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1. It didn't put a damper on anything, but I guess it served a purpose to create more drama and intrigue. I also don't think that every episode can be about taking a person down. Some eps need to be like a filler for those nail biting and extremely suspense filled episodes like the senator ep or even poor uncle bill.

2. I think that Emily does care for Daniel on some level, but obviously he is a means to an end for her. But only time will tell her true emotions. I think she just dislikes Tyler because he was not part of her plan and he is a complication with a clear agenda of her own.

3. He wants to be Daniel Grayson which I find mentally disturbing which sort of backs my theory that it's Tyler who kills or shoots Daniel. (We can't assume that he might be dead, seeing as lydia survived a fall)

4. I hope that Emily personally sends him to jail somehow. Maybe that's what her plan is for him. I am sure he was the one who told Conrad that Victoria and David where having an affair and that the only way to get himself of the money laundering charges was to frame David.

5. Lydia will wake up sometime before the party at the end I am sure of it. Either that or she dies and that's how Emily gets rid of Frank. Give the police the tape that shows that she was murdered. There will be no contest to what happened.


1. No
2. A bit
3. Nope. He needs character development. He's very unsympathetic.
4. Emily will engineer something. Emily might have to do something directly.
5. After Daniel gets shot hopefully.

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