Parks and Recreation Review: Treat Yo Self!

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“Treat Yo Self” indeed.

"Pawnee Rangers" was like my own personal version of Oprah’s favorite things. What more could anyone possibly want from an episode of Parks and Recreation?

Going Camping

The Pawnee Goddesses versus the Pawnee Rangers was a perfect example of Ron and Leslie and how they view the world. Leslie believes in puppy parties, doing your best and candy... while Ron expects you to build shelter with a canvas sheet and box, ration your food and hone your survival skills.

Of course, Leslie’s Goddesses were a spitting image of her personality and they ended up out-Leslie-ing Leslie, coming up with political reasons and debate on why the boys are equally allowed to be Goddesses. Even Brother Nature Andy wanted to defect. How awesome is the Goddesses anthem, by the way?

The real treat of “Rangers” was by far Donna and Tom dragging Ben along on their annual Treat Yo Self day. Although, why Tom would need a day to treat himself is still up in the air considering that’s everyday for him - but if Donna was my wing woman for such an occasion I’d be all over it, too.

It’s rather unfortunate that Donna is mostly relegated to the background and sarcastic glances at the camera because she’s one of Parks’ unsung comedy heroes (Goddesses, perhaps?). She even makes the sometimes unbearable Tom shine. Yet on top of all of that, Donna has a heart of gold, recognizing Ben needed a friend and a day to pamper himself.

Donna eventually figured out Ben didn’t want to pamper himself. He preferred to spend money on something else... like a Batman costume. I’m still upset Ben didn’t come out and do a gravely Christian Bale Batman Begins voice, but Tom did ask him “why so serious?”

Even so, behind the mask, Ben was finally able to grieve a little bit after his breakup with Leslie, beginning to dust himself off after getting some love and support from Donna and Tom.

Can Treat Yo Self Day be an annual Parks and Recreation episode like a Thanksgiving or Christmas installment? There were no bad moments, everyone had something funny and/or heartwarming to say, and best of all, there were plenty of funny quotes!

Other thoughts:

  • When Chris says he’s gotta run, does he mean that literally?
  • Eating soup on a bench, alone, is really depressing.
  • Jerry even got to do something on screen this week, introducing his daughter Millicent to Chris.
  • All computer repairs should be done in a Batman costume.


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Hilarious. Tom doesn't need Treat Yo Self.


I can't imagine joining a club called "Rangers" and be forced to sit around in solitude and eating warm beans from a can.
Surprised Ron didn't have more 'survival' things setup, like... Andy running out of the forest dressed as a bear? Then showing the boys how to wrestle one down, something manly like that. Tom & Ben were awesome, those two together are A+ material every time.


No one has anything to say about how Knope ruined an outing wherein youngsters learn how to rough it? Something that is a good growth experience? No one has anything to say about the value of girls and boys having a place they can go where there are no opposite sex so they can concentrate on somethng other than their hormones for a while? Treat Yo Self was good. The sandbagging of a camping outing I was against...(though it was funny...)


amazing episode. is it me or is andy becoming ron swanson status but on a kids level. swanson is all man. eating beans by the fire was a treat for the troups. lmao. classic par.

Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Uh oh, Batman's crying.


I bought this Mackerel at the Supermarket. I've been standing in the water with the fish on my hook for 30 minutes. I saw it on an episode of I Love Lucy. Pathetic? Maybe, but it feels pretty good to have a bunch of little boys be super in to me. That came out wrong.