Private Practice Episode Preview: In Need of a Donor

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Are you ready for some sperm ball, Private Practice viewers?!? What? No... we're not being dirty. We're just quoting the following trailer for next week's new episode of this ABC drama.

Watch now as Addison gets good news regarding her eggs and practically leaps off the table to find a sperm donor as a result:

Elsewhere on the 11/3/11 installment, Amelia will continue to plummet, while Pete won't get too far in his relationship with Violet.

Speaking of that character: have you heard about TV Fanatic's new Violet Annoyance Scale? Read all about it in this review!


Yes Anne I did....what is the point of that....they did something similar on Community and Cougar Town..but at least CT was referenced in what now Jules and Grayson ARE going to have a baby but they have to go ALL the way to LA to find a fertility specialist or are Ellie and Andy going to have a sibling for Andy Jnr??? Talk about RANDOM lol


Oh and thank you for changing the header for this page! Great cast photo. :)


Foreseeing a lot of good stuff coming from Caterina Scorsone and I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to Charlotte's contribution to this because I'm sure her relationship with Amelia plays a big role in all of it. And I think it's good to have that balance of humor and hope through Addison.


ment to the previous episode did anyone see them??


poor amelia maybe this means we can expect a mcdreamy crossover so he can come sort her out??? love charlotte! ...did anyone else see courtney cox and christa miller from cougar town in a blink and you'll miss them walk on part??


Amelia poor, happy for Addie and Charlotte is amazing, i love Charlote King is the best in Private Practice.


Addie is adorable.

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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

I need sperm.


Jake: What is this? Fantasy football?
Cooper: Fantasy sperm ball.

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