How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Stinson Missile Crisis"

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How I Met You Mother took us to DEFCON High-5 this week on "The Stinson Missile Crisis." Robin stomached watching Barney shower Nora with gifts for days on end. She sat nearby, ready to launch an attack on her unassuming coworker like Cuba in 1962 personified, but with just a hint of a Canadian accent and a killer body.

We knew from the start Robin had unleashed the fury on a woman, but she dangled the truth just out of reach while she recounted her efforts to steal Barney back. As Barney began describing his vast array of BDS's, I simply loved seeing him do so while wearing the Ducky Tie. The continuity from last week to tonight was very reassuring for some reason.

Getting back to Barney's WMS's (Weapons of Mass Seduction), I did not think he could top Arnie Linson attourney at law, but then we met Jack Fantastic. Also, did anyone else want to see The Cold Call 5000 take on Joshua from War Games in a round of Global Thermonuclear War or at least a nice game of Chess? 

Kal Penn on How I Met Your Mother

By the end of the episode Robin, like Ted, learned that sometimes love means taking a step back. In Robin's case, that step back was also a step in the direct path of the dumb blond trying to meet Barney. As much as I could picture Robin in prison selling smokes down in the cafeteria, I was excited to see how she interacted with Kal Penn in her court-mandated therapy.

Sadly, I didn't feel his character at all, and moments like when he called Robin a "dog" for trying to lure away Barney fell sadly flat. 

While Penn's role was a missed opportunity for some great scenes, Marshall's demand to go to the birthing class was a completely unrealistic way to get him and Ted alone in an awkwardly funny situation. No husband in the history of pregnancy has demanded to go to a birthing class after their partner already said they themselves didn't want to go. It just doesn't happen. The resulting humor during the class, though - like when Marshall's eyes bugged out as he told Ted "I beleive in you," - made up for it. 

As for pieces of the Mother Mystery, we got a little glimpse at Lily alone in the delivery room and Robin's green dress, which I thought just represented her envy of Nora, but may have been a reference to the green dress we first saw Ted wearing during a flash in the Mermaid Theory episode. 

I loved seeing Robin usurp Ted as the one to tell this week's long, drawn out story, complete with flash backs. The others got their due, as well, and while we were subjected to yet another Mosby-woesby pity party, I did really appreciate the montage of three-man halloween costume ideas. He had me looking forward to the upcoming episode, featuring my favorite night of the year.

A solid Halloween and that fifth slap episode would really make for two memorable chapters in what has already a pretty special start to the season. Let me know what you thought and don't forget to vote on the best quotes from the episode


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Sue - Wow, the second pitcrue ..probably one of my favorites of all your work so far. Whatever you did to pull that pose and those expressions' out of them what may very well be the thing that makes you famous! Amazing work. Your camera is amazing too you go!


Just wondering if anyone else thought the lamaze coach looked eerily like Robin in a fat suit? Couldn't find a credit for this speaking role either which is odd... am I the only one who thought this?


I think that Barney is going to get marry Robin , because in the first episode of the season Ted says that he thinks that Barney's wedding will be the last that he will ever be at , but remember the deal that Ted and Robin have - if they are still single until 40 they will get marry . If Barny get marry for Nora , Ted will still have a back up plan - Robin .Barny and Robin will get marry and Ted is going to meet his future wife at their wedding . That is my oppinion :) Reply if you are agree(sorry for my bad english )


@ks you missed two important things
1. he said it was "the last wedding he ever THOUGHT he'd be at." which given a bunch of other scenes/things is pretty safe to assume that its Barney's wedding
2. and most importantly right before he said that he said "i never wouldve MET your mother if it wasnt the wedding." it would be pretty awkward if he met his wife at his own wedding


In the Season 7 premier, Future Ted says that the wedding is the last one he will ever be at...I know this sounds crazy but is there any chance that he's the one getting married that day ? If the wedding is only Barney's , it does not make sense that this is the last wedding ted will attend,as he has to attend his own wedding too :)


Seriously WTF is wrong with Robin's hair? I mean we've practically made them millionaires by watching the show all these years and the production can't be bothered to hire a decent stylist? She looks like she took a shower then dried em up quickly and filmed the scenes..


I agree with some of the commenters, Robin & Barney should be over for good. I think that's where they are headed and why Kal Penn is helping Robin through her issues. I loved the "trio" of Ted and Lily & Marshall. Here are the screenshots of Lily & Marshall, and Ted's costumes


I'm getting to the point that I wish he would just meet that damn mother and call it a day.


I like Robin and Barney together. They worked together so well that the writers had to come up with the worst episode idea ever just to break them up.


Yea this whole episode was pretty dull. This is the 7th season, the whole "if you really love them you have to set them free" is WAY TOO cliche and been down dozens of times before in this series [and a helluvalot better mind you]
The whole marshall/lily/ted weird triangle thing has been done
you could tell they were trying to make the Lamaze scene its saving grace and jason segel was trying his hardest to make it funny but it just wasnt
the whole robin/barney unrequited love thing...been done and wasnt remotely entertaining let alone funny
the BDS's...been done, but it was this episodes only saving grace overall 2/5
@Ane while i am not that well versed with pregnancy diets and their effects i have heard that its become generally accepted that 1 or 2 medium sized glasses of wine a week is not harmful to the fetus/baby

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