2 Broke Girls Review: To Hoard or Not to Hoard Your Feelings

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2 Broke Girls has a pattern of starting out choppy, as I again didn't like the opening scene to "And Hoarder Culture." However, as the episode progressed I became more and more impressed.

Pretty soon, that opening was a distant memory as I found myself thoroughly enjoying the latest antics and one-liners.

Quite the Mess

The Good. Lots of emotion, characterization, and a plot you could sink your teeth into.

The heart of the show is obviously Caroline and Max, but tonight their chemistry was the best it's been. Part of that was due to the excellent pacing in the build of their rapport. Once upon a time, I would cringe at the insult I felt sure would come Caroline's way. They arrived as predictably as a pout from from Max's sultry lips. That doesn't happen anymore. Or at least not as much. When the insults are hurled by Max, it's toward everyone else, or at a particular situation.

The characterization in this episode was pleasantly surprising. I actually heard Oleg utter a non-sleazy line. It was even a word of support! So now we know that he actually has a heart, instead of two "heads" that beat to the same drum. All the other supporting men in the diner rallied around Max, which I found heartwarming.

The juicy plot involved Max finally acknowledging the intense attraction between her and Johnny. I knew a wrench was gonna be thrown between their romance, but to be honest, I thought that kiss in that rooftop would happen. When it didn't,  my brain screamed "NOOOOOO!" Caroline frightens Max enough by cautioning her against becoming a hoarder of feelings that Max seized a moment with Johnny a second time. She kissed him on the street, during their own particular Katherine Heigl moment.

It was just bad luck that his girlfriend was standing next to him (could totally be a scene in a Heigl rom-com!). This time my brain just cringed and hid behind the couch. There you go, wrench thrown!

His heartfelt admission of feelings for Max, and Max telling him she has no time to deal with the clowns in his head, felt right. Max doesn't do pretty, she doesn't usually open up and be vulnerable in the first place. But she also doesn't fall apart and lose her cool. She didn't here when she was caught in that awkward kiss by Johnny's beautiful black and British girlfriend. And she didn't melt in a puddle when Johnny declared himself to her. He lied to Max, and he should squirm a little. Plus, he didn't even break up with his girlfriend yet!

I'm wondering where they'll take Max and Johnny from here. I can't imagine the show-runners putting them together that soon. They usually like the fans frothing at the mouth for two characters to get together before giving a happy-ever-after. We shall see.

The Bad. I really do not like all the labeling that went on this episode. Nor did I like all the jokes against fat people. I know other people say they enjoy them because that's how they they talk with their closest friends. But I find them a tad over the line at times. That said, it somehow fits Max's character. She's not the most politically correct figure, especially not after working at this particular diner.

Oh, and I've looked at all the supporting characters. Right now, Han is the weakest link for me. 

But that's all I have for dislikes. It was a solid episode, one that I'll enjoy watching again.

Stray Observations

  • How cute were the girls in their painter's overalls?
  • I awkwardly loved the moment she kissed Johnny. Who knew right away that girl was with him, though?
  • Is the math adding up? I'm fascinated by it, yet too lazy to crunch the numbers. I like it, however. That tally really rallies me to root for them.
  • Agree with the booty call assessment here. I'd even say anything after midnight is one. Don't answer your calls! Or do, depending.

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To those who said it didn't go to the cupcake fund, I tink it did. They went from $383.25 to $623.25. If I recall correctly, Caroline said they got 240 dollars from that job (with selling things on e-bay), and there must be a little extra from their waitressing. I hope to see more of them doing odd jobs!! Untill now, I think the show has been pretty consistent in that area. They lost money when Caroline got a drunk, when she bought a murphybed, and when she bought supplies for the "pretty" cupcakes.


It's the best episode by far. I thought Kat Dennings did really well this episode and is the cutest and funniest she's been so far. Han is indeed the weakest link but he's been, again, the best he's been so far. The show is still lacking something but its getting there.


I think the episode is best when Carolyn and Max work together against everyone else. Carolyn can get her insults in as well. The math isn't adding up, though. They were supposed to get 100 dollars a day plus be able to sell items. She mentioned they got 200 and something from selling the items but didn't mention the 400 they should have gotten just for oganizing.


"Agree with the booty call assessment here. I'd even say anything after midnight is one. Don't answer your calls! Or do, depending." According to How I Met Your Mother, anything that happens after 2AM is bad, and I think that really applies in this situation. I thought it was sweet that Johnny asked her to be his lookout, but I figured something bad would happen. It is way too soon for them to get together--at least in tv world. IRL they would have been together already, but IRL and TV life are 2 totally different things.


I agree with the review. I thought it weird they'd talk like that within hearing of the hoarder (and his mom). They were paid 100 dollars a day but it didn't go to the cupcake fund. What did they do with that money?


I love this show more every episode I love max and caroline just the way they are and they better have more seasons. I already can't wait to buy the first season


I thought it was odd she was in the frame, so I figured she had to be the girlfriend, just to make things awkward.

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Omg a hoarder hoarding another hoarder?? Happy birthday to me!


And then I kissed his beautiful girlfriend, who's black and British. The two cool things I can never be