American Horror Story Sneak Preview: A Home Sale?

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Eric Stonestreet guest-starred on another shocking, frightening, crazily awesome episode of American Horror Story this week. Read our critic's take on "Piggy Piggy" HERE.

Then, prepare to get a taste of what's on tap for next Wednesday.

While not much can be gleaned from the following promo for "Open House," we can confirm that Moira actually tries to convince a buyer to purchase the property on the upcoming installment, while Larry and Constance do all they can to prevent the sale from going through. Also, Luke and Vivien will grow closer.

Watch the FX teaser now:

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Does anyone think Rubber Suit is Charles and Nora's Frakenstein baby. As a living dead creature he may be able to reproduce life. His "parts" still work. What ghosts have we seen so far who can complete sex despite their desire except perhaps Moira with Ben? I can't find episode one anywhere to watch it again so I don't remember if Ben has sex with her or is it interrupted.


The eighth episode focuses on the Rubber Man I think.


i want to know who the rubber man is!

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There's not going to be a swimming pool, you stupid slut.


Ever since you got here, this is the better place.