Hawaii Five-O Review: "Mea Makamae"

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Mea Makamae: precious object, treasure.

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, the team must uncover what "Mea Makamae" a salvage diver was going after that got him killed.

The episode offered an impressive list of guest starts, most notably Patty Duke and Peter Fonda. The former was great in her portrayal of Sylvia Spencer, and although the latter didn't receive a great deal of screen time, he still made an impression as Jesse Billings.

A Hawaiian Salute

I did have one main problem with the Princesa treasure story. That being when Dr. Asano (Autumn Reeser) stated that the Princesa was a Spanish trade ship that had ducked into Hawaii to make repairs and sank there. I'm pretty sure a Spanish trade ship carrying thousands of gold pieces wouldn't have been anywhere in Pacific Ocean, much less close enough to Hawaii during a gun battle that it made a reasonable safe harbor.

As a Spanish trade ship in the 1700s, her range would have extended at most to the Caribbean islands, more likely just around the cape of Africa. I will freely admit that Spain sent many ships to the Americas, but those were ships rigged for long voyages not trade. 

That aside, I really enjoyed seeing Patty Duke in this episode as Blake's mother. Just as enjoyable was when we figured out that Blake was attempting to recover his grandfather's remains so his mother could have some closure. It was a really nice touch. Hawaii Five-0, you redeemed your earlier treasure ship flub. 

Actually, I wonder if the treasure portion was only put there as a way for Danny to meet Dr. Asano. If so, then it served its purpose. It’s good to see Danny getting back on the dating horse. As much as I wanted him and Rachel to end up together, if she is going to be written out of the show, at least he won’t be lonely. 

Speaking of being written out of the show, clearly Steve’s calendar is being cleared as Lt. Catherine Rollins was sent on a new temporary assignment overseas. If we're lucky, this is a good sign that Michelle Borth will be returning to the role of Maj. Rebecca Gordon on Combat Hospital.

Steve and Lori

TV Fanatics and other fans have all expressed their belief that Lori was brought in as a love interest for Steve. This was the first week that I could see any indication there could be something to that. Consider his reply when Lori asked about Catherine: "That’s an old friend."

In the continuing saga that is Kono’s fall to the dark side, we got to see Frank Delano hanging out at her house and warning her to handle Chin-Ho. I discussed my feeling on Delano last week and his appearance here rivaled Fonda’s for shortest and did nothing to change my mind. 

I was glad to see Chin-Ho come back at the end and remind Kono that he has been through the same thing. I’m sure I wasn't the only one talking to the TV and telling Chin-Ho he was being a jerk after she stood by him. Okay. Maybe I was.  

Finally, Joe continues to be the father figure to Steve and a calming influence. He tried hard to wrangle in Steve’s one-track mind about digging into his father and Wo Fat.  Did Joe do the right thing by not sending the video as he said he would? Do you think Steve is better off not knowing what his father was doing?

Chime in now.


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I'm history teacher and you are right hahaha That can happend in the caribean... but in the pacific...


I watch HF-0 because of Alex and I live for his scenes. I find him to be magnetic and the best actor on the show.
@Lanika: Steve chose Chin Ho to be part of the team, even though he was an ex-cop, because he knew his dad respected Chin and that was enough of an endorsement for Steve.
I have faith in the writers, that the core team will soon be back together.


okay - reading the most recent comments: Chin was cleared and accepted being reinstated to HPD in the first season's final episode. Also, it was Kono who brought up the 28MM "available" when Chin had the collar around his neck - and, yes, McG was the one who went thru the tunnel to get the money, but Kono was the lookout and knew perfectly well what she was getting into (since she was the one who brought it up). There's logic to this series, so let's remember the stories.
Also - I disagree that Caan is the best actor of the series. He's good; not great - and one can predict his actions/looks from afar. After seeing McLoughlin in Criminal Minds, in his Australian acting days and in The Shield, he has a broader range than Caan so far - and I don't discount Daniel or Grace in their abilities. So Caan as the best - no. They are all good and were great as the team in Season One. Season Two has yet to find itself, I'm thinking - but am happy to stay with the program so far.


I'm really not sure what's going on with Kono. First of all, Chin Ho was allowed to join 5-0 even though he was off the force. Secondly, Kono didn't actually break into the asset locker...McGarrett did. It seems like they're letting her take the fall for the whole group. I can't believe they wouldn't try to do something to support her. If I were her, I wouldn't even want to go back. I think the writers are backing themselves into a corner. Also, has anyone noticed that the new governor's last name is Denning and that the actor who played the governor in the original series was Richard Denning? A nice tribute to him if this was done on purpose.


I really don't know what's going on with this Kono thing. First of all, Chin Ho was suspended from the force and still was allowed to join 5-0. Secondly, Kono didn't break in to the asset locker...McGarrett did. It seems like he's letting her take the fall for the entire group. I can't believe they aren't doing something to help her out. I think the writers are backing themselves into a corner. Also, has anyone noticed that the new governor's last name is Denning and that Richard Denning is the actor who played the governor in the original series? A nice tribute to him if this was done on purpose.


This is one of my favorite shows, and although I like Terry O'Quinn a lot, I tune in for McDanno.. They have the kind of chemistry that you can't create, it just comes naturally, and the powers that be should take every advantage of it! I also noticed Don Stroud. He's a very good character actor.


Yep. I tend to agree with both of you. I'm sure however, you will be able to get both seasons on DVD next year! I sure hope there are plenty of people in Hawaii viewing. It just may end up being a local tv show. As I recall, the mainland people aren't all that important to them anyway. It's the Hawaiian people that really count (Per Peter L)


Shirley, AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!I believe everyone feels the same way!!!!!


Please read the comments we are sending in, and GET THE MESSAGE !! No one likes what you've done to the show this year. We want the original "core 4" back in the roles that were created for them at the beginning of this show. Why would you mess with a success ??? Everyone loved this show last year...now you are ruining it with the addition of all these other characters.
PLEASE listen to the viewers and give us back the Hawaii 5-0 just as it was last season. People are definitely drifting away from what USED TO BE a terrific new show.


Perhaps this was just a chance to establish Peter Fonda's character, and he'll be back in a later episode. If not his appearance was unfortunately just hype.
Did you notice Don Stroud as Ed the bartender. He was in everything in the 70's, 80's, and 90's - including the original Five-0.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Danny: The treasure Blake was looking for looks like he might have already found it.
Steve: Yeah, and it might have gotten him killed.

Steve: You're putting the guy's hand on like it's a glove. Max, that's disgusting.
Max: Yes, but very effective.