Hawaii Five-O Review: "Mea Makamae"

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Mea Makamae: precious object, treasure.

On Hawaii Five-0 this week, the team must uncover what "Mea Makamae" a salvage diver was going after that got him killed.

The episode offered an impressive list of guest starts, most notably Patty Duke and Peter Fonda. The former was great in her portrayal of Sylvia Spencer, and although the latter didn't receive a great deal of screen time, he still made an impression as Jesse Billings.

A Hawaiian Salute

I did have one main problem with the Princesa treasure story. That being when Dr. Asano (Autumn Reeser) stated that the Princesa was a Spanish trade ship that had ducked into Hawaii to make repairs and sank there. I'm pretty sure a Spanish trade ship carrying thousands of gold pieces wouldn't have been anywhere in Pacific Ocean, much less close enough to Hawaii during a gun battle that it made a reasonable safe harbor.

As a Spanish trade ship in the 1700s, her range would have extended at most to the Caribbean islands, more likely just around the cape of Africa. I will freely admit that Spain sent many ships to the Americas, but those were ships rigged for long voyages not trade. 

That aside, I really enjoyed seeing Patty Duke in this episode as Blake's mother. Just as enjoyable was when we figured out that Blake was attempting to recover his grandfather's remains so his mother could have some closure. It was a really nice touch. Hawaii Five-0, you redeemed your earlier treasure ship flub. 

Actually, I wonder if the treasure portion was only put there as a way for Danny to meet Dr. Asano. If so, then it served its purpose. It’s good to see Danny getting back on the dating horse. As much as I wanted him and Rachel to end up together, if she is going to be written out of the show, at least he won’t be lonely. 

Speaking of being written out of the show, clearly Steve’s calendar is being cleared as Lt. Catherine Rollins was sent on a new temporary assignment overseas. If we're lucky, this is a good sign that Michelle Borth will be returning to the role of Maj. Rebecca Gordon on Combat Hospital.

Steve and Lori

TV Fanatics and other fans have all expressed their belief that Lori was brought in as a love interest for Steve. This was the first week that I could see any indication there could be something to that. Consider his reply when Lori asked about Catherine: "That’s an old friend."

In the continuing saga that is Kono’s fall to the dark side, we got to see Frank Delano hanging out at her house and warning her to handle Chin-Ho. I discussed my feeling on Delano last week and his appearance here rivaled Fonda’s for shortest and did nothing to change my mind. 

I was glad to see Chin-Ho come back at the end and remind Kono that he has been through the same thing. I’m sure I wasn't the only one talking to the TV and telling Chin-Ho he was being a jerk after she stood by him. Okay. Maybe I was.  

Finally, Joe continues to be the father figure to Steve and a calming influence. He tried hard to wrangle in Steve’s one-track mind about digging into his father and Wo Fat.  Did Joe do the right thing by not sending the video as he said he would? Do you think Steve is better off not knowing what his father was doing?

Chime in now.


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Seems pretty obvious to me that Kono is undercover. If it's any consolation, there is an extended trailer out for next week's episode. The added bits seem to make Kono's status clear.


Samantha, I agree! Things are just not flowing this season the way they did last season. Scott Caan is the most talented actor on the show in my opinion. I think he is able to have chemistry with everyone and that's why he needs more screen time. The Lori character is pointless-McDanno, Chin, and Max could have easily filled the Kono void without minimizing the McDanno scenes. It honestly would have been better if they'd brought in a familiar partner for Chin. Awkward Lori does not fit with any of the team, and Joe White monopolizes Steve. I would have enjoyed Jenna Kaye staying in the picture over Lori. Or, to fill up the hour, they could have brought back Steve's sister for a few episodes. Not sure where they're taking it, but I hope it gets more Hawaii Five-Oish soon!


To answer GJ question...about the "half blind barman". That was Don Stroud. I knew I recognized him although due to his heroic feat back in the 90's resulting in getting stabbed thirteen times including in his right eye, and a little age, he looks different. Check his IMDB listing and then send notes to IMDB and CBS for this unforgivable oversight in listing him in the credits for this episode.


Another week, another so-so episode of what was once my favorite show of the week. Too much is being crammed into 60 minutes at the expense of what I enjoyed most last season - the four core characters. Last week Danny was minimized to the point of ridiculousness; yes, he had more airtime this week(and I thought Scott Caan was wonderful with what he had), but it seems that the whole idea of Danny being Steve's partner has been thrown away for the character of Lori. I tried to give this character a chance but I am sorry to say that she has not done anything to endear her to me as a member of the team. I don't know if it's the way the character is written or Ms. German's acting skills, but she comes off as a one trick pony - I have not seen the character emote once in the three episodes she was in so far. You would think that playing against an acting legend such as Patty Duke would have inspired her - but I saw nothing. Danny would have shown much more empathy and emotion compared to her. These moments where Lori has been inserted just fall flat. It takes the sails out of the show for me and I really don't know how much longer I can watch if this is the way the show will continue to be written. Also - as much as I love Joe White, he too is starting to monopolize Steve's time and be a substitute for Danny. I cannot understand why one of the shows leads would be relegated to this inferior status. It's a crime to waste his talent sitting on the sidelines. He should be front and center with Steve, no one else. That's the show I enjoyed. I don't know why those in charge feel that things had to be changed from last season. If something isn't broke, please don't fix it. I liked my 5-0 for what it was - an exciting romp and escape for 60 minutes - where I enjoyed my action, bromance and sense of ohana. All of that has woefully disappeared this season. I hope that someone recognizes this and fixes things before it's too late.


I think Kono is definitely undercover. Not to start rumuors but I heard she wants more family time and want to get pregnant-thus the reason for not so much screen time right now. Just a rumuor so far. I like some of the new additions-Max is awesome. Joe White-ok. I do think he intrudes into Steve/Danny's time together. Danny's new love interest-cute. Kind of a cute side story. Chin, not so much screen time-being replaced by Lori Weston and Joe White? Lori Weston not a good character-also intruding on the bromance. I don't blame the actress. I blame the stupid writers. I think she would be great for a couple of appearances now and then, but she just can't seem to carry off the part.


kono is undercover


I really enjoyed Hawaii Five 0 last season. It was new and fresh. Unfortunately it seems they format has changed this season. I do like guest stars with re-occurring roles to keep the show fresh, but it seems like Peter L is just throwing anyone and everyone into the show like a life preserver. Glad to see Jeana go, liked her but she just didn't fit in. Can't stand this Lori Weston, Lauren German girl. It seems like the dynamics are completely thrown off with her and Joe, O'Quinn occupying so much screen time. This makes me wonder, does he think the original actors are failing carry the show? I see the ratings going down already from first season premier. The show is going to need a real life preserver by the end of the year. Why screw with a good thing?


GJ - I really don't think anyone is being 'cruel'. They are just stating their opinions, which is what these forums are for. It's just TV - people are commenting on the storylines, acting and script writing of fictional characters on a fictional show. If you are taking it that seriously, perhaps you are the one who should get a life. Or at least avoid reading the comments.


If I remember my history California was once under Spanish rule and the land owners were very wealthy that would explain Spanish ship in Pacific waters.


Great episode, and I am a fan. If I were to have one criticism in respect
to the 1970's 5-0 it would be it's lack of realism. The new 5-0 has nearly
every character with straight white teeth, and model slick looks. Even the
bad guys are GQ. The 70's 5-0 you had most characters with crooked yellow
teeth and tarnished looks. Watch it on Netflix please. I think you will feel as if you are watching a true representation of reality. Also, when every character is near perfect on the outside, it may make it more difficult for the audience to empathize with every emotional problem they have. Since many of us have problems that are seemingly worse from the embryo on.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Danny: The treasure Blake was looking for looks like he might have already found it.
Steve: Yeah, and it might have gotten him killed.

Steve: You're putting the guy's hand on like it's a glove. Max, that's disgusting.
Max: Yes, but very effective.