Nikita Review: Howdy, Ex-Partner

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This week's Nikita, "Partners," was action-packed, yet missing the pizazz of the first few episodes this season. While I enjoyed the fight scenes and the overall story development, I missed Nikita and Michael working together. Plus, there definitely wasn't enough Birkhoff humor.

The return of Nikita's former partner, Kelly, provided the opportunity for us to find out how Nikita faked her death and escaped Division. While it wasn't necessary for us to know, it was a nice flashback, especially when it turned out that Kelly was a victim of Nikita's plot. In normal Nikita fashion, she felt the need to correct the wrong and went to help her ex-teammate.

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Something seemed off with Kelly from the beginning, but I never expected that she was working for Semak. That reveal seemed too convenient at first, but after I thought about it a bit, it made some sense. Semak is looking for the missing black box that he believes Nikita stole. Who better to draw Nikita out than her former presumed dead partner?

The Nikita-Kelly fight in the park was fairly even until Michael lunged in and broke up the battle. I was disappointed to see Michael come in to end it. At least there was another, even better, brawl on the train. Like Alias, Nikita puts together some entertaining fight scenes.

My favorite moment was the conversation between Nikita and Alex. The overtly-at-odds-but-deep-down-still-caring-about-each-other schtick was getting old. It makes sense for Alex to think she is better off with her arrangement at Division, but I was overjoyed to see Nikita reach out and ask Alex to (re)-join their family. Alex's quest for revenge will satisfy the vengeance of her family, but then what? Nikita proved her loyalty for Alex when she shot Kelly dead without hesitation.

Now that Semak knows about Alexandra, what will happen? She was right that without the element of surprise, her mission of revenge just got much more difficult. Even though Amanda promised to protect Alex, I don't trust her. She may say she is running a new Division, but she was mighty cozy having tea with Percy

Overall, this was another solid episode of Nikita. We are on a collision course for the three main teams of Nikita-Michael-Birkhoff, Alex-Division, and Semak-Gogol. Who will come out on top? I know what I want: Nikita and Alex back together to bring down Semak.


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I agree it was a great episode but good b/c it higlighted some of the supporting characters. Amanda was stunning and dangerous as always, Roan was a total badass, The leader of Gogol was Ari Tasrov and they really became a true competitor to Division/Oversight especially with acquisitions of Kelly and Owen. Oh and I loved the Amanda/Percy scenes.


Nikita is at it's best when all interested parties are involved. Gogol having Owen was interesting but now Alex in it's cross-hairs even better. The season has been sub par. Considering the talent and potential this show has displayed. Maybe it's my impatience but the righting of all the blackbox wrongs is boring. However I do see a necessity for a few here and there. Especially if the characters are entangled in the big arcs. Also 26 episodes in and still no Nikita backstory. Her character is in dire need of one. Alex and Michael are great as we've sympathized and therefore root for. Rating I don't know anybody who stays home on Friday nights . Still 0.6 in the demo 18-49. Not bad for a Friday on the CW. Considering that Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl also scored a 0.6 this Monday. Not completely safe so hopefully more arc less day to day. Nikita the best Saturday morning show since Saved By The Bell lol.


Otherwise another great episode of Nikita and I loved the Owen refrence and hope he pops up again soon!


Just me or did Gogol a bit hesitant when Semak said he wanted Alex dead and not brought in? Her real father?

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