American Horror Story Review: Baby by Beelzebub?

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Nothing much happened on American Horror Story this week, except for an appearance by The Black Dahlia, a cameo by The Pope and the revelation that Vivien might be giving birth to the anti-Christ.

You know, just your basic episode of the FX drama.

Mena Suvari on American Horror Story

It's unclear to which character the installment's title, "Spooky Little Girl," was even referring: Mena Suvari's version of real-life murder victim Elizabeth Short? The sort-of-reincarnated-and-totally-freaky Hayden? The fetus growing inside Vivien that may very well be "the essence of evil?"

I'll just go with all of the above, since each made quite the impression on viewers throughout the hour.

The seemingly random inclusion of The Black Dahlia as an actual player in this haunted house made more sense when you stopped to consider what she has in common with Hayden, Vivien, Tate and Constance; all characters who want what they can't have. In these respective cases, that would be: Ben, a happy marriage, a normal existence and a healthy family. And, for Short, fame.

Ironically, she ended up attaining this goal in death, something that could also be said for Hayden - in her warped mind, at least, as she believes she can manipulate her way back into Ben's arms - and also for Tate, who was clearly a troubled teen (school shooting and all), but who has managed to find love with Violet in the after-life.

We already knew that after-life could include sex between ghosts and humans, as Tate also proved with Violet... but, man, it was still disturbing to watch Hayden test this theory with Constance's clueless boy toy. It doesn't seem like much has changed with her, does it? That flashback to her and Ben's drunken night in Boston depicted the same sort of obsessive, scheming, direct young woman who now commits murder without thinking twice and who is now more dangerous than ever, considering she has no life left to lose.

Ben, conversely, is hopefully realizing exactly what he does stand to lose: his not-crazy wife. You're finally seeing things as they actually are. Well said, elderly Moira.

While this doctor's cold-hearted words to Vivien inside her padded room were obviously hypocritical - the guy cheated first, after all - they were also understandable in the heat of the moment. He's treated like absolute crap, only to find out that Vivien was having affair of her own the entire time?!? Combined with the fact that Ben is sort of a jerk overall anyway and the speech about not lifting a finger to help was true to his character.

But perhaps Ben is one figure who can get what he wants without dying first. He just has to make his way past his late, psychotic ex-lover and her band of ghostly friends. (The most troubling of which, by far, is Dr. Montgomery. His pleasure at draining and cutting up bodies gives me shivers just to think about.)

As for the closing reveal that Vivien might be carrying a "perversion of the immaculate conception," a demonic child that will destroy all the good in the world and end mankind as we know it... what can I say? That sucks. But it does drive home the lesson I've already preached:

Never have sex with a man in a rubber suit unless you are 100% sure of his identity. Remember that, kids.


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Alyssa lucker rawls

Did you notice how Luke said he was 'shooting blanks' but never denied sleeping with Viv? You'd think that if he didn't he'd at least say something like "I didn't do your wife". Oh Well....
Overall kind of a boring episode until the end, when Ben finally 'got it'. Now he's going to go all ape-sh*^ wondering how in the heck Moira changed from hot and sexy to old and creepy before his very eyes. NOW will someone believe poor Viv? Oh and BTW...the flies from next weeks episode..My guess is that VIOLET IS DEAD, and that's her body they find stashed away. She's been dead since the drug overdose.....only no one knows but Tate..


MissKim75 if it's facts you seek watch a documentary. Shows and movies are meant for entertaining not actual facts. Please go back to school and get a degree in imagination. It will change your world


I saw the Black Man threat coming,from day one. Yet then again it is called American Horror Story. You See: Ben's horror is the thought that his wife was with Morris Chestnut. Not his undead mistress, the crazy burn face guy that's stalking his home or the oversexed teen with a crush on his daughter. OH WELL THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!!!


MissKim75 is you ever decided to perhaps read up on the show you would know that Ryan stated when the episode which featured the Black Dahlia hit it would be THEIR rendition of how she was killed obviously to fit within the story of the show. lol epic fail is epic!


"perversion of the immaculate conception"..... who cares¿? Instead of watching a 1 week horror episode. I was watching Basic Instinct in the basement. fuck it. Boring as no one can believe it. The preview of this episode fool everybody around and same time expect too much into something you will not see in the end..... So Tate is a demon or what¿? And at same time, who is the father of Tate¿? I don´t think the womanizer alcoholic Hugo is the father, weaker character to carry own this troublemaker character. And the Black Dahlia¿? That´s all?¿ Just a stupid cameo about her murder in a house that drags all the killing over there...... The next episode show be better or gonna suck it hard. Only 3 more episodes for the final season and this is what the writers can give. Fuck it!!!!! P. S.: So that means that Moira young version is done!!!!! I love it so much as same as the old one!!!!!


Great review.


The title "Spooky Little Girl" does not refer to any character on the show. It's the name of the song that was playing in the background when Ben and Hayden are in the bar when they first began their affair. Ryan Murphy does a lot of very subtle things in his shows.


awful review


Wow...they really went there? The Black Dahlia? Probably wouldn't be so bad if they would have actually gotten the story right. If your going to include an ACTUAL MURDER in this show then do it right, this isn't the first time they've f**ked up facts...last week Moira was talking about Hysteria and was soooooo off base. Being that I have degrees in mental health the fact that she was spouting random babble that isn't true, like it was fact was irritating.
yes I know its just a show..but the writers really need to fact check!

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