Parks and Recreation Review: When Chuck Liddell Attacks!

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Can we do this every week? Parks and Recreation is on a roll of awesome hilariousness.

"Meet N Greet" afforded some much needed character growth to Tom. He’s by far the least likable character for me, and anything that gives him any shred of dignity is greatly appreciated. Obviously, something was going on when Tom received that panicked call from Jean-Ralphio and Entertainment 720 (which is still the worst name ever) going bankrupt was no surprise.

Halloween Throwdown!
But that did bring us to the party to end all parties. Tom literally thought of every possible surface he could plaster his face on and I loved it all: cakes, floor mats, posters, pamphlets. Which are butthead moves considering it was Leslie's party. Man, what a dick, huh?

Good for you Leslie! Protect the sacredness of butthead! Moreover, I learned “dick” isn’t censored on broadcast television. Who knew?!

In the end, it was all an attempt by Tom to drum up as much business as he could for his failure of a company. That gave us a small window into the embarrassment he felt from his E720 going under. A wounded, human Tom is a lot more likeable than over the top, fake Tom. Now I just wonder how long it’ll be before Tom is back to not working at the Parks department with Leslie.

Which brings us to Andy and April’s Halloween Party. After Treat Yo Self day I was hoping Ben would begin to pick himself back up and begin to enjoy himself a little more around people other than Leslie; especially since she’s still separated from him with her city council plot. Sadly, not even Ben’s Batman costume made a return. I’m blaming the person who didn’t light the bat signal.

I was really hoping Ben would pull a Clifford on Andy’s My Bodyguard-esque Moody and get into a knock down, drag out fight, but at least there was blood and broken nose - Ron would be so proud (and maybe Adam Baldwin, too).

Speaking of Pirate Ron: as much as I enjoy him, I was perfectly content that he was relegated to a much smaller storyline. Nick Offerman does well when he’s given a tighter, narrowly focused arc and what better Ron-ism than fixing April and Andy’s house? Ron telling the Lowe’s employee he knows more than him and Ann being oddly engrossed with it and spouting random "home" words were fantastic.

So was Ron's Halloween costume. He owns a Halloween costume, what's the problem, people?

If there was one storyline I wasn’t feeling, it was Chris with Jerry’s daughter. Chris is just too over the top all the time and his “literally” emphasis is being driven into the ground.  Hopefully, this relationship with Jerry’s daughter has the potential to shake the character up.

Still, it did lead to April changing Jerry’s Mr. Potato Head’s smile to a frown. Amazing.

Parks has really found its groove this season and it shows. Be sure to visit and vote on this week’s butthead quotes.

Other thoughts:

  • If Leslie’s city council bid doesn’t pan out, at least she’ll have a long and fruitful career in the torture industry.
  • Yup, Orrin is still creepy.
  • Andy looked like he aged about 30 years with his hair pulled back at the hospital.
  • Lowe’s should make Ron Swanson its official spokesperson.


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I also really dislike this Chris storyline. He comes after as super creepy.


im calling ron and ann too. and lmao at ron wearing the same costume every year. swanson has stolen every episode this season. andy in a close 2nd with his bag of a toolbox with a hammer, baseball card and sonic the hedgehog game. wow.


ugh, I really don't like Chris, and that is not an unpopular opinion on the fandom to be honest


Did anyone else feel there was some chemistry between Ron snd Ann? Or was it just me?

Matt richenthal

You don't like Tom and Chris?!? You must also hate babies, puppies and laughter in general. That is LITerally the most absurd thing I've ever heard!


Another great episode. I was hoping to see the Batman costume. Leslie in the hot tub wearing her suit was funny. The 720 refers to 2 complete rotations and is a term used by snowboarders/skateboarders. The logo is bad. Chris/Milly SL was just a repeat of previous episodes.

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