Supernatural Review: It's a Buffy Reunion!

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Note to TV Fanatics: Don't get involved in a lovers' quarrel. Especially if the lovers are witches.

That's what Sam and Dean discovered when they traveled to Indiana to first investigate a woman electrocuted by one of those bee hive hairdryers. Talk about a bad hair day.

In Supernatural gory fashion, the deaths became more gruesome, with a nail gun shooting through a man's eyes and a dinner tray decapitation. Yet, the worst one was the beating hearts inside the cupcakes. It was just plain disgusting to watch the woman heave up copious amounts of blood and chunks. My own stomach turned. I may never be able to eat cupcakes again.

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters on Supernatural

The best moment of the episode had to be the counseling session. Forget Dr. Drew. Forget Dr. Phil. Heck, forget Maury. Say hello to Sam and Dean Winchester, poster boys for the non-discussion and now charter members of group therapy.

It was humorous to watch Sam and Dean spout out words of wisdom and attempts at reconciling the relationship. Unfortunately, don't make a witch angry or pick the wrong side. That just means you'll get thrown around the room or attacked by bees.

While I've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know I need to fix that), I do know the characters, the show, and what its all about. I'm especially familiar with James Marsters as Spike. Marsters and Charisma Carpenter came together for a Buffy reunion that should have pleased fans, especially as the two were a delight on screen.  Marsters can sink his teeth into any role.

Their verbal head to head in the living room continued the hilarity of the situation while remaining seriously dangerous for the boys. Who knew Maggie Stark slept with Christopher Columbus? Just... don't mention the Renaissance.

At least the two found a way to come back together and continue their everlasting crush so they can never grow old as a couple. Ah, to be old and in love. Such passion.

However, as much as there were the moments that were a treat and even ones that were perfectly bloody, I found "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" rather ho hum. The pace felt a little slower than usual and it almost seemed as if Sam and Dean took a backseat.

And while I liked the continuation of the Leviathan plot, I'm still not sure about them as a big bad guy. I mean, why didn't he simply kill them when he saw them? Why, wait? So, he could get captured? At least we know that magic can subdue them, but what are the brothers going to do with it now? Keep it as a pet?

Also, since when has Dean had a drinking problem? The brothers always have had a beer or more throughout the show, so why the questioning now? At least Sam remains invested in the care and concern for his brother, but it can't be the drinking that's the real issue. It's that crazy color filled guilt that Dean dreams about but refuses to discuss.

In the end, it was a relatively average episode that just didn't have the same punch the other episodes of the season have had so far.

What did you think? Did you enjoy the episode? Were there Buffy references I missed out on? Does Dean have a drinking problem? As always, sound off with your thoughts and comments below.


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it was a great episode and i agree the part with the little hearts in the cupcakes and her caughing up blood was the most disgusting thing in the was nice seeing 2 of the characters from buffy the vampire slayer on there.buffy the vampire slayer and angel are good shows i really like them and you should watch all of the seasons sometime.


love this episode,


Couple of thoughts:
1) You need to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel too.
2) Joss Whedon needs to either write and direct or just direct an episode of Supernatural
3) Dean's drinking is something that has got worse this season and I feel it's going to become an important story. Afterall, Sam mentioned his Dad and how he drunk 2 eps ago, last week we saw Dean drinking quickly and heavily and then this week we saw him drinking on the job. Something bad is most likely going to happen as a result of Dean's drinking and I'm hopeful that it'll be a good and different direction for Supernatural to go.


Now it would of been so bad ass if they cross-versed. Have characters from Buffy step into the world of the Winchesters...Especially Faith lol. Could imagine how much trouble Faith and Dean would get into. But it was good to see some old faces from the show that truly made vampires and other supernatural things a hit! But Dean's drinking is a coping mechanism to him. All the things that have happened in his life (especially with Sam). Dean drinks to erase the guilt, anger, and fears that has taken place in his present and past. He tried to settle with Lisa. But he was also drinking then because of the memories and also hunting was a routine and he got kicked off of it. As he once said before "I'm good at slicing throats." It's all he knows and also knowing what is out there and getting in a situation like his Father unable to save his mother from the demon that killed her. He is afraid a situation like that could happen to him.


Accually Dean been having a serious drinking problem since season 4 when he came back from hell but it was always a background issue.
Now this season hes takeing it to the head even more because so much more has happen since then(not to mention more guilt).


Loved the counseling scene! Totally agree that everything is better with Marsters! Dude, no Buffy? Seriously?! How can you judge genre without that?!


eash you should be ashamed of your self watch buffy stat! you'll realise had bad ass it is compared to other vampire shows !


How could you not of watched Buffy, you need to fix that. Puts Vampire Diaries to shame. Secondly, who else was wanting Buffy to come out and kick some Maggie Stark ass, lol. Thirdly, Dean is most likely drinking for the guilt of what he did to Amy and keeping it from Sam or what I think it is because Sam won't let Dean eat his pie, lol. First giving him cake then ruining his pie with putting those chicken feet on the table, lol.


Dean definitely needs some poo-tang - and not from Sam, ewww!. Seriously, I don't get Sam suddenly channeling Dr. Phil. Wasn't he hiding his Lucifer hallucinations just two episodes ago? "I'm OK, You're OK?" And Sam doesn't throw this fact back in his face? There's no explanation of the female witches BFF spreading lies about the hubby, beyond a hint they had a fling themselves. Was she a witch as well? If so how did the hubby off her so easily? Wouldn't they see it coming? With no camera time for Bobby, you definitely felt the actors just speaking into a dead phone while shooting the scene. I was so looking forward to this after wind down my night.
Ho hum - 2/5 stars. :(

Ronald simkins

No something wrong with Dean just like we knew something was wrong with Sam last season at the beginning. Which is what I love about this show - it builds on the season.

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Dean: While you were out being Lance Armstrong...
Sam: That would be biking.

Sam: Really? From a freaking flask? What are you Bad Santa? On the job?
Dean: We're always on the job.