The Secret Circle Review: Not Playing with Fire

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The adults were away on The Secret Circle this week, so the kids played... with fake bats, with sexy Halloween costumes and most definitely with fire.

But only one person actually got burned on "Masked" and he totally deserved it. RIP, Luke. Actually, don't. You traitor!

In Halloween Costumes

This was a great episode overall, perfectly utilizing the theme of generation versus generation. It's my favorite aspect of The Secret Circle, allowing for both mystery and character development. Consider the role parents played in their children's lives this week, along with the overall impact these relationships have on the series...

Lousy Luke. In the eyes of viewers, he went from being an ideal dance partner to a vengeful witch hunter, but can we truly blame the guy? He's only his father's son, after all, and he was raised to hate on witches. I was raised to cheer on the Yankees. Some might say my dad actually did a worse job. Point being, though: Luke really didn't know any better.

But Adam does. What a jarring, pointed speech he gave to his father. He's angry over Ethan messing with Diana's mind regarding all that fate mumbo jumbo because Diana's love made Adam strive to earn it, to be unlike his own dad. Ouch. It's too bad it took me until after Adam and Diana broke up to actually feel something for this couple, but they had some very nice moments here.

Cassie goes dark. The two revelations about Cassie and her parent were by far the most gripping:

  1. She possesses dark magic.
  2. Her father, John Blackwell, attempted to do something many years ago and it somehow resulted in the fire that killed so many second generation witches.

The real RIP of the episode ought to go to Calvin Wilson and the bravery he showed in delivering that envelope to Cassie. It cost him his life, which also went a long way toward truly establishing Jake as an evil hunter. He talked a decent game last week, but he walked a much better, more interesting one here. So many possible doors are now open into his family's history, the history of hunters in general and the presumably centuries-old battle between their kind and the supernatural beings they are after.

Just great stuff all around, culminating in what we can only assume was Charles knocking out Jane to nab one of the crystals he and Dawn require to regain their powers. But, again I ask, to what end? Gale Harold was less than forthcoming in our chat with him, but my guess is that this second generation actually has admirable goals. They must be aware hunters exist and they must want to protect their kids.

Then again, Charles did kill Cassie's mom on the pilot. That's not the move of a guy with pure intentions, is it?

Where do things go from here? Check out the official preview for next week's episode and sound off now with your take on how one generation on The Secret Circle shapes the next.


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OMW! Epic episode! Loved this ep. The intrigue and suspense is killing me! I just want more.
Only qualm about the ep is that Jake is evil. I wanted the coven to come together. But we'll see. Charles killed amelia but couldn't manage killing nick. Can't wait for next weeks ep. Should be decent.


Faye was great (sexy, funny, a good friend, happy, reasonably suspicious of Jake). Melissa needs to stay interesting. Adam and Cassie improved. Hoping the dark magic allows for stronger acting/writing for Cassie. I hope Grams is okay.


I keep wondering if the elements they muttered when they were binding the circle have to do with what they represent as a witch. Everything Cassie does somehow ends up related to fire. I was thinking about that again when she set Luke on fire. So sweet and yet so volitile that one, she blows up people, light bulbs, even relationships (inadvertently of course). I liked Faye more and more this episode. She has finally proven to me that she really can walk the fine line between being bitchy and actually being a good person. For a while I wasn't completely convinced but now I am. She's a good friend. ALso kudos to Melissa who is staying on track with not being the useless character anymore. I loved when she put Jake in his place at Nick's tombstone...because no matter what he says about his brother entering a life like that, he wasn't there to show him anything. I love the generational stuff too. I actually like Adam's dad. I feel bad for him. I always liked Adam but this was a good episode that gave his character more depth...Diana is his home and given his life, she really is. There relationship was finally truly believable. She's kind of his lifeline t keep him from drowning in the misery that is his life. I loved Wilson, he died a hero. Props to the guy. Luke sucked...somehow admist characters that are ambiguous he just came out as a complete d-bag. And Jake, I was cutting the guy slack last week but now I'm not so sure where I stand on him or if I like it.


I liked this episode - Faye and Melissa were super hot in their costumes, Diana was super hot changing out of hers - but not as much as a couple of the past episodes. A couple times the pacing felt rushed.
Loved Faye in the store wearing the "sexy witch doctor" outfit. She can wear that every week.
Loved Adam standing up to his dad, and loved the scene between Diana and Adam in her bedroom.
It's interesting that Cassie is the one with the dark magic - considering Diana's father killed someone in the first ep, would have guessed she was the one with dark magic in her family.
Missed the parents. Gale Harold should be in every episode.


Also, I'm waiting for the day Cassie will find out that Charles killed her mother. And then shit goes real and her dark power will take control.


TBH, I didn't like Cassie. She just seemed lame to me in the first episodes. But after she set that guy on fire, I started to like her. Maybe she can become an awesome lead character, unlike Elena Gilbert from tvd ...


After last week's slow episode I decided to make up my mind about this show with this one. And it surprised me.
I really like the black side of Cassies powers. Although it was self defense (and in my book completely justified) we shouldn't forget that she set a boy on fire just with her thoughts. It should be interesting to watch her develop in a more sinister way.
Finally we get hints that there's more than just witches and witchhunters. Cassies father is somehow involved. They have someone in their own circle wanting their blood. Hopefully this character will grow a conscience a we get to see a great struggle.
I'm hooked.
Now all that I can hope for is a believable backstory and that it doesn't become as absurd as TVD, where the viewer had to stop thinking about the logic behind it all and just 'enjoy' the emotional ride...

Ronald simkins

Did I misinterpret it or did Carrie somehow bind Jake with that kiss?


This was a gripping episode with lots of tension points (dontcha just hate it when someone is searching a room...slowly). I like that Cassie is now the holder of black magic - her "interesting" stock shoots up. Lets not forget Adam saying he's nothing without Diane. Nooooooo. Emo. I guess they are setting him up to grow into somebody worthy of cassie yeah? I mean FFS, he saved the world in the Terminator chronicles. Liked that Wilson guy - he looked spooked out all the time and didnt want him to die.

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