The Mentalist Episode Preview: Blogger vs. Serial Killer

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The Mentalist conducted an unusual family reunion this week, one that delivered a great deal of firepower for Lisbon and her brother.

Looking ahead, Jane will take advantage of a different sort of meeting next Thursday night, as veteran actor David Paymer guest stars a a blogger who can relate to our favorite psychic: both are after the same serial killer.

Watch the CBS promo now for "Blinking Red Light."


We really enjoyed the two most recent episodes of Season 4 of The Mentalist.
In "War of the Roses" Morena Baccarin is so classically graceful and reminds one of Isabella Rossellini (Ingrid Bergman's daughter).
In "Pink Tops" it is a hoot to see stoic Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) get blind-sided by his attraction to Summer, who is his intriguing C.I. (Confidential Informant), played in an interestingly delightful way by Samaire Armstrong.


I love how Patrick got RJ to kill that man. Patrick is a cunning as hell, played both men, and as a result got both men to slip up. The sand lot killer by letting his ego get him killed by RJ. And RJ could have disappeared, because everyone but Patrick thought he was dead. Awesome Episode. Keep playin people like they are you puppets Patrick.


This is an amazing episode, a must see. A very important episode as well. Anyone who has not seen it, get off TV Fanatic and go watch it asap. I'm looking forward to commenting on the review of this episode.

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