When is Chyler going back to the show? I miss her and her stuttering. :) Why couldn't Avery just say yes when his mom asked him if he was in love with Lexie? If he didn't want further conversation, he could have said "yes" but that was all he was gonna say about it. I also think it's kinda douche-y for him to ship Lexie off. Mark would never do such a thing! It's kinda tiring to keep waiting for Mark and Lexie to happen again. I love them but it's getting really annoying. Mark-Lexie-Jackson story line just isn't cutting it. Poor Kepner! haha!


who sings the song at the end of the lastest episode of grey's anatomy


And I forgot, interestingly enough Karev was among the last three for the test to scrub in... Teddy and clarity...funny. Derek is not a jerk btw... He deserves the right to be angry, mad and unforgiving... What Meredith did screwed him, BIG TIME ! the why she did it is understandable, but it's done, she DID screw up. so give the man a break already! He is still with her isn't he?! even though, yes, something died between the two, he is still there. Dr Avery Mom arranging a date for Kepner, lool. I cannot wait to see her a bit more in the future. Liked her in So you think you can dance.


Mark sooooooooo funny, full force in this episode !!!!! "I'm all for standing up for the Johnson" gosh that made ma laugh ! And Debbie, fresh air let me tell ya! I loved her ! Poor Jackson, but he too was funny, "smuggling Lexie across state". The way Debbie spoke inspired me, that voice of hers is just AMAZIIIIIING ! Robert Hoffman was fun. Poor Kepner...her sexuality put on display like that in the OR, JUST LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL looking at the penis "like it's gonna bite her" lol. And her mistake zith the dorsal vein...what is wrong with her; she sucks(no pun intended) AAAAnd Bailey...girl problems 'using a man like a play thing very often and enthusiastically" ...with poor Henry stuck between Eli and Bailey guess she'll go back to Ben soon... And Zola... KArev was right to tell Mer and Der but he was wrong... this jeopardized their chances...
All in all, I loved the episode


Stop making Derek such a jerk! He comforts Meredith and then can't look at her. If he didn't leave the house, then they may not have lost Zola so it is his fault as well. Takes 2 to tango. Its a stupid trial and he wouldn't have found a cure in Mer's lifetime. Be Real!! I want McDreamy back or Mer should dump his whiny, smug judgemental ass. Could care less about Jackson or his mother. Why couldn't they bring the Shepherd or Karev family in. Stop shoving April and Jacson in the center of things. Focus on the main characters and you might get ratings back before it is too late!


Loved Catherine! She was a force of nature and would love to see her again. As for MerDer, every couple has to have some angst which usually means a health scare, affair or problems at work. We've had the health scares with other couples and I really don't want to see an affair with MerDer so....we have what we have. Derek has every right to be angry as the consequences of her actions were foreseeable. Her desire to help her 'dad' is admirable but she hurt her husband and potential benefactors of the trial in the process. My guess is the old Mer will emerge before Der gets over it and we'll be on this carousel for awhile. I've enjoyed this season so far but they're going to need to shake things up which may prove to be challenging because they have so many established couples.


Mark deserves better. What has Lexie done that is so wrong that mark Deserves better? Seriously and the reason mark is still pining is because more than likely they are getting back together this season. Also he loves her of course he's going to say nice things about her. also the age difference, again, serious. this is 2011 right? Mark/Lexie age gap for why they shouldn't be together is so overused and over played can we please hear another tune. SSDD

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