The Secret Circle Round Table: "Masked"

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The Secret Circle was on fire last Thursday, literally! With the death of on side character, and the knocking out of another, there's plenty of material for our Round Table panelists to discuss from "Masked."

Join Matt Richenthal, Carla Day and Eric Hochberger now as they do exactly that...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Jake killing Calvin. No offense to the store owner and all, the guy seemed nice. But we needed to witness Jake's truly evil side in order to establish him at the antagonist he's meant to be.

Carla: Definitely when Cassie used her hidden power to save the circle from death and set Luke on fire. Is it possible that she had the crystal on her and used that to save them? Not sure where she would have hidden it in that costume, though.

Eric: The opening scene where they were exploring Calvin's store. Not because it featured a near-naked Faye wandering around as a sexy witch doctor, of course not. Ummm... because they discovered things about witch hunters and stuff.

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More surprising: Luke was a witch hunter, Cassie possesses dark magic or Jane would skip out on Halloween?
Matt: I didn't see the first two options coming, I grant you that. But who takes a road trip on Halloween?!? It's not safe for you or the young mummies wandering the streets, that's for sure. There's also a diminished chance that the person who are seeking will be home. What if Jane's friend was out trick or treating?

Carla: Cassie possessing - or potentially possessing - dark magic is an amazing development. This revelation was one of the most intriguing storylines on the show so far.

Eric: Cassie's dark magic. Wow, definitely the coolest development of the hour! Now I can finally get behind her witch hunter hunting. Say that three times fast.

Whose costume was your favorite?
Matt: Considering I didn't even recognize Diana at first, she takes this costumed cake. Impressive fake teeth.

Carla: I liked Cassie's "Killer Bee" costume. It fit well and was perky. She was adorable, yet a bit sexy, too.

Eric: Wow, I'm not sure if I can answer this one. I almost felt guilty seeing any of these girls in sexy Halloween costumes, especially the ridiculously young looking BB Gun. Oh, who am I kidding, as the resident sleaze of TV Fanatic, I'm giving it to Faye. No clue how Jake turned that down...

Are you on Team Calvin or Team Ethan? Should Cassie be told about her father?
Matt: Eh, sometimes it's better not to know about your family. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Carla: Cassie needs to be told the truth, but I'm not sure who should tell her. Wouldn't her grandmother know? Or was her father's dark magic a secret? Charles and Dawn needed Cassie to join the circle, but also seem to need her specifically to do something. I think we now know why she's so important to them: this dark magic.

Eric: As tough as it is to get behind Team Dead, Cassie should be told. I mean, have you seen the girl's investigative skills with the witch hunters?!? She'll just Bing it and figure it out on her own anyways. Hey, can we get Microsoft to sponsor these Round Tables and pay us for Bing jokes or what?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Um... Hello? Finding out Blackwell, the name they have brought up in previous episode's is Cassie's Dad. I mean not only is this a big part of the "What Happened" Story but it also meant we learnt he had Dark Magic and now Cassie does too. More surprising: Luke was a witch hunter, Cassie possesses dark magic or Jane would skip out on Halloween?
I have to go with Luke was a witch hunter, it was a nice touch done by the writers to make us know that the circle isn't the only family with history in this town. Did I care he died? No. Whose costume was your favorite?
I'm going with Faye in the voodoo shop, if a girl can wear just that and pull it off why bother with a little red riding hood costumer? Are you on Team Calvin or Team Ethan? Should Cassie be told about her father?
Team Calvin, the more we learn about what happened that night the more I want to know... And lets face it, Cassie not knowing the truth just means there is alot more episodes until we find out what happened the night they lost their powers.


1. First scene, then the animating scene, then Jake killing Calvin
2. Dark magic
3. Faye
4. Told or not, Cassie will get in trouble. Funny answer Eric.


1. Best scene: Cassie using her magic to kill Luke, I watch that scene over and over. It was a good scene because it shows her dark magic and that she is a powerful witch. Charles and Dawn said that she is a combination of her parents so is supposed to be extremely powerful. 2. Luke is a witch hunter was very suprising because even in the books, none of the townies were witch hunters. It was a nice twist in an already twisty show that a person that was trusted by everyone in the circle could be so evil. It reinforces the ideas that they know nothing and can trust no one except themselves.
That Cassie has dark magic was a theory I considered after the first two episodes. I'm sure Jane knows more than she is letting on with Cassie and she has to know what happened. She was part of the elders who stripped the parents of power so they had to know why they were stripping them of power and that John Blackwell was an evil man.
Jane is a fearless woman from what we've been shown of her so I don't think that it would be shocking for her to go on halloween. Whats shocking to me is that they never capitilise on it being a witches holiday and that more should have happened on that night. 3. Best costume was Faye as red riding hood. Very sexy. Cassie's was cute. Something her character would wear. 4. The dearly departed Calvin. Cassie should learn everything she need to know about herself and the previous gen and we can learn things too.

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