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On this week's Person of Interest…

The Machine comes up with a number for a man named Judge Gates.

A Russians crime gang kidnap the Judge's son and hold him ransom. They don't want money, but rather a woman who stands trial on Gates' watch to go free. She helps them launder their dirty money.

The Judge prevents her from being sentenced in order to rescue his son.

Reese kidnaps the woman in order to prevent the Russians from killing the Judge and his son.

In the end, Reese saves the Judge and his son, allows a few of the Russian members to be captured by the police, and even gains a little trust from Finch.

Meanwhile, Detective Carter and Fusco begin to work together.

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They are not Russian, they seem to be a fictitious ofshoot of an actual Polish gang from Warsaw called Pruszków Mafia by the media. Also, the crowned eagle on the chest of Leon Turski is the national emblem of Poland, which (being Polish), I find extremely offensive. The Pruszków Gang has nothing to do with nationalism or patriotism, they're just bandits, and making them revere Polish national symbols only soils the symbols. Having said that, I have to actually commend Reese speaking Polish (he said the name of the gang, and watching without subtitles I was able to understand, which is almost never the case when American actors try to speak Polish). Also, the articles on the gang on the computer screen are in Polish and well prepared - fictitious of course.

Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

It's time we go for a little ride.


Reese: Thank you.
Finch: I beg your pardon?
Reese: For giving me a job.
Finch: Try the eggs benedict, Mr. Reese. I've had them many times.