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So, House is a set of lungs that need to be revived. And by House, I mean the series. No, wait, House is the patient that needs the set of lungs, as he is struggling to breathe given his inability to adapt to an episode without Wilson by his side. 

Or, hold on, House is Dr. Park (Charlyne Yi) who just needs to confront her parents and the attending that harassed her. On "Transplant," we see House struggle for about 30 seconds before getting his way. And we see another fellow comment on his medical metaphors. Do you think I'm stupid, she wonders. I would ask the same to the creators of the series since there is basically no payoff whatsoever for House being in jail. He hasn't changed. He feels guilty. He skipped a year in his middle-aged life and now Cuddy's gone.

Hilson, take 2.

House and Wilson Picture

This episode was quite similar to season 5's premiere, "Dying Changes Everything." In it, Wilson is grieving the loss of Amber after House indirectly killed her. Remember the whole bus accident thing? When this series was still incredibly innovative? We see Wilson walk away from a stunned House and sayung things like "We were never friends."  T

Tonight, it was "I don't like you." I was actually getting into the idea that Wilson and House would be separated for awhile, that Wilson was finally standing up to House.  And then 20 minutes later, Wilson is punching House in the face with forgiveness.

And how about Foreman being the new Dean of Medicine? Does this series have a short memory? Remember when Cuddy wouldn't give Foreman a letter of recommendation because he switched the medication for that Huntington's study? So now all of a sudden, he's Dean? Foreman's newly remodeled office space looks more like prison than House's cell in the premiere, which is, I suppose, a tribute to Foreman's personality.

Out goes strong good chemistry between House and his boss. In comes Dr. Park, the awkward new, and only member of House's team. Where's 13, Taub, and Chase, asks Dorothy, waking up in a black and white Kansas without his Eames chair. "Why, Dorothy," Foreman says, "We couldn't afford to keep your department." 

So we're stuck with the girl who punched out her attending because he grabbed her posterior. Lovely that House and Dr. Park can bond over attacking their superiors. Last year we got Masters, the socially awkward, but genius girl medical student. Is the main difference here that Dr. Park has graduated medical school? And she's Asian? And maybe a little funnier and more deadpan?

I get it. I really do. House is transplanted back into the hospital after nearly a year in prison. It's a bumpy transition for all of two days before House gets his office back.  And it looks like next week, he'll be getting some of his team back, albeit for an episode before Olivia Wilde runs off and makes another movie.  Tell me again why the episode "The Dig" was so vital to the series if 13 is no longer going to be a character in the show? 

And where's Cuddy, viewers might be wondering? Well, she left the day after "the incident" as Foreman so poignantly called it and House is not interested in the details. Shame? Perhaps. Guilt? Definitely. Avoidance? Priceless.

So House admits to being wrong. One step forward. "But I haven't changed." And three steps back. I can't expect anything different from this series. David Shore has made it painfully obvious this is a series about a man who has tried and failed to change. But let me ask this, what is the point of putting him through everything he's gone through if he isn't affected by any of it? It was clear to me that hearing about Cuddy was too much for him. But it doesn't matter. Guilt is something House will always feel. One thing that did interest me tonight was something House said when he was talking with Dr. Park. He seems to have accepted that he's just not a great person. In the past, House has tried to be happy, especially in season 6. Now he's just accepting of his unyielding misery, and I suppose I have no choice but to accept it as well. 

Remember last week when I spoke about there being two types of fans? Let me expand that to the "Hilson" group. The Hilsons of the world are rejoicing tonight since the band is back together again. I will admit to laughing aloud when House brought in some Celine Dion to seduce Wilson into being his one and only friend. Wilson tried to play the angry card, and I would have realistically thought that the show would have dragged it out a bit more, but hey, everyone wants to see Wilson and House up to their crazy hijinks again, right? And lest we forget, it's been about a year since they've seen one another. Maybe now they can play a joke on Foreman, and House can make sinful comments about his suits and...oh, wait.  Maybe I'd just rather watch some old DVDs. 

Next week, the only female character left on the series that I care about returns (promo HERE). For one episode. Any predictions on 13's exit strategy this time around? And oh, by the way, where is Chase? I said last week he was one of the only people left on the series that I liked and he wasn't even in this episode! Hugh Laurie once said he wants this show to go out with a bang, not a whimper. We find out soon if this season is House's last. I'm hoping it will be. 

Leave some comments below on tonight's episode and on the future of the series. 


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Charlyne Yi is awful. She's literally painful to watch. Thank goodness I only had to endure one season.


Wow, great review. Love House like most of the people who've posted, but I'm amazed at how different opinions can get. This was one of the most disappointing episodes I've seen in ages. Beginning of Season 6, when House was trying to readjust back to the swing of things - that was believable. It took time. It was a challenge for a mentally strained House to run back into the swing of things. There was progression, recognition for House that he needed to do something different, he needed help. *It felt realistic* This episode just felt so... Slapsticked together for the same reasons Lisa pointed out. Within an episode, House gets out of jail, finds Foreman the new Dean (which made *no* sense given Foreman's ethically dubious decisions in the past, not to mention how there should be more senior/capable candidates in a hospital, and I can't count the number of episodes where Foreman tries again and again to unsuccessfully "manage" or dominate House by authority). Then, House is given reign to (more or less) do whatever he wants - or just manage to swing everyone around him to do his bidding. It's like he never left, never went to jail. It's like every other standard episode again, and it feels just like a copout. And did we need a new doctor for this episode? Isn't there enough key points of the story to better develop, instead of yet another thing to distract us? It's not that this was a totally bad episode. Foreman, unlikely as he would be as the new Dean, acted like how I could expect a Dean who's familiar with House to act: can't-deal-with-House-and-his-antics-because-he's-got-work-to-do. Much as I felt it was unneccessary - actually, more like too much - I liked the new doctor, though the backstory seemed quite unlikely, and you just *knew* she was never going to Chicago after, of course, meeting the deity that is House. I would've preferred more character development, more transition. I think it would've worked much better if the doctor from the prison got roped in somehow if House needed to so quickly transition back to the hospital: would've preferred a slower transition that would've made more sense. And I guess that's a key theme I see. I no longer watch House for the "innovative" medical problem solving that you *know* happens for each episode: House runs his analysis, gets everyone to do his bidding, it doesn't work out exactly as expected, then there's more of the same before the stroke of genius before getting it right. I'm starting to see Saturday-morning cartoons where each episode the exact same pattern happens. I watch House for the character development of House and the people around him, and for that to *make sense*. Much as I didn't like Kutner's suicide, it was believable in the way it effected people (as in, it did). House going to jail and coming back like nothing bad happened - oh, just a punch would solve it - do I really believe that? No. I could believe Wilson, caring a guy as he way, would visit House in prison and still contain some resentment. But a year's worth of contained anger shelled out to a punch to the face? I'm really quite disappointed here - I love House, and I'm likely to watch it till the end of the series. But this honestly is crap writing - like someone just decided to ignore what's happened before just to more quickly hit the reset switch. I hope the newer episodes are more... realistic or at least that they would make sense.

Neon glo

Wow - I really enjoyed this episode. It is only people with an axe to grind that bother to comment? I thought little Dr. Park was fun, the way she was learning to embrace her inner bitch (as House put it). She's a dead ringer for "Honey", the character in "Doonesbury" (comic strip by Trudeau) who is so loyal to the insane, drug-addled curmudgeon Duke. That probably won't ring a bell for most, but I doubt it's a coincidence. I also loved/was freaked by the Lungs That Wouldn't Die. And, yes, Wilson should have held out longer, but we all know he's easy. As for House, I just wanted him to show some pain - he has been bereft of so much - and get a doggone haircut. If he's really earning minimum wage, that should be good for a storyline, too.


Cheesus, can't a reviewer state her opinion of one episode in peace? She has as much a right to not like the show as you guys do to adore it. Also, let's be honest, House hasn't exactly been the darling of critics or viewers for the past few seasons, especially season 7's finale. Despite what might be the popular opinion about Huddies, most of us are not ridiculous fangirls that only watched the show for our ship. Most Huddies that didn't like the last episodes of season 7 had more objective reasons than just "House and Cuddy are not together anymore". Both Huddies and non-Huddies have complaints pertaining to House's lack of character of development (To those using the argument of "this is TV, not reality", in tv land it's generally seen as a good thing for main characters to change) Taub's overuse, Foreman's overall dullness and the lack of interesting female characters. I for one really miss the good old days of Cuddy, Stacy, Cameron, Amber and early Thirteen. Masters was decent but I can't stand any of the two new girls, they annoy me to death. Also, just because I previously cited Cuddy doesn't mean I like how she was written in seasons 6 and 7. Total character assassination.


I had a look at Lisa Palmer twitter account and she wrote: "I don't want to deal with anymore Cuddyless episodes. They do you say...entertainment value?" Bitter much, dear Miss Palmer? Your lack of professionalism is embarrassing.


Ms. Palmer, don't sweat the angry neg comments. I thought your review was correct. Nothing's changed. They're just positioning everything (literally! Even the 1970s tv is back in place) to be the same as before. There's no repercussions. And I thought the new intern was a very poor actor. And, Jesus. There's no more qualified doctor in the hospital than a guy who's worked behind a genius for years? Foreman's a great administrator? Ridiculous! And Wilson is again just a punching bag for House....He gets one shot in and then it's back to business? It was a bad ep. It pandered to the very people who were angry with you for this review....those who want everything to be as before. I'll watch, cause it's cotton candy...But there's no more surprises to this show, apparently.


Okay perhaps Miss Palmer can get a little bit more positive but some of you people with the negative name calling can go get a life and meet House in jail.
Reviews are meant to elicit opinion but if you cant be respectful to the reviewer with a mature response than deal with the fact your own opinion means nothing. Because clearly you are going downhill like the show is. Apparently a lot of you live in a fairy tale world about what a reviewer should be sayin. Like I've read my share of TV Fanatic reviews and ms palmers reviews are right up there. I am very upset that Huddy left and maybe miss Palmer should be little nicer to the series sometimes. I don't agree with some of her review but it's a review with commentary. Go watch a Lifetime movie if you want happy endings aka reviews you want to be positive and say what you want it to say. The End. Happily ever after. Can't wait for the next House and next review.


"This episode was quite similar to season 5's premiere, "Dying Changes Everything." In it, Wilson is grieving the loss of Amber after House indirectly killed her. Remember the whole bus accident thing? When this series was still incredibly innovative? We see Wilson walk away from a stunned House and sayung things like "We were never friends." T Tonight, it was "I don't like you." I was actually getting into the idea that Wilson and House would be separated for awhile, that Wilson was finally standing up to House. And then 20 minutes later, Wilson is punching House in the face with forgiveness." Sorry you lost me after House indirectly killed Amber because you lost or forget that he directly risk his life and brain to save her. Your bad!!!
i remeber very well how brilliant all the super huddies found how Cuddy was gone from "i don`t love you House" to "i love you i can`t help it" in "Help me". Oh yeah now it is bad writing just because the reviewer missed the enitire episode incl. the patients stories and the interactions with the Asian Doc. Sorry watch the episode again without your LE-biased view.
IMO She & Cuddy ruined the nearly show beyond repair.


Okay, after reading the review i really understand all the fuss on twitter. The reviewer completely missed the point of the episode. No, even bad she is completely ignoring the plot of the episode.
I personally enjoyed the episode very much. It was great in so many ways. Robert Sean Leonards acting was brilliant. The tension and conflicts between House and Wilson were apparent. You could smell it and i was holding my breath during some scenes. How could anyone ignore it?... because there are two parts of a fandom. How insulting to the fans of the show is this? There are a lot of fans who don`t ship house with anyone. They see the show as Houses journey and yes all the people around him are playing in one way or another an important part to this journey. You only have to be open-mided to this story and you would see it.
I don`t want to skip into name-calling but your "The Hilsons of the world are rejoicing tonight since the band is back together again." make you look like a bitter huddy (oh come on your Huddylove-history on twitter is well known). You are unable to analyse and enjoy the friendship between House and wilson at all because you are *gasp* jealous. Sorry, look at your wording.
Lisas exit made me as sad as Jennifer Morrisons exit. I don`t want that anyone of the origianl team i learned to love leave. But i as fan can`t change it. I don`t know why the writer felt the need to write Cameron out. The writers never explained me their reasons??? I could still mourning about it but i recognized that the show still entertains me after 8 seasons.
LE choose to leave the show, it was her decision. I don`t understand why your entire focus in this review is on her. The writers made clear it was not their choice and somehow they had to deal with this situation. In my opinion she brought them all in real misery and now there are reviewers and fans who are still blaming the writers for her exit. It wasn`t the case, not true. The writers are trying very hard to revive the show with new characters and in my opinion they are are doing a damn good job with it. I like Dr.Park with her little aggression problem and the ultimate parallel to House. I liked the conversations between them in this episode. They are so spot on. You completely ignored this talkin your review in the same way you ignored the parallel between the story of Wilsons patient with her BF to the House and Wilson friendship.
I don`t want start to talk how cool the idea about the "lungs in the box" was.It was creepy and fascinating at the time, i don`t know why you could say that the episode was a snooze. It clearly wasn`t and a lot are disagreeing with you, except the bitter huddies of course. You are feeding them with your very biased review.I`m Sorry to say that. And for all who say the viewers made a decision due to the ratings you should check the circumstances why are the ratings so bad. It is not so difficult to understand why and i say it loud notwithstanding House is doing better than other shows like Castle or TGW in the demo (the recent new popular target).
My advice to the reviewer maybe you should focus or analyse the next time on the actual plots of the episode.
Don`t tell me House is over or dead. You are wrong!!


I want to say that I welcome different opinions and want to discuss our differences in this. I don't see the need for name calling. I think that hows a lack of intelligence. This show is a character study of "Gregory House." It is a show that explores a socially dysfunctional person who has an amazing gift. There has been a man put in his life that has always been the ying to his yang. I miss Cuddy. I missed Cuddy last year. I disagreed and still do with the way they wrote Cuddy and House and Cuddy. Hugh's portrayal of House, through all this, in my opinion, has been consistent with a man who loves but still has a lack of faith and most of the people in his life tolerate him because, as referenced in, "Son of a Coma Guy" he finds the answer. He has one gift. It is not being a good father, the desirable boyfriend, son, or a good friend. He is a man who is in search of the answers. If I was sick or had a friend that was sick I would want Dr. House as my doctor. I want to see House find a peace, a happiness, and would love to see an ending with House and Cuddy. I still love the fairytale. I don't blame anyone for feeling the way they feel but I resent the fact that anyone would call me a name because I still pull for the underdog. As for the review I am glad there is a forum to discuss it. My hope is that we will learn to discuss it better and with more tolerance.

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