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With strong delusions of adequacy, "Sins of the Father" offered us the conclusion to the three-episode story of Eric Sanders murder trial.

I so called it on Roseanna Remmick! Not that I should be happy because that means the show has gone into cookie-cutter and predictable mode. 

When she walked in and a defense witness was sitting alone in her office I knew we had taken our final step into the realm of her being insane. What District Attorney is going to interview a defense witness without defense counsel (or some other lawyer) being there? Oh, that's right, the one that wants to witness tamper (sigh).

Korn in Court

On the flipside of the coin from unrealistic, predictable, writing, we have the fine nuances that are needed to write a scene to appropriately use (and explain) gallows humor. As usual, Molina was brilliant, from telling the joke about the tigers to when he was having dinner with Harry in her office the night before he took the stand.

If you didn’t catch Molina explaining it: gallows humor is a type of humor that still manages to be funny in the face of, and in response to, a hopeless situation. You know, much like my reviews of Harry’s Law this season.

Honestly, given the changes, was anyone really surprised with how the trial ended? That after three full episodes dealing with the Eric Sanders case, it ended with a summary dismissal instead of Harry using her charms to convince the jury that Eric was innocent?

Watching Bethany walk out at the end of the episode cinched it for me. I miss witty Harry. I miss energetic Adam. I even miss arrogant Tommy and cute but annoying Jenna. Season One Harry would have never taken this long to figure out who was the real criminal.  

For the record, I don’t need to see anymore scenery of Cincinnati, slow walks with music, or montages of trials in the court room. Come on, Mr. Kelly, I asked you to get off your soapbox about the legal system. Stop recycling old LA Law and Boston Legal ideas.

Given the ratings drop from last year and from the premiere to last week, I’m certainly not alone. I wonder how long NBC is going to ride along with these changes before it pulls the plug on the show.

That being said, because this was the last part of a three-part arc (that started with the new format), I’m trying my best to reserve any lasting judgments until after next week's episode to see how Harry and her team do with a new case.  

Here is hoping that next week brings us back a little of the show we all loved!


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I was totally confused by the ending. What was the daughter implying? Who may have molested her? Mother? Father? Both? Neither? Will we ever find out if she's going to stand trial for murdering her mother? I would appreciate some answers to these questions. Thanks.


personally i love the season thus far and i love the changes i.e. the foolishness w/adams ex made me crazy as well as the dating between jenna & whats his face; it was 2 soon to start any romances...i was confused about what the daughter was saying at the end; was she implying her father molested her? the actress that played the prosecutor was hilarious and brilliant; i remember her from designing women...overall LOVE IT!


I thought Harry' Law was great! Yes, three weeks was long, but what an ending.
I am a fan of Jean Smart and was amazed at her role. She was, of course, great.
I DO MISS the actors from last season and would love to see them back. We want to see more of our "shoe girl" too.
I have to say I was never a big fan of Kathy Bates, but she has won me over in this. I really liked seeing her in a bright light color in that one scene.
Keep up the good work!!


I'm from Cincinnati and anyone else who is will understand this: did anyone draw a strange connection between this story and the Ryan Widmer case. Is it coincidental that both wives died in the bathtub? Is it coincidental that Ryan Widmer once got off on juror misconduct and Eric Sanders got off on prosecutorial misconduct? Just some things I was thinking about while these three episodes were on.


I love the show and the cast, it is entertainment for goodness sake! It is one of the better shows on. Reality programming is the pits and to be honest I like the new format - was getting tired of the shoe store/office front and as "Harry" wins more cases it stand to reason that she would increase her staff and move her location, that is what "real" lawyers do.


I absolutely loved seeing Jean Smart up against Kathy Bates..my only hope was to see Kathy Bates come at the game with more teeth than they allowed for her character.
I was SO sad to see that they played out Jean Smart's character vs. adding her to the show's line up. NBC missed BIG on this one. Playing opposite Kathy Bates would have been a great move long term.
Perhaps they can bring her back on a "they could not really prove anything...who were they going to believe?" stint.


You need to get off your soapbox, and realize that this is a legal show! His scripts are amazing, and it's good TV as oppose to the crappy reality shows that have taken over. The problem with reality is nobody is responsible for writing so you can't tear them apart! The show was moved from Monday to Wednesday with a new time, give the viewer a chance to find Harry's Law. You can go back to the whatever "Housewives" show you prefer and have your brainless TV


I watched three episodes of the 2nd season and I can tell you that there is no chemistry with the characters. I like Ollie and Harry - that is about it. Sorry, the rest of the characters will have to be re-tooled or replaced.


Actually the rating went up last night from the first two episodes.


I so agree. I am getting very scared that Harry's law will be cancelled BECAUSE the changes this season ruined the show. The show was doing well.. why on earth with Kelly mess with it?? I too miss witty Harry. The way Adam was. The shoe store. COME ON... moving the show to a larger firm to bring in bigger cases in one thing.. killing the soul of a show that was working is nut. I am going to hang in there... but they have to pull back a bit and throw more of last season in. I can only hope the "powers that be" at Harry's Law are looking at the ratings, reading reviews like this and retooling for any episodes not shot yet. Please!

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