Revenge Review: Deliciously Evil

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My affection for Revenge aside, I've wondered since the pilot: how long can this plot sustain the show? There are only so many people to take vengeance on, right? And only so many ways to do so.

So far, though, I've been worried over nothing. "Duplicity" was one of the best episodes to date and I feel more connected to Emily/Amanda than ever before.

What did Victoria have to fear from this little girl that she'd want to see her institutionalized? Amanda obviously believed her father was set up, but she was just a child. I doubt she had proof.

Shady Mother and Daughter

Emily has been seeing Dr. Banks for a year in order to set her trap. Damn. Now that's commitment. But if someone had treated me that way when I was a vulnerable kid, I'd want my revenge too. This one was truly personal.

I couldn't believe that Emily set Victoria on Dr. Banks. That was brilliant... but how did she get the good doctor knocked unconscious and locked in that storage unit? The evil witch bullied a grief stricken child in order to further her career. She deserved more than to lose her practice and endure one night of fear. Heck, I would have wanted her to suffer in that storage unit a whole lot longer.

On other fronts, what is up with Tyler? At first I thought perhaps Victoria had hired him to keep Daniel and Emily apart but that's not the case. So why was Tyler so intent on getting Daniel wasted and keeping him away from Emily? I hope we get that back story soon.

Nolan's really growing on me. He got all the best lines of the night and seemed to actually care about Emily and Jack. Plus, this was the first time I felt the chemistry between those two. Still, I doubt Emily will let it go anywhere. Jack was part of her past - and her present/immediate future are consumed by her need for, yup, you guessed it, revenge.

Declan and Charlotte seemed to be our only hope for love to blossom. Those two were just adorable and we need that ray of light in this otherwise twisted plot.

So Conrad's still keeping Lydia on the side. Emily's got his head spinning trying to figure out who used his lap top to set him up. He obviously suspected Lydia but that wasn't enough reason not to sleep with her. Can you imagine how Victoria's going to react when she finds out he's still bedding her ex-best friend?

Overall, Emily Thorne is one of the most deliciously devilish characters to grace my TV screen in a long time. What makes it more fun is that the people she's after are even more evil than she is. They deserve to suffer her revenge and I can't wait to watch and enjoy the show.


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Its it just me or does Emily is showing how does --A from Pretty Little Liars does allot of her trikes on this show, I am a big fan of the two shows but the best part of this show is that we know how she did things and its realistic for TV. This show its soo good and I really like it.


cant wait for next episode, best show on tv this year


when i first started watching revenge i thought it was a soap opera than a tv show, now i think the revenge it as complex as an procedural tv show these days.


Definitely one of the best new shows. I like the mood in the show and especially the use of underlying music. Nice to hear a small artist from Denmark Agnes Obel with "Down by the Riverside", an amazing song. And nice getting to know the persons more and more. This episode was great at that.


I'm loving this show more and more each week! Another great episode. I can't believe the recapper is just now feeling the chemistry between Jack and Amanda/Emily. I've been feeling it between those two since the first episode. I'm rooting for them and Sammy.


Last week I was beginning to soften for Victoria(it appeared she had loved Emily's Dad and may have tried to save him)however all that went away with the flashbacks to the shrink. Granted she was small but what if someone asked and she did recall/it would open up a can of unwanted worms. I somehow doubt that Tyler really has money/he was too glib with the comment about homes everywhere....thus the reason for him to show up and kind of sponge so to speak/he is definitely going to be the thorn in Emily's side though more so then her unwelcome but always present helper.....


I love this show. It keeps you wanting more.


While I love this show and can't wait for the next episode; I despise the Declan character...the kid just irritates the daylights out of me and needs a good swift butt kickin' from his sexy older brother! can't wait to see if Tyler really is gay; def would be a great twist but I bet it's deeper than that and he's the one who killed Daniel because of jealousy - Daniel wouldn't give Emily up so the 2 argued and Tyler offed him I hope Emily gets the revenge she's looking for and takes all of them down piece by piece so she can move on with her life with Jack and Sammy...but I'm sure the writers won't do that - but one can dream right?


I am really enjoying this show! It gets better and better every week and the hours seems to go by so quickly that I am crying out for MORE :). Hope this show stays around!
I love Emily/Amanda's character!Can't wait to see who gets taken down next!! I think that Tyler needs a taste of his own medicine!


Does Tyler really have any money ? I wonder

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind. By preying on the doubts and uncertainties that already lurk there. Are we true to to ourselves? Or do we live for the expectations of others? And if we are open and honest, can we ever truly be loved? Can we find the courage to release our deepest secrets, or in the end are we all unknowable... even to ourselves.


Tyler: I'm pretty sure the ball was out.
Emily: I'm pretty sure you're lying.