Nikita Review: Howdy, Ex-Partner

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This week's Nikita, "Partners," was action-packed, yet missing the pizazz of the first few episodes this season. While I enjoyed the fight scenes and the overall story development, I missed Nikita and Michael working together. Plus, there definitely wasn't enough Birkhoff humor.

The return of Nikita's former partner, Kelly, provided the opportunity for us to find out how Nikita faked her death and escaped Division. While it wasn't necessary for us to know, it was a nice flashback, especially when it turned out that Kelly was a victim of Nikita's plot. In normal Nikita fashion, she felt the need to correct the wrong and went to help her ex-teammate.

Katheryn Winnick on Nikita

Something seemed off with Kelly from the beginning, but I never expected that she was working for Semak. That reveal seemed too convenient at first, but after I thought about it a bit, it made some sense. Semak is looking for the missing black box that he believes Nikita stole. Who better to draw Nikita out than her former presumed dead partner?

The Nikita-Kelly fight in the park was fairly even until Michael lunged in and broke up the battle. I was disappointed to see Michael come in to end it. At least there was another, even better, brawl on the train. Like Alias, Nikita puts together some entertaining fight scenes.

My favorite moment was the conversation between Nikita and Alex. The overtly-at-odds-but-deep-down-still-caring-about-each-other schtick was getting old. It makes sense for Alex to think she is better off with her arrangement at Division, but I was overjoyed to see Nikita reach out and ask Alex to (re)-join their family. Alex's quest for revenge will satisfy the vengeance of her family, but then what? Nikita proved her loyalty for Alex when she shot Kelly dead without hesitation.

Now that Semak knows about Alexandra, what will happen? She was right that without the element of surprise, her mission of revenge just got much more difficult. Even though Amanda promised to protect Alex, I don't trust her. She may say she is running a new Division, but she was mighty cozy having tea with Percy

Overall, this was another solid episode of Nikita. We are on a collision course for the three main teams of Nikita-Michael-Birkhoff, Alex-Division, and Semak-Gogol. Who will come out on top? I know what I want: Nikita and Alex back together to bring down Semak.


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It's ridiculous that Nikita killed Kelly and is still painted as the "good" person. geez; kelly was rotting in turkish prison; gogol offers her a way out just to steal a box from someone who helped screw her over? Alex is actively hunting Nikita for the box just to fulfil some vendetta, and Nikita shoots Kelly in the head to save her? what the hell? She goes out of her way not to kill anyone but offs her former partner who she owes (seeing as how she abandoned her in the middle of a mission and got her captured).
is anyone else seeing this?


Alex was awesome this episode.


@Aurora I had that feeling to that alex mom is involved somehow I don't we just have to wait and see..i kind of hope she is though that would be a very great episode.


i loved this episode.i loved that you saw that nikita and alex still care about each other even though we kind of already knew that it was nice actually seeing it.i knew that kelly was going to end up being killed by nikita.i loved the part on the train were they where fighting and nikita and kelly locked roan and alex in the one car while they got away by jumping off the train.i also loved the part where kelly had the gun to alex's head and told nikita if she didn't come out she was going to shoot her but nikita knew she wouldn't kill alex because ari told her not to so kelly changed it and said she was going to shoot nikita instead.i also liked the part where semak found out that alex was still alive and that she was the one that was coming after the end when alex was talking to amanda about semak and gogol knowing that she was still alive and that they would be coming after her and would kill her and amanda told her not to worry because division would protect her i kinda got the feeling that alex was suspicious after amanda said that because why would division want to protect her unless they want somthing from her bigger than catching nikita or getting the black box.i think that alex should go back to nikita and work with her because nikita will protect her and do anything to keep her safe because she cares about her and division doesn't there just using her to get what they want.i can't wait for the next episode it looks great.


BITCH! I´m sorry but in our country is morning :-D


ARI! ARI! ARI! Son of a BICH! :-D


This show keeps getting better I love the drama with Alex and Zetrov it's the only thing that keeps me watching.


Grace, I understand what you mean, but the writers probably had no use for her character anymore. Which could also point to the other directions they have in store for Nikita, which only uses future references instead of the past. I actually liked this episode, we were able to see how Nikita's thinking rubbed off on Alex, which gave her an edge. Alex's story actually goes beyond how I expected it to grow and the writers are doing a good job on that path.


I have this feeling (and I can be totally wrong) that the lead female of Oversight is actually Alex's mom. I know she met OverSight in the season finale but it's just a hunch I have...


I just don't understand why Nikita shot Kelly dead. Kelly had so much use as a character and could've been used in so many ways. Like, Gogol could pair her and Owen up for something or she could just be used as a way to flesh out Nikita's character. It just didn't seem like Nikita to shoot her old partner, since she felt responsible for her partner's time in prison, like that. She could have just as easily shot her in the leg and then Alex could have run or something like that. Is no one else bothered by this?

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