Person of Interest Review: Dirty Sexy Money

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This was my favorite episode yet.

All the wheels of Person of Interest are seemingly coming together and the fluidity and pace of "Judgment" kept me actually interested in what was happening. That's right, I wasn't bored by the case or the story itself.

Maybe it was because it felt a lot like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and I thoroughly enjoyed the stories and style of those films. The tone of Person of Interest is certainly darker than most, as vigilante justice is key in taking down the bad guys that the police and FBI cannot.

Breakfast of Champions

Reese has been growing on me and it's because he seems to be developing and growing as a character. Or Jim Caviezel is becoming more comfortable with his portrayal. Either way, I'm a fan of this primetime hero.

He's definitely amped up his ass-kicking abilities. There was more than one fight scene of quick punching, blocking and arm breaking. I love that finally a bad guy actually decides to use his gun during a fist fight, even if it really doesn't do anything to Reese. I swear, he's like a Terminator.

Even the notch on his voice level was turned up to where you could actually hear most of the clever or short things he was saying. He may not say a lot, but sometimes there's a lot of meaning behind his words. It's all about reading between those lines. Or recognizing that he's not messing around.

Also, the way Reese glides in and out of places when he pleases adds to his mysterious edge. One minute he was talking to Fusco, and the next, Fusco was talking to himself. Reese remains in control of his situations and that confidence makes him just as dangerous.

Someone must have told him that his personality needed a check, though, because he was coming up with more quippy lines and that growing small smirk that screamed "I'm bad ass."  Driving around the Russians in his car trunk and playing "two cats in a bag" continued to show that he means business. The bad guys go down whether its a bullet to the body or a fist to the face.

In the end, Reese wins. I'm surprised no one has given him a nickname yet.

It was fantastic that "Judgment" was bookended by the opening and closing scenes of the diner. They were small moments but gave just that tiny bit of insight into Finch and Reese. Only when one lets their guard down slightly will the other do the same. Their own mistrust and attempts to learn about one another make for an interesting, dynamic team.

Even the plot about the Russians kidnapping the son was rather intriguing. There was no twist that the victim was actually the perpetrator or vice versa. Rather, there was plenty of mystery behind the gang, their leader (who looked a lot like he belonged in the world of Fringe. Guess J.J. Abrams shows really do collide sometimes), and their end goal. Could they be back to face off against Reese again? He certainly left that option open by handing the group members over to the police.

Unfortunately, the episode wasn't without its faults, either.

Finch fell short for me this week. Aside from the opening and closing, he felt like a secondary character that stated the obvious. Yes, we know the Machine picks up numbers connected to malice and violence. Yes, we know you need to find a way to save the Judge. You don't have to spoon feed the audience. Simply show us. We're smart enough.

And for some reason, I'm still having a hard time liking Detective Carter. I just don't understand why she's so determined to catch "the man in the suit." Doesn't she have other cases that don't involve Reese? I'd almost rather see Fusco go head to head with Reese (which would never be possible). Carter lacks any dimensionality or background yet for me to see her as an equal opponent. She adds very little to her scenes. Maybe down the road? Just don't wait too long.

Overall, the episode was filled with a sense of closure, cool moments, the good guy winning and some great concluding music to bring it all together. The score featured a simple rhythm, but it complemented the emotions and tone of the show. It was upbeat and triumphant, as well as dark and mysterious.

This series is on a gradual upswing and I like what it's becoming. Let's just hope it's own number doesn't eventually come up.


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It`s sooooo not Russian Mafia. It`s Polish...


Get rid of Detective Carter soon. Taraji is a lousy actress. Get the lead lady detective from former CBS defunct show, Cold Case, now that lady will bring drama to POI. Also stop the romance thingy of Reese. I don't mind Reese previous gf, Jessica but I don't think the show should go down the romantic trail. I want suspense, thriller & psycho elements in the show.


no mention but a good direction on no character being all evil or good- Fusco wanted to help; He got Reese the info on the address giving him time for his setup. I like the slow build up in the relationships. To make Carter plausible as a character they will have to start dropping just enough hints to keep us guessing as to motivation.


I agree with the review.


What the hell is September(Observer from Fringe) doing as a low-life gang leader? Is this some alternate universe where he's stuck in this life form?
And long live September's Fedora Hat! :P
Btw, this was an awesome episode. This show just keeps on getting better and better. I hope they start focusing on the core mythology of the whole show soon. Maybe Finch could try to find the machine if one day the numbers stop coming or something !
And Micheal Emerson= EPIC !!!


I really love this show. Low key, exciting, good story, and a character you can like. It's great that there is no salacious violence, sadism or bloody gore like other shows. It's more intelligent than that. It's one of the best new shows of the season.


I love love love this show! I'm scared to love it anymore than I do, when I love a show as much as I have this one it always seems to get cancelled... So I will save my fourth love entry in hopes this goes on forever. Did I mention I love this show..? Oh Nice touch, The xx - Intro to close the final scenes of the show with. Fantastic!!!


Another great episode. Sean you need to stop with the "don't wait too long"s. You know the networks don't give new shows time to mature, and this one is no different.
Perhaps Carter is is going to join forces with Reese & Finch...who knows. It is one of the aspects of this show that keep bringing us back each week.


I love this show! I'm so glad it's finally coming into it's own. I can't wait to see how the Finch/Reese relationship will develop. I loved the diner scenes. Excited for next weeks episode!


I see Carter as more of a budding Commissioner Gordon character. I like the twist of manipulating the dirty cops for his own ends.

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